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  1. File rather than a sanding stick, if only one the Vallorbe 1/2 round No2 cut needle file. Better than the sticks for rounded surfaces.


    Ditch the ruler and or the sprue nippers as a decent razor saw is an essential for me.


    Round nose rather than needle nose tweezers, a better compromise for differing tasks.

  2. Hi Duncan your insight on "processing" meaning payment received seems correct.


    I have just had an email from them saying that the order status has changed to "processed" which I am speculating means that posting could be in the offing.


    If it is then hats of to them still performing in such awful circumstances.


    I placed to order as a way to support their struggle not expecting to actually receive the order, if this means it is coming through then what a bonus.


    Dora Wings and he Ukrainian struggle against agression, I salute you.

  3. "In case you weren't aware, they're in the Ukraine". Of course I am aware of their situation, have you read my post? That is why I chose to place the order as a way of contributing funds to their struggle as I said in my original post.


    All I am looking for is a way to contact them to see if they have received the money.


     That is why I am not jumping up and own about it, I am not blaming them as I am not sure that my communications are getting through and I was just wondering if any one had successful contact over the past 10 weeks.


    I am not damning or blaming them for anything just want to try be assured that they got the money for their struggle which again I said in my original post. My query isn't about me it is about making sure that they got the dosh for their struggle.


    Obviously my original post was lacking in sufficient clarity for you.

  4. Any one have any contact with Dora Wings.


    I placed an order with them on the first of May and have had no communication from them since, the order in my account says "Processing".


    I am not too worried about the models as I placed the order to support the Ukrainian army, however I would like confirmation that they have received my money. It has come out of my account but the payment process was tortuous with multiple tries and I wasn't happy that the process was successful. I would just like to know that they got my money.


    I have tried emailing them but it just comes back as spam, trying to phone them has also failed. I also used the contact form a couple of times but to no avail. I notice that this facility is no longer available on the site.


    I will not use social media other than the odd forum.


    So just wondering if anyone has had contact with them recently that perhaps I could piggy back my query onto.

  5. Great stuff, keys well onto the plastic, minimal shrinkage, thin with cellulose thinner/ liquid polystyrene cement, finishes great.


    I use it for all filling save that which will need scribing, for which I use clear runner pieces dissolved in MEK.


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  6. Evidently I have heard that it is re-bottled Stynylrez.


    If so then it should be sprayed as per their instructions large nozzle and 30 PSI.


    I use a .5 nozzle at 30 PSI and the Stynylrez sprays fine, just for fun I put it through my .18 Custom Micron and it again sprayed fine at the 30 P{SI mark.


    So I would suggest upping the pressure to get it to atomise better, see if that makes a difference.

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  7. Kool-aid is an American drinks powder akin to Cremola Foam.


    It was made famous in the late sixties by Tom Wolfe in his book "The Electric Kool~Aid Acid Test" which recounted the exploits Ken Kesey and his band of Merry Pranksters who toured the US in a gaily painted school bus called "Furthur" holding acid tests where the participants consumed Kool-Aid laced with LSD.


    No doubt these cult happenings and Tom Wolfe's book would be well known to the American Vietnam generation.

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  8. When looked for a silent compressor I eventually went with the Bambi BB24V Bambi compressor. and have never regretted it. It was a toss up 'twen the Bambi and the Silentair at the time, with the Silent air seeming a bit more compact, however 'pon watching some videos I noticed that at the end of a fill cycle the silent air had a noticeable "PHFFFFFFT! I knew that this would drive me mad so the Bambi it was.


    After 3 plus years of daily use I can heartily recommend Bambi

  9. Colour Coats enamels are excellent. They need thinning but if use their thinner then left over paint can be put back in the tin with no deleterious effects. Other than slightly thinning the paint in the tin.


    I prefer to thin my paint so that I can get the right consistency for what ever method is appropriate to the effect I am seeking.

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  10. I use small pieces of sanding sponge held with self locking tweezers.


    Infini sanding sponge is my prefer sanding sponge.


    To help the tweezers grip the sponge if vigorous sanding is needed a small cable tie is used.

  11. I gave up on the gas 15 years ago, I was sick of the industry hiking up my payments for no reason other than "well thats the average", I submit regular readings as well but the scam was getting interest free loans from their customers.


    I got a multi fuel stove installed with a water jacket and plumbed into the heating system with a pump. It is fantastic, a bucket of coal keeps the whole house (four bedroom semi) toasty for 24 hours. I also burn wood which costs nothing other than my labour and a bit petrol and oil for the chain saws.


    I only use the gas for water heating, and bottled gas for the hob, which lasts nigh on 2 years, the ovens are electric.


    My current electric and gas bill is £40/month based on actual readings and the coal (smokeless) is £48/month (two cwt) and only a winter time cost.


    What hated about the gas and electric was the paying over the course of a year and had no control really over the costs. With the coal and bottled gas I pay as I need and can stock pile when I have the money and take advantage of offers. I currently have a ton and a half of coal and three gas bottles stock piled, the 1/2 cwt coal bags stack nicely down the path from the front to the back of the house, out of sight and behind a locked gate. Another plus for me is I can use cash to pay for the coal and gas bottles.


    In light of the current situation I am glad I did this.


    I have always thought that depending on global markets for our needs was a folly as it was surely going to end in tears.


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