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  1. This has been built almost entirely OOB, aside from the seats which were Quick Boost. The entire thing was paint with Tamiya paints, minus one old Gunze paint for the EDSG. Weathering was done with the salt technique, oils and some watercolour markers. If anyone wants more information on specifics just leave a comment and I'll get back to you as soon as I have time. Any questions or comments, leave them. Cheers and many thanks to all, Harrison
  2. She's done from what I can tell. Has been incredibly hectic, what with school and work and all going on. Hope you all like it and enjoy it. I do hope to bring you my next build but do not know when or if I will have time. Let me know. Thanks. RFI: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234988673-airfix-148-sea-vixen/ Cheers, Harrison
  3. Well, didn't quite get this done before going back to school, but close. A few more little things and a flat coat and that should about do it. However this weathering has been done using mostly oils but also the awesome Windsor and Newton Watercolour Markers. Great for easy blending and precise application. They are expensive but highly recommended. Hope you enjoy. Continue to feel free to comment, as always. Cheers, Harrison
  4. Did not know that. However, I am wanting to go for a grungier, dirty look. Hopefully not too far out of the realm of the real thing. Thanks, Harrison
  5. Salt weathering done. Not too bad so far. On to oils and toning everything down a bit and blending everything better. Hope you like! Cheers, Harrison
  6. Finally ready for the weathering stage, my favouite stage. This will start with some salt weathering which hopefully I don't screw up. This will be my first attempt at a whole model with salt weathering. Enjoy. Cheers, Harrison
  7. Yeah the EDSG was an old bottle of Gunze Aquieous hobby colour. Had it for at least 10 years now.
  8. They are rubbish for that reason. But that smooth, flat, level surface they give is what I like. I only put down the Vallejo when I know I won't need to sand anything.
  9. All the stencils are on... On too the main markings. Cheers, Harrison
  10. FANTASTIC! I will probably be trying to get some of this stuff for my next build. Thanks, Harrison
  11. I am using an Iwata Revolution CR for the majority of my airbrushing, however my Harder and Steenbeck CR+ Two in One, will show up very shortly in this build for the finer things. The compressor is a Sparmax TC-620 and shooting at about 18-20 psi. I primed the Sea Vixen first with MIG Ammo Primer because it is sandable and acrylic (more or less) however its finish is a little rough for aircraft, I think. Once I am done my sanding and filling touch ups I prime it a second time with Vallejo primer which gives an absolutely superb finish. (If a company could combine the two primers and keep them acrylic I would buy all the stock they had) After priming it was your standard everyday procedure for spraying Tamiya acrylics. I truly believe it is down to that Vallejo primer and the awesome finish it gives. The two primers: MIG Ammo - Great for sanding and quick dry time and pretty good finish. It is a bit rough in some cases, personally, however still very good and I'd recommend them highly. Vallejo - Not so good for sanding as is. However I did see in a video on Genessis Models that by spraying a layer of Future over it stops the peeling problem and makes it more sanding friendly. But the finish is second to none, in my opinion, at least for acrylic primers. That's pretty much it. Any other questions feel free to ask. Cheers, Harrison
  12. Well, here she is with some paint and her gloss coats. I am about half way finished decaling but with school about to start I fear I will be unable to finish this before. I plan to attempt salt weathering for the first time, so fingers crossed for that. I will hopefully get some decal pictures up tomorrow or Tuesday. Enjoy. Cheers and happy modelling, Harrison
  13. This is super work. Love following this build. Cheers, Harrison
  14. Lovely. Quality work. I am ready to see more. But unfortunately now I need to buy a Javelin. Because that one looks superb as well. Cheers, Harrison
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