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  1. Ushelets

    Proper Plane 1:32 Propellers

    A new limited-edition Proper Plane propeller Sage for Sopwith Pup is available for order. It has a "pressed boss" that needs very precise processing to do it perfectly.
  2. Ushelets

    Proper Plane 1:32 Propellers

    This #Sopwith #Pup propeller was manufactured by Frederick Sage & Co. Ltd during the First World War. Frederick Sage was a shop fitting company that turned to aircraft production to help with the war effort. This is a Proper Plane wooden propeller prototype in 1/32 scale for WnW Sopwith Pup kit. It was made using the kit detail with some amendments according the photos of real propeller. It will be available with 3D modeled resin hub.
  3. Ushelets

    Proper Plane 1:32 Propellers

    Thank you for the valuable information @Plasto! Now I am preparing another propeller for Sopwith Pup, then, if it is necessary I continue the line of propellers for other Sopwith planes.
  4. Ushelets

    Proper Plane 1:32 Propellers

    Hi @Plasto! It looks the same, but ufortunatanetly I have no proof that the props was the same. I used information from the site http://www.woodenpropeller.com/Britain.html
  5. Ushelets

    Proper Plane 1:32 Propellers

    Here is a regular Lang propeller for Sopwith Camel and a new limited edition one with "pressed" boss plate. Do you like them?
  6. Ushelets

    Proper Plane 1:32 Propellers

    Thank you @Shar2! Hello friends! I'm Alex Belov, a Proper Plane owner. I would like to say "thank you" for those who supported me and inspired to do that things. And now I'm very glad to hear that comments from you about my propellers. I hope I will surprise you with my products in future. If you want to ask me some question about my props, you are always welcome! By the way should I change my Britmodeller avatar to Proper Plane now?
  7. Ushelets

    Scratchbuild - IL-14 1:72

    Very cool!
  8. Hello! After Spitfire build has been completed, I decided to make a new model - Fairey Swordfish. So, I have: Model: Tamiya 61099 Resin parts: CMK 4063, engine Vector Photo-etched: Eduard 49212; Tamiya TA61069 I would be grateful for any help - especially I need of good quality drawings and walkarounds. Thank you!
  9. Does anybody know if the bottom side of upper wing was painted in black in fact?
  10. Thank you, friends! My little update: I've made a new slats by aluminium foil and separate the ailerons
  11. Hi! This is my Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IX - 1/48 Eduard finished yesterday. The model is built from Eduard production, the battery compartment has been made of foil. Enjoy! The model was built for the contest. You can watch the results and add your vote on Greenmats Club http://bit.ly/27PZ2t2
  12. Oh! Thank you friends for your support!
  13. They are not sure this plane were exist at all. It was reconstructed according Johnson's memories
  14. Thanks a lot! With another my model A6M5 - The Best model IPMS Ukraine 2015
  15. Ushelets

    A-6A intruder 1/32

    Excellent work
  16. Nice build - congrats!
  17. Hi guys! This is my another project in 1/48 - Eduard (Academy) Good Morning Da Nang. I have started it some months ago and now decided to continue my build here. I'll be very glad to hear any comments of my work. P.S. I beg you pardon but my english is not very good now because I've got out of practice for a long time!
  18. Gene K You can remove ejector marks by sandpaper or putty/cyanoacrylate. It's not a problem. As for Variable Intake Ramp - this step will be hided by the aft part of B4-B5 Look at the pictire And some another pictures of my work I have removed all these wormholes and I'm going to make new ones using my own decal
  19. I don't think that there is a great difference. The main problem is in the inner side of C1/D1 part.
  20. Trere are not so bad. In fact it's one of the best model l've ever built. Highly recommended!
  21. Thank you! I used Tamiya epoxy putty and permanent marker for contrast
  22. Yes. It`s a part of Eduard Good Morning Da Nang kit
  23. There is another part of 1000 pictures: refueling probe.