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  1. riever49

    Gannet AEW

    It's a lovely model of an attractively quirky aeroplane. I saw a whole squadron arrive at HMS Goldcrest (Brawdy in Pembrokeshire) in, I think 1967, when Hermes and Bulwark were refitting as Commando carriers. IIRC the radars went on from the Gannets to the Shackletons.
  2. riever49


    May I display my ignorance please? What do you mean when you refer to "eyelets"? Do you make them yourself? I have a WNW SE5a stalled because I'm afraid of the rigging.
  3. Lovely rendition of this remarkable tank. The crew obviously haven't had to use the grousers, which look to be in pristine condition.
  4. Lovely model and a great finish. While the exhausts are great and would look brilliant on another model, the exhausts on the Spitfire nightfighters were painted with a thick coat of iron oxide paint in an attempt to cut down the extent to which they glowed when hot. I don't know if it worked, but the use of Spitfires at night was quietly abandoned as a result of a high loss rate due to accidents.
  5. riever49

    RAF camoflage color matches

    While it's always desirable to be as "accurate" as possible and refer to original sources if you can, it's also worth remembering that wartime shortages of materials resulted in variations of colour between batches of the "same" colours. I also use Xtracrylics, largely because they airbrush well especially if thinned with their own thinner.
  6. Great looking figures. If used in a diorama, would need to be set behind the lines. An officer dressed like that on the Somme front line would have a life-expectancy measured in minutes. Junior officers took pains to make themselves as inconspicuous as possible on the front line, many carrying rifles and wearing other ranks' kit in an attempt to avoid sniper attention.
  7. riever49

    Two VC10s

    Not just best looking but also was, and I believe, still is the fastest airliner ever.
  8. riever49

    Driving around Normandy

    Don't go to Caen without visiting the Memorial. It's the only place in Normandy my kids asked to go back to. Unlike the war museums that dot the area, it seeks to explain the background to the war, starting with the 1919 peace treaty. It is a truly inspiring visit to a place that describes itself as a peace museum.
  9. riever49

    Spitfire wing, thickness at root measurement?

    I am always amazed at the level of detail gone into by many modellers - aftermarket cockpit details, special etched brass kits and all the rest - who then go on and religiously emphasise panel lines. Panel lines are hardly visible on the prototype aircraft and are invisible on any aircraft sufficiently distant as to appear the size of a 1:48 or 1:72 scale model. The same goes for all the stencilling on the aircraft. This is not to say I am not impressed by models finished in such a style, because I am, deeply impressed. But a model showing panel lines as dark lines on the surface is quite simply not realistic. They may win prizes at model shows, but they are caricatures, not accurate images.
  10. riever49

    Sunderland Rescue

    Spectacular model, very well presented. Love it!
  11. riever49

    Airfix 1/72nd He111P-2

    Nice model. Makes a pleasant change from all those heavily weathered/ panel lined models.
  12. riever49

    What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought?

    Have never bought a bike kit, haven't bought a car kit in the last 40 years. Last car was probably the Monogram Dusenberg Torpedo Phaeton. Well, you did ask!
  13. Great job, Incubus35. This site can be relied on to provide someone with advice for all enquiries. But sometimes it needs a bit of courage to follow the advice!
  14. riever49

    revell Thermopylae

    That's a fantastic model. I've never had the nerve to try plastic sailing ship kits. Incidentally, the liquid of choice for weathering copper is urine. Roofers swear by it.
  15. riever49

    British Gnat F1

    Nice model. Never seen a model of the F1 before. I have 5 Gnat models, all Airfix. One in this scheme at 1:72, one in overall yellow at 1:72 and 3 at 1:48, one in the red/grey/white FTS colours, one in the Yellow Jacks overall yellow and one in Red Arrows colours. It's a lovely aircraft.