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  1. Mini mech number 2 is finished and just number 3 or number 1 as he is call, I number them with some decals. Nothing fancy but I'm happy with them and the fact they are getting painted at last.
  2. Nice project, defo needs a vignette.
  3. Cheers Pete. Making good progress with the other two little fellows now as well. I have never done a camo mini so thought I would give it a go, not followed any particular patern.
  4. Cheers. A quick bit of painting again this morning to get me back into the swing of things. And just found out my flying VW I did back in the beginning of last year has won me a clue prize for the group build we do every at Keighley plastic model club. My prize. Its is an incredibly nice looking kit so might actually build it in to a small dio with a half track and a few crew.
  5. To much life getting in the way of doing anything fun over the last few weeks but determined to get something done so made a start on this little one before work this morning.
  6. Encase you haven't seen I have kit bashing some of the Marines from this to make something different. https://ibb.co/1QsYHKR
  7. Slow progress but did make a wall, using some thin fome from the kids sticking and glueing draws, the glue left over from some build work I had done a while back, and it's primed as ready to paint.
  8. The base is just about finished and now I'm going yo have to start some painting and I think I will start with the base and see where that goes. So I can tie in the colours of the mechs.
  9. So we have are three figures ready to paint and I have been looking at the Ma.k universe for inspiration and have a few I like the look of mostly grey and white or grey and green with some splashing of colour. Also thinking of an industrial type location for then, lots of rubbish, pipes ets.
  10. Still mucking about with the 3rd member of the team but this could be the one.
  11. Second one finished and have included a picture of a marine so you can get the idea size. Definitely more of a heavy assault group. The one with the dagger must be the team leader, minigun is the runner front man and need the next one with rocks launchers and/or a big gun I think.
  12. Cheers @quasi. This is what's going on at the moment and one I did a quick bit of painting, will a top colour as that's the rust undercoat.
  13. Cheers, Yeh I know what mean. Looks this these might be made up from a number of existing kits all mashed together and I'm at it again with a few Primaris Marines. Currently chopping and reshaping the leg of another at the moment.
  14. AliExpress, I bought these from this seller but there are others. Well worth the money I think. £14.79 48%OFF | JOYTOY 1/35 Model Kit Robot Figures Mini Machine (12/pcs) Model Toys Nude Color Opp Bags Free shipping https://a.aliexpress.com/_BTpigB
  15. Cheers Yeh I was thinking just that, so going to make a squad of 3 of them all slightly different.
  16. Not much in the way of modelling going on in my house at the moment but did bash this little dude together.
  17. So a bit more work done on this now, the white base has just had the decals put and need a top coat, I can then make a start on building the base with the lights in. I wanted to go for a modulating colour with the white so had weathered, added some shading and a few scratches etc to metallics on the base in an attempt to give it a bit more of a used look. I would like to build this in to a 1/35 diorama with crew working on the Gundam but we will have to see how it goes.
  18. Cheers Will. It's not great to be honest but it's so much easier to use than the likes of Alclad. It rubs of more than chips so as long as you don't touch it it's fine, goes off properly after about 4 or 5 days but I still give a gloss top before doing anything with it. Thinned down with white sprites, not sure if that slows the drying time. Just good parts separation not masking.... Yet.
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