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  1. Cheers Will for the advice I will give it a go and see what happens. And to avoid testing the light I painted most of the base parts lastnight. I used thinned down AK true metal the wax stuff. For the gold I used grey and black primer to try and get some differences in the finish colour, it sort of worked. I might spray some clear yellow or orange over the gold to really give it some deep colour.
  2. Will those miniatures ( age of simar?) look amazing, the shadows of the sword are really nicely done, the MS is look nice as well.
  3. This was a rebuild of an old kit I had lost patients with a few years ago. It a nice looking kit OOB but an absolute hand grenade due to the parts transformation. I set out trying to keep that transformation but didn't succeed many if the parts are now glued in place, so apart from that a farly straightforward build. Added the green/grey to brake up the white and painted the phsyco frame as per the final version of the Unicorn from the show and some light weathering. Hope you like it C&C wellcome. Cheers Brian.
  4. Unpacking the rest of the kit to wash the plastic and found a few more metal parts, looks like the 3 piston and metal centres and some metal details for the back piston. Very nice as well.
  5. Another fantastic Ma.K build, I really like the lozenge and the sleek new look.....
  6. Looking nice even with the dirty bottom......
  7. So I was going to test all the LEDs and wires today but the connections are very tight so to prevent brakes I will test and install as I building now. That leaves me with the bright spots to sort out really before I start building properly. So I will paint silver or use foil behind the light and I might also swap out the white LED's for some green one I have ( quoted as 3 - 3.4v). Not sure what the white one are but as they are using 2 AAA 3v, I assume they are 3v LED's so they should be compatible. A quick test with the wiring I tried out show they look to work and are about the
  8. I don't know but it sounds like I idea worth trying out. But of sanding and primer today....
  9. Last night I did a bit a parts check mostly for the lights as you can see it seems quite comprehensive, its going to be fun checking all the LED, connections and wires. Looks like it can run USB or AAA well. The pictures of the kit built look as if the LED are very close to clear parts of the kit so the light deffusion is not great, so I'm going to try and do somthing about it. No idea what as it well out side my knowledge. Image of a complete kit, its the bright spots of the LED's that I would like to better defuse.
  10. Another kit I have had for some time but as time goes on my small stash is diminishing. This is one massive kit so it's going to take a bit of time to build and finish. The kit comes with an LED setup and a some very nice metal thruster bells and all the details you could wish for. I made a start on the base fully expecting this to be a nightmare of badly fitting parts but so far it has fitted together extremely well, just the molding lines to get rid of. I do plan on going to town on the painting of this one, no weathering but lot of detail paint and pre/post shading.
  11. Talking of huge box's will be building this next to go along with this one. Beam saber hilt comparison...
  12. Yes and keeping the transformation parts transformed, I wanted to keep the kit able to revert back to unicorn mode so I'm only glueing the parts I can at the moment. I bet the FA kit is a massive build, all those weapons.......
  13. That looks really great indeed, defo needs a small dip base.
  14. Cheers chaps, well all the decals are on, I did hold back a bit on the decals a bit but I did my usual leg decals and the weathering is well on its way but I will add some more matt stains and a bit of light chipping. Getting to this point I remember why it ended up in a box..... I really love the look of the kit but the build is absolutely awful. Shame I don't have £250 to spend on the new MGEX kit.......
  15. Just got a like on this build and thought I best link to the finished build, it did take a full rebuild and a nod to the sci-fi. Cheers Brian.
  16. That's what I was thinking and would be good to find a ruleset if there is one. I was thinking of making two of the smaller ones into some sort of work shop driods, maybe working in a scrap yard or hover bike shop, only ideas at the moment.
  17. This little box of goodies arrived today from China, not sure what these are or where they come from but this box of 12 minis cost me under a tenner in a sale so a lot for my money. A few different mechs in a 1/48 sclae rather than the 1/35 quoted but they are push fit little kits. At the moment I'm thinking about colour scheme and modified them already so this is a very tentative start on this box. Some nice deals and some that will need some help, but looking good.
  18. The rebuild is now complete, I had forgotten what a pain this kit is, bit just fly off it even if you look at it sideways.
  19. Tell me about it, thats why I'm rebuild a few kits, I didn't appreciate cash or the job when I had it. Bottom run of the ladder has its benefits though. But more work on this, all the phsyco frame has been painted now and have finished the weapons, sheild and backpack. Now on with painting the rest of the outer armour. Some weathering started. I had to open a new pot of clear green for the phsyco frame and it's has ended up a bit darker but I don't think you will notice once all built up. Did fix the horn as well, it not great either but it's a lot better than it was.
  20. Interested in seeing what the green looks like against the gold. Looking go so far though.
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