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  1. Looking good Pete, can not believe your not going with a Yakult bottle though.....
  2. It's working for the NHS so I should be able to get my hand on a cpap setup....... What did you think to it, I quite liked the series. A bit of paint on the weapons. They still need decals etc but quite like the look of them.
  3. A good bit of progress on the Unicorn today. I will now try and straiten the horn and glue it back together tonight. Have ordered a set of Ver Ka decals to keep me busy as well. Added the green tone to brake up the white but it will get toned down a bit with some weathering later.
  4. He is a beautiful, how old is he. I have a evil half plucked grey that will kill anyone or anything that goes near it apart from me, I've had her for 20+ years so couldn't get rid. Nice build as well, very cool lighting.
  5. I have been a bit busy getting my push iron ready to start a new job in 4 weeks, it's close to home so will be cycling to work, 7 miles each way..... Gulp. As I was rummaging through box's I came across this old kit I built years ago when it was first released, its the OVA version and I though it was time to show it some love. I have lost all the extra parts like the other unicorn horns and amo packs and the horn I have is bent and broken but we will see what I can do with it. The plan is to paint in a few shades of white and grey and re color the pink phycoframe green to match the 1/35 bust I
  6. That a really nice kit your building and I'm looking forward to see what you do with the gold plat parts. Really nice green/grey you have used on the frame parts.
  7. There is another call Oats studio's similar type of thing, that one is now showing on Amazon now as well.
  8. Cheers. Thanks Will. So finished another and my fleet is now 4 ships, going have to change the title I think. Defenders of the moon or something retro sounding I think.
  9. These are challenging kit but lots of fun, I really enjoyed the one I made and I will be following along with this one.
  10. I would love to see one of these in WWI German lozenge, my favourite camo.
  11. This is starting to look like something from Battle Behond the Stars...... I'm not sure the classic UFO will make the team but couldn't resist, might add a few small detail more.
  12. Cheers you two, started back at work today so my progress is going to slow considerably I would have thought, anyway just started on the greeblies.
  13. Cheers, they are a bit like buses, Bit more work done on number 2 and it feels like it's getting there now, just a ton of greeblies to throw at it now.
  14. And decided I will finish this one I started at the same time, just didn't feel as much as the first one.
  15. I meant not glued not not attached, numpty. A bit of primer.
  16. You been saving them all up for today? Some more nice work,
  17. So I haven't built anything for a while other than some 75mm figures so I sat at the bench and this sort of fell together out the Gundam parts box with a few parts left over from some Edwards Bi planes. I think this is about ready to prime and not a drop of filler used... So far.... Cheers Brian. So we have high and low power thrusters a main lazer cannon and two small projectile guns. The wings are not attached as they move and I quite like the idea of keeping them that way.
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