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  1. Does anyone have an FS number for the pink color on the shrimps?
  2. I’ll take ten please! I like the Italeri but the subject could use 21st century molding. It would be nice if the T-38 could get the same treatment so I could retire my dreadful Hasegawa kits. Best regards....Duncan
  3. I've been on tenterhooks for the DC-10 for a while now. World Airways, Laker, and B-Cal for me. Hopefully 26 decals will have a kit deal on this one too. Also keeping the flame alive for a Zvezda 757. You never know.
  4. I see the triangular intake, cranked dihedral and well represented landing gear. Looks very promising! Best regards...Duncan
  5. I've gotten acceptable results by combining the best of both kits. The wings and body fairing of the Revell kit with the nose and engines of the Airfix kit. I'm not too keen on repeating that feat so I'm hoping Eastern Express will release their 1/144 DC-10 soon. Best regards....Duncan
  6. Holy smokes that's the Hasegawa kit??? Great job with the inlets! Best regards...Duncan
  7. After years of reading the horror stories about Brasil Decals and refusing to order from them, my willpower broke down and I ordered an Icelandair 757 Aurora sheet. I figured after a few months I could just have Paypal cancel the whole thing and get my money back. I received the usual tracking numbers that never seemed to work properly and felt resigned to the fact that it wasn't going to happen. But lo and behold, two months later I received and envelope from Brazil with the decal! Wow! So maybe these guys have turned over a new leaf.
  8. The big weakness of the Minicraft 777 is the cockpit shape. The nose cone and windshield area is too fat and bloated. I bought a resin drop in replacement off ebay for about $10 usd that seemed to fix the worst shape issues. Other problems are the oversimplified landing gear, crazy thick trailing edges, trench like panel lines, and mis-shaped engines. Of course the Zvezda/Revell 777 blows it out of the water but I've been debating what to do with the three or four Minicraft 777's I have lying around. Seems a shame to bin them after spending so much! If you have to h
  9. Splitting hairs here but the SAS jumbo with the GE's are actually JT-9D-70A's which were externally very similar to the GE CF-6-50. Only 7 jumbos were built with the -70A. Plus the SAS 747 in the photo was later leased to Avianca which crashed it at Madrid in 1983 due to a botched approach.
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