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  1. I would love to ... But have no idea how to go about uploading onto this site , I'm ok at modelling , but crap with technology
  2. Beautiful finish ... Although TB2 is my least favourite Thunderbird , seeing this has made me want to get one of mine out !
  3. Beautiful .... I wish I could work out how to post pics of my 5ft Thunderbird 1 ( it got Silver medal at Milton Keynes Model show about 4/5 years ago ) Absolutely love your Thunderbird models here ... Great stuff !
  4. Beautiful , fantastic peice of modelling .
  5. It looks like you've taken a shrink ray to the real thing ..... Superb Spitfire
  6. Beautiful .. It looks almost real ...Brilliant finish .
  7. Excellent ... Love this scheme . Agree with DAG058 .Would love a 1/48 new tool .
  8. RET ... Superb build .. I've got to get one and have a go myself ... Seeing this has inspired me
  9. Hello everyone and anyone who can help me I'm currently building the Aoshima 1/48 scale Thunderbird 4 …. I am also in the process of working on something to display it ( it looks amazing at the moment , and all going well I hope to put it into the competition in Telford ) . My question to anyone at this time is … Should I fill in the recessed panel lines on the kit ( the studio model didn't have them ) or should I leave them and make the most of them ….. I did try to upload pics of what i'm working on but for some reason the laptop wouldn't have any of it … Gutted … Any help or advic
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