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  1. I did say I would post up some pictures from the Blacksun Web site and if your in to miniatures the site has some really nice stuff. Yes they absolutely stunning images. https://www.blacksunminiatures.co.uk/product/severax-vs-solrak-preorder/
  2. OK time to start again just blocked out a few parts, the painted sheild making sure I got lot of texture in there. It ended up a bit darker than I wanted but it should be OK when it's all finished. Then blocked out the NMM parts and then mapped out the low and high lights. Still unsure what to do about the skin, any thoughts or ideas?
  3. That's is very well done. Particularly like your skin.
  4. And now its back to primer you can see the amazing details I managed to obliterate with my crap painting. Time for the rethink now...
  5. Really struggling with this one, this is my second attempt at painting him and I'm really not happy, the chest webbing I just can not get to look right and the green skin is not helping things so its going in a bath of IPA...... I did paint the sheild last night and that looks great oh well....
  6. Cheers. Made a start on the other chap and going with a very Ork looking skin, I might tone a bit more to purple/brown yet. All the the other paint on the 2nd guy will be re painted.
  7. Cheers both really appreciate your comments. Cheers Brian
  8. As with most types of painting there is only one thing to do and that is to have a go, so after much time behind the brush I have this. It may not be the best NMM but I'm quite happy with it.
  9. As with most of my figure painting I stall at some point as I'm not sure what to do, this time it's the axe and shoulder armour parts I'm unsure of of. I would like to try a NMM on the axe but really have no idea were to start. I will put it down for a day or and see what comes to me, I still have the other gut to fix as I made a complete ball ups of painting him.
  10. A bit more blending with the skin and a start on some cloth and his necklace. And one of his face before I ruine it when I add the eye balls....
  11. Thank you very much, Steve. All finished now and in the RFI.
  12. Making a start on these two with a bit of skin going down first and trying to work on my high lights, other than the dodgy blending I'm happy with this effort so far.
  13. Had fun with the paint on this one, I was hoping to have a more green dragon but the painting gods decided it needed to be blue, so now we have the Ice dragon. Cheers Brian.
  14. Added a bit of drool to finish him off, just the pictures to do.
  15. This is a 3rd party Chinese kit that is very much like building a MG 1/100 kit from Bandai but this is in the much bigger scale of 1/60. I think this is a great idea and works really well. There was no real problems putting the kit together ( other than me loosing a main frame part). Painted and weathered in a very standard gundam style. C&C wellcome. Cheers Brian.
  16. Just about finished this guy of this morning, I started with my green mix but forgot to turn the AB down low so ended up doing a much heavy coat than I wanted and the paint looked like a lot glitter, so when over with the Darth Blue and then added some fleshy tone to the wing and then a bit more of the blue green. I think it has a very Got look about him now but that's OK. Sone sort of base is needed now. Cheers Brian.
  17. Brilliant as usual! Really like the way you haven't over weathered everything like most post apocalypse subjects.
  18. Will a banana and can of cooking larger do, I'm not getting my first editions out for anyone. It's a cheep 3D print fron etsy, like you say its not great with lots of print lines that Im filling a bit at a time. Until someone with a resin printer can print me one it's the best your going to get for now. Cheers Brian.
  19. A few pictures of how the blending on the wings, the black is hand brushed on then a can of white for the wing tops then a bit more black to blend it back into the body.
  20. So I am making a start on this one and using a mix of colour shift paints. The main body will use the same paint I used before on this, so It should have a green purple colour. The under side will use some greenstuff paint that has a blue purple shift. To colour verient in the wings will be doing a black to white fade in undercoat.
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