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  1. Last minute mod so he can have his beam rifle mounted on his hip. Modified one of the swords holder and added a peg to hold the gun in place.
  2. Just need to add a bit more to the feet and this will be done. I might add some 1/72 grown crew and a small base.
  3. And quite a bit of time later I have most of the chopping done and the sheild finished.
  4. A bit of simple chipping using a brush on the arm, just what it needs I think. Will add a few streaks to the larger chippls as well later.
  5. Hi all back again, I have been busy doing some DIY (I hate painting wood work and doors but needs must) revamped the staircases, put in a wood floor and gave the small WC a freshen up. Finally finished that at the weekend so I have now had a bit of time on this again. Finished the painting and built the body and head these both need pannel lining and decals still. Once that's done I might add some more light weathering and chipping but only light as the paint shades have given it the slightly worn look I wanted. Cheers Brian.
  6. Slow going but I didn't appreciate how much paint and painting this would take. I now have the waist inner frame and white parts finished and now I can attach the swords. Just the red parts to paint on the arms and shoulders next and then on to the head before attacking the main body.
  7. Cheers and after a monster session in the man cave today I have the legs together. Still the odd bit of pannel lining to do and an odd decal I have added to gloss in, the flat coat I will do when the weather is a bit less humid, I have never had a problem before but not risking it on this kit.
  8. Parts check of what of have done so far and then they go into a box to make room for the next batch of parts for the leg and then on to the arms.
  9. Pannel lined and put the decals on the parts, used 2 decals from the 1/35 Astray bust to add that custom look to the leg parts. Need to cut the one going across the knee joint once it fully dry.
  10. Mixed bag painted today, backpack still need to add thrusters, lower parts of feet, upper internal thigh parts painted in my bluegrey as we're the interior foot parts that will be visible. All the legs white parts painted in a pale grey pade that is just about impossible to photograph but you can see it on the ankle part the best and I have put the lower outer part from the legs together to see how the red preshaded parts look next to the grey fade and I'm happy.
  11. What a pile of junk.... Looking very cool now what sort of base are going to display him on?
  12. So I didn't start on the arms next but the legs, feet and backpack and I have also added the declas to the gun and shield. Not really much to show for today work but I did decide to remove the paint and flat coat I had added to the inner frame parts, I was never overly happy with them and as I was looking through the cupboards I found this stuff ( blue magic) no idea where its from but it is brilliant at removing acrylic and wax paints from plastic.
  13. And we have some completed weapons and sheild. A ref of a 6" ruler to show the size of these.... Hopefully the contrast shading and pre/post shading is comming across. The the sheild needs a few decals and the odd bit of pannel lining still to do and I think I will make a start on the arms next.
  14. That is looking great, not having built one of these I don't know for sure but it certainly looks they should have have a piston connection in that last picture, were is @Will Valewhen you need him?
  15. Shiny swords and layed down a good bit of colour modulating on the gun.
  16. Happy with these. Now I need to be co consistent with rest of the red parts.
  17. To say I'm very pleased is a massive understatement. And so I have prepared a few parts for painting today, I have the sheild gun swords ready. I have primed them today and wet sanded down a bit, done a sort of apex prime and I will be painting in a gradient on the gray parts but on the white I will be pre shading with ( as a experiment) mahogany. I'm thinking the warm red brown might be better than black or grey. Also mixed up a Bach of blue/grey as my main colour for inner frame and weapons. The last picture is a test, brush on over the grey primer. Anyone used mah
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