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  1. Hi Batcode. The groundwork is a mix of green and black tea leaves with some dried herbs from the spice rak. Plants are seed heads from various grasses and pla ts from my garden. The green plants are from a model railway shop. Hope that helps? CHEERS, carpo
  2. Hi, Will, thanks for the idea, I will do just what you suggest!
  3. Hi all, long time no post! As per the topic title - Bandai's 1/12 scale Speederbike and Scout trooper. The trooper is a great foundation for this figure but the horrible articulation of the joints make this a bit of a nightmare. More putty than plastic! The bike is a great fun build with lots of room to play with interesting weathering techniques. Cheers, Carpo
  4. If there is a sci-fi series looking for a feature ship...look no further! !!! Nicely done.
  5. Hey all, The Bandai builds just keep on coming - this one in about five days - a minor miracle - but Christmas holidays helped a lot. So much plumbing!!!! Carpo
  6. Thanks for the kind words. I am really enjoying these Bandai kits. They are really shake and bake models that are so well engineered. Carpo
  7. That is a great result from some really simple techniques - classic introduction to modelling for a young one. Well done. Carpoi
  8. Hello Bill - I used a thin wash of Sepia ink - Artist's Spectrum is the brand I used. I may go over him again with a wash made up from Vallejo pigments. He is still a little clean for my liking. Cheers.
  9. I have been away for a while but keeping busy. These are the 1/12 kits from Bandai. R2 looking a bit worse for wear and 3PO with only a light tarnish overall. The Y-Wing is next onto my bench... it looks a bit more complex that these two! Carpo
  10. I am not one for what-ifs but these are officially awesome! Well done. Carpo
  11. Thanks again guys - the leaves on the ground are tea leaves (black tea and green tea) plus some mixed 'Italian Herbs' from the pantry. The greenery is Heki foliage (see your local model railway store.) @deadman - funny you should say that, one of my mates posted me one of my pictures with captions - the AT-ST counting to 20 and the Ewok saying 'Hide ad seek - best game ever'. I have discovered Modge Podge - a PVA glue that dries with a matt finish. very handy. Carpo
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the feedback - I have finally finished this piece - the ewok took me about 4 times as long to make as the AT-ST!
  13. Brilliant. My boy asks me,"Are you going to build one of those Dad?
  14. Thanks all - I can't get enough of these kits - Y Wing on the way (pre-ordered anyway) gotta get a speeder bike and an X wing and.....
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