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  1. Love the smell of melted plastic in the morning.... Spru stretching. Gone a bit finer this time so I'm hoping they just snap when I hit them with the hair dryer to straiten them a bit more.
  2. Just the rigging and then a top coat to finish, but couldn't resist a group shop of my comple aircraft collection...... Then I will be making a start on these. dallas petroleum club
  3. The prop doesn't look to bad once fitted so I didn't bother repainting it, so wings on as well now, time to flip it over and fit the wheels. I will probably tone down the pink for this one.
  4. Thanks you, Not the best out come as my lines are a bit wobbly but her is the paint I used and few WIP of the painting the prop. The wash add the end realy helps with the colour and to blure the lines.
  5. Cheers, just a 1/144 lightning had to give its life for that sci-fi build.
  6. Hi Bob, It was a bit ruff at times with lock down etc but doing even better now just landed a proper job again working for the sleep charity, going to head of there commissioning services, so all good. As for the prop I king of winged it , base colour of pale earth them using a fine brush I did the lines using brick red, them over those with a dark red/brown to widen and fade the edges, then I thinned the red/brown and did the same again, until I was happy with the look, I might have done a sepia wash on top and gloss to finish. All the best Brian.
  7. So after a bit a sci-fi kit bash I'm back these two little planes, the second one seems to be coming together a lot better than the first and I'm a lot happier with the overall look of it so far. I did lift the two gun so they are a little more visible once the upper wing goes on, not strictly as per it would look in the real work but at least I can see my work once finished.
  8. But late but I used to order regularly from banzaihobby.com and Plazajapan, never got stung for charges when the total cost ( kit and postage) was under £30, not sure why but anything that was alsways a gamble and anything over around 40-45 would generally get the extra charges. Both great companies and will deal with again when funds allow.
  9. Cheers. Thanks for following along all. All finished and in the RFI.
  10. C4-RPC, or Comet 4 Reaction Propelled Craft. The ships power supply comes from the constent fusion that occurs in these exotic metallic comets found around the Sol 15s third plant. A kit bash parts bin build, comments welcome. Cheers Brian.
  11. Cheers, I think I have finished faffing about with this now, so pictures and a name for tomorrow.
  12. Flat coated the ship and e then painted the engine inlet... Shiny.
  13. Cheers Carts didn't see your comment there pop up on the next page.
  14. Thank you. Thank you. Shitting my self about actually doing it now..... Anyway back to making models and this one now has its decals on, I think I want to add another colour to it somewhere, maybe the wings to brake up the blue, then just the odd bit of detail paint to add. image upload free
  15. And a bit of paint and glue later.... Need to put on some decals before anymore weathering etc.
  16. Well your luck was with me today Pete, landed a dream job.... Head of services for the Sleep Charity. Pleased and privileged is a massive understatement!
  17. Looking good. Might give that tamyia tape a go i my current build.
  18. not a greablie but free filters for your airbrush spray booth, order some food from "hello fresh" I did this for the first time and it arrived yesterday. Inside the box of grub is your free filter..... . definitely good enough for acrylic painting. Cheers for the comments as well everyone, no model making this weekend, writing a presentation and preparing for a interview on Wednesday. Cheers Brian.
  19. @HoolioPaulio cheers mate.you defo need to give a go and Gundam parts make a great starting point. The comet is just about finish now with it's bronze and blue elements. I have pre shaded and given the first 2 lights coats of a blue/grey colour on this ship. I will be building up on that colour adding a few different shades and the odd contrasting colours well. I have been looking at Andy Moores B wing again for inspiration, probably my favourite all time build on here, not going to be anywhere near as good but it definitely something to aspire to.
  20. Need to do a bit more blending of the blue and copper but making a start on the paint.
  21. Cheers. Made the stand for it this morning. Time to start painting, going to paint the comet first.
  22. Made a start on the engines, didn't bother with the open hatch.....
  23. Defo, cheers. And after a bit of primer and a few pannel lines scribed, it now looks like this.
  24. Cheers, the comet power idea is from my own head..... Thanks. It's looks like this tonight, I need to find my guitar strings for some power cables. Will also need to make a few changes to the engines, thinking of having an access pannel open, so you can see inside.
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