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  1. Thanks for the advice, purely on price I have in the running the H&S above the Badger 105 Patriot both can be bought for £80 at the moment and then there is the slightly more expensive Iwata Revolution. Any other I should be looking at?
  2. Thank for every ones input, if nothing else I have started looking of other brushes and they all seem to have their advocates and there problems. Its an absolute mind field of choices,even on a budget. Brian.
  3. I`m going to be fitting some LED light to a kit that require then to be help in place with glue but what glue should I be using. Can I use super glue or bathroom silicon sealant ( I have these to hand) (I don`t have a hot glue gun). Thanks for your help. Brian.
  4. Bought spoons and cider, no contest the cider is winning and its bloody cold and snowing a bit as well. Thought it best to leave the painting for now.
  5. I will sort some pictures. The black base was clean smooth and gloss. I was very happy with it. I had another go this morning this time im doing ridiculously light coats, im up to 5 on the head part. Its going better but I'm still getting matt spotts just not as bad due to the very light coats being sprayed on. The matt spots are buffing out. Off to the shops to get spoons. Thanks for your help.
  6. Just tried again same thing, strayed at about 10~12psi and it looks total crap. Any ideas. To cold, to humid etc? And i should thank you so far...... Pic here. http://i1145.photobucket.com/albums/o513/brian07900/20160213_192744_zps88lfl94v.jpg
  7. Cheers i will see if i can rectify it. Both the chrome and the black chrome did the same thing, so its definitely somthing im doing. I will turn down the psi and get in a bit closer. This Alclad stuff in very thin nothing like acrylics at all.
  8. Duncan im looking to replace the noe at the end of march, Graphicair is just down the road from my work and they have all sorts but i keep looking at the Iwata Revolution BR or Eclipse HP-BS as they are a reasonable price. Im definitely down at the budget end of the scale.
  9. Is it normal to have to buff up the black chrome to make it shine? I thought i might have sprayed the first 2 coats a bit to faraway from the surface? Anyway its drying very matt until i buff it.
  10. Thanks for allyour help, i shouldn't complain to much about the brush as it was secondhand but i did replace the seals when i got it. Anyway im giving the ptfe tape a go. I havr put it on the threads and the rolled up some tape into a sausage to make type of O ring. The brush worked last night with water and no O ring, so as long as the ptfe stays put it should to be ok. http://i1145.photobucket.com/albums/o513/brian07900/Mobile%20Uploads/20160213_083758_zpsgpimk2nq.jpg
  11. This air brush has been nothing but problems and i will be replacing it in March but for now i will try ptfe. Was cleaning with Alclad AB cleaning smells a lot like nail polish remover to me. Thanks all.
  12. The rubber O ring the from nozzle on the neo iwata has fallen to bits. Can i still use the brush without it or are there any temp ghetto fixes?
  13. Well the paints are here so if the weather is good at the weekend I might get some spraying done. One thing I have notices is the Candy is Enamel I thought these were all Lacquers?
  14. And her we have the arms that hold the binders on the main body. The top one is the one that comes in the box from Bandai and the other is from 3rd party kit. They are very different in overall size but its the length that bothers me I would like to use the 3rd part arm as it look a much better size for the kit but not sure it will be long enough, I will have to build some more of the kit to find out for sure I think.
  15. slow day in the office so after much sanding etc we have one binder ( wing) ready for primer. Not sure how the detail on the top of the binder is going look after primer and paint. With the extra kit you get to choose what parts to use.
  16. So along with the little beagguy I have the Kshatriya on the work bench ( technically I have a Vanship as well but that has been put to back of this list for now), this is another Bandai kit but I also have a 3rd party wing kit I bought from ebay, the replacement wing parts have better details and moving parts ooooh. I have made a start on the extra wings as like most 3rd party kits these are going to take a bit of extra work to make good as there is a lot of extra flashing and some of the details will need some help and I will also be adding some metal thrusters so some cutting is required.
  17. Thanks for the advice. 4 bottles is a lot of paint and if it takes that much to cover i don't think i will be buying to much more. I have had some success filling those very small gaps with liquid glue and plastic shavings mixed into a paste.
  18. I miss my old car so much I would love to recreate it in a scale model, anyone know of a kit out there of this lovely classics? Cheers Brian. This is the old girl. https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-RmEK7SbjpG8/VdDv3wnk1JI/AAAAAAAAE0U/RE4DHUbiDPg/w769-h577-no/2015%2B-%2B1
  19. I know the primer is going to need wet sanding but not sure how to deal with very small hairline seams like this. http://i1145.photobucket.com/albums/o513/brian07900/20160210_211121_zpstc7efdri.jpg
  20. Cheers Will, i started priming it tonight as we are forecast snow here at the weekend. Its going to need more filling and sanding. Im going for the high gloss finish so i guess I'm going to have to put in the work in at this stage.
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