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  1. Beautiful job Pappy! One question - what did you use for the red pressure hull? I'm working on mine as we speak but not entirely sure as to the "right" colour! :) Chris
  2. ...and if you need black or white tailcodes and series, USAFline provide these in 1/72 :)
  3. Also, the "buzz numbers" themselves SHOULD be Insignia Blue (per TO 1-1-4) but most manufacturers who DO get the "U.S.AIR FORCE" right do the buzz numbers in black...
  4. Re "U.S.AIR FORCE" and "USAF" markings, there are a few around. Aeromaster used to do a set (AN72228), but they appear to be out of production. It's also the case that every set I've seen is a slightly different blue which doesn't help! This is something that USAFline might consider doing - the complexity is the need for multiple sheets to give a reasonable number of copies of each size on a sheet... Chris
  5. Sadly, it's likely to remain the case that eBay is CHEAPER than the importer's prices - given the prices being asked for some of the newer stuff (e.g. F-15s and F-16s with special markings) I'd suspect the 'Varks will be in the £50+ range - most of the eBay F-111s seem to be in the £25-£30 range (with the exception of the F-111A which always seems a lot more expensive). As for aftermarket, unlikely I'd say. There wasn't any back in the day apart from Scaledown, and they promised (but never delivered) a lot of stuff in 1/72...
  6. Thanks all. The size of prop is the struggle - even something like a T-6 Texan (mk1!) is bigger. Plus the size of the spinner...
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to finish off a T-3A from a resin kit (can't remember the manufacturer unfortunately). I'm struggling to find an appropriate prop and spinner (3 blade) and undercarriage - the kit parts were unusable. Does anyone have any ideas where I could take something from - the only alternative is the Heritage (?) kit but they won't provide a set of white metal without buying a complete kit and I'm not going to spend another £30+! Thanks in advance! Chris
  8. From here - http://www.designation-systems.net/usmilav/names/c.html The only one I could find was:- Commando Royal AFSOC OpOrd for KC-135s from CCK and later Kadena AB, to refuel tactical aircraft during Operation Port Bow, 02/1968+
  9. From memory, the Aeroclub kit came with markings for a Euro-1 aircraft, with a set of 3 view drawings? Unfortunately I've not yet been able to find my copy of the instructions...! Chris
  10. The "first" part of Danny's build is available on the USAF SIG website - unfortunately, I never got around to the second half of the build...
  11. If it's just tailcodes you need, USAFline offer them in 1/72
  12. I don't think so - I believe all their decals are printed to order...
  13. All part of the plan The next round will likely be 24" for F-4s et al...
  14. Contact details now added - thanks for pointing this out guys
  15. I've built both (2x Academy and 1x Tamiya as well as one of the Hobby Boss quick-builds). The Tamiya is (as might be expected) the more finely detailed of the two, but the Academy kit is not far behind. If you only want to build one, I would recommend the Tamiya, but if you're planning multiples, the Academy is probably as a good a choice... Academy:- Academy:- Tamiya:-
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