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  1. Yeahhhh paint! What brand of primer you using Dan?
  2. DogTeeth


    I've acquired the tweezers shown in the YouTube link. They are tamiya ones, I have to say they are well engineered. No twist or slip when pressure is applied by my heavy clumsy grip.
  3. I've asked the whiff to get me one for my burpday
  4. DogTeeth


    Thanks for the feedback guys. I'll post the video link, if this is against forum rules the please accept my apologies https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VhSkurlnhQ0
  5. DogTeeth


    Am I allowed to post a YouTube link? I watched a japenese modeler put the aber German tool clamps together and he had a great set of tweezers. Maybe if I am allowed to link it, someone maybe able to identify them.
  6. DogTeeth


    Chaps, I have quiet a few pairs of tweezers but they all struggle when handling small photo etch because they are too flexible or slip. Any recommendations or advice, more than welcome. Thanks & Regards Adam
  7. Cheers for the advice Dan
  8. Hi all, Can anybody please tell which is the best challenger 2 kit on the market. Thanks in advance Adam
  9. Nice build and very cool paint job, thanks for sharing
  10. Another great build and good luck with the op. Here's to you doing cart wheels when your all recovered
  11. I'm pretty new to modeling but I use Windsor and Newton Matt finish. I think it's water based and goes on by stick brush or air brush. The Matt finish is awesome.
  12. Yes sorry I meant punch set, thanks
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