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  1. Thanks very much!! Believe it or not the whole thing was built and shot in a tiny flat in the Barbican! The model maker is very young- 6 years old i think. Just put him forward on Channel 4's child genius tv show!
  2. Thanks for the kind words Keith! Really appreciate your comments!
  3. Hi everyone, We were recently commissioned to create a really unique brand video for our client Yutaka Foods- Europe's largest Japanese food importer. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJMyNJ5k8e8 I just wanted to let you know that we have now built the models and shot them all, edited and uploaded the video online. The 70 secs ad was shot in London using miniature models painstakingly created by our team of model makers. (It took them 5 weeks to build 5 different sets) The actual shoot took 5 days and the entire video was shot on 16mm film. We wanted to use traditional fil
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