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  1. thanks for Simon and Fernando for the replies,much appreciated. looks like if I combine a F-4E Resin cockpit and a Wolfpack F-4EJ Kai set I'll be somewhere close? Thanks again, Pete
  2. wonder if there are Phantom experts that can help me? I have the Hasegawa F-4EJ Kai Phantom II kit in 1/48 and wanted to get a replacement resin cockpit but cannot find one specific to the JASDF Phantom. I could get the True Details TD48517 Resin replacement cockpit for the F-4J but not sure if it's appropriate for the F-4EJ? Any advice gratefully received! Pete
  3. Andy thanks for the tip on the Eduard sets, I'll try to track them down, Pete
  4. Chris how do you read that text, do you think it means the P-E set fits the Fujimi kit only while the seats fit both Fujimi and Hasegawa? I have an F1 but also plan to get a T2, so looks like I'll need three seats? Pete
  5. to answer my own question this chap does a Resin set and also looks like some cockpit PE comes with it http://llama84.tripod.com/id5.html have asked him for details and got a reply straight away, he's in the States but may be the only game in town? Pete
  6. just found this thread so looks like the question may have been answered before http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234971081-weber-es-7j-ejection-seats-in-148/ Thanks to Marcus for the reply
  7. are you sure it's like an F-106 seat? The Delta Dart was a late 1950's aircraft and while not brand new the Mitsubishi F1 would have been designed in the 1970's, is it likely to have used an ejector seat design that was already almost 20 years old? Not saying you are wrong as frankly I don't know which is why I'm asking the question in the first place,
  8. Hi all, I picked up a really nice Hasegawa Mitsubishi F1 from the Hinckley show today but as the ejector seat is rather basic I wondered if anyone knows if there's a replacement resin seat out there for this kit? Hopefully the seat is a common one used on other aircraft, so wonder if there are any JASDF experts on BM who know if there's a suitable aftermarket item? Thanks in advance, Pete
  9. I use the levelling thinner with Mr. Hobby paints and while it smells a little it is manageable indoors, the cellulose thinner is much stronger and while I don't mind dipping a brush in it and getting the bottle top on again ASAP the idea of atomising it in a spray.............. well, it's not for me thanks.
  10. thanks to all for the replies, looks like I'll have to experiment with a 50/50 mix of the surfacer and the Mr Levelling thinner and see what the results are. I appreciate the advice yo use cellulose thinners but as I'm spraying indoors and if spraying it is anything like using it to clean brushes with the liquid thinner on them then it will stink to high heaven and I don't really think I could stand those sort of fumes. Thanks again, Pete
  11. Hi all, I have a pot of Mr. Finishing Surfacer 1500 Black and as per usual all the instructions on the side are in Japanese. Have seen videos where this has been used and it looks great, but cannot find anything that says how you thin it, what size airbrush needle to use or pressure to spray at. I have both the Mr Colour ordinary and levelling thinner and I think they can be used to thin this I'd assume 50/50, but would like that to be confirmed? So if anybody has used this primer and could give me the benefit of their knowledge I'd be very grateful. Cheers, Pete
  12. I can see now the 'X' is a lot bigger and in a different position to the painted out symbol on the tail of '743' Pete
  13. thanks for all the answers, so it looks like '743' was with one squadron and then transferred so they painted out the old emblem which was mid-tail and added the new one on the tail leading edge. My mistake as the painted out symbol looked like the red 'X' of the AETE. I think in the end I'll leave the tail with just the 409 badge, although having said that I am well qualified to paint the old badge out badly!! Cheers as the links above have cleared up the mystery, having said that I am still not sure when the AETE mark should actually be used?
  14. thanks for the information, so if it's a flight test facility are the markings only applied when the aircraft is at Cold Lake for testing and removed once the test phase is over? Also would an aircraft marked this way carry armaments/fuel drop tanks/a sniper pod etc. or would it be a 'clean' aircraft while at Cold Lake? Pete
  15. Hi all. I'm just completing a CF-188 and want to make this aircraft http://www.rcaf-arc.forces.gc.ca/assets/AIRFORCE_Internet/images/news-nouvelles/2014/11/141030-f-mg-591-415.jpg I have the Canuckmodels sheet WVD005-48 that includes a marking that is described as "AETE Type A" which is a large red cross on the outside surface of the tails. In the picture above '743' has what I think is this cross rather crudely painted out on the tail but I'd like to include it as it would give a small dash of colour to an otherwise very grey finish. So question is what does the "AETE Type A" mean when a
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