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  1. UKPonchoMan

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    Also, the "buzz numbers" themselves SHOULD be Insignia Blue (per TO 1-1-4) but most manufacturers who DO get the "U.S.AIR FORCE" right do the buzz numbers in black...
  2. UKPonchoMan

    U.S. AIR FORCE and USAF decals 1/72

    Re "U.S.AIR FORCE" and "USAF" markings, there are a few around. Aeromaster used to do a set (AN72228), but they appear to be out of production. It's also the case that every set I've seen is a slightly different blue which doesn't help! This is something that USAFline might consider doing - the complexity is the need for multiple sheets to give a reasonable number of copies of each size on a sheet... Chris
  3. UKPonchoMan

    hasegawa 1/72 F-111 reissue

    Sadly, it's likely to remain the case that eBay is CHEAPER than the importer's prices - given the prices being asked for some of the newer stuff (e.g. F-15s and F-16s with special markings) I'd suspect the 'Varks will be in the £50+ range - most of the eBay F-111s seem to be in the £25-£30 range (with the exception of the F-111A which always seems a lot more expensive). As for aftermarket, unlikely I'd say. There wasn't any back in the day apart from Scaledown, and they promised (but never delivered) a lot of stuff in 1/72...
  4. UKPonchoMan

    1/72 Slingsby T-3A / T67M

    Thanks all. The size of prop is the struggle - even something like a T-6 Texan (mk1!) is bigger. Plus the size of the spinner...
  5. UKPonchoMan

    1/72 Slingsby T-3A / T67M

    Hi all, I'm trying to finish off a T-3A from a resin kit (can't remember the manufacturer unfortunately). I'm struggling to find an appropriate prop and spinner (3 blade) and undercarriage - the kit parts were unusable. Does anyone have any ideas where I could take something from - the only alternative is the Heritage (?) kit but they won't provide a set of white metal without buying a complete kit and I'm not going to spend another £30+! Thanks in advance! Chris
  6. UKPonchoMan

    RC-130 and EC-121 code names?

    From here - http://www.designation-systems.net/usmilav/names/c.html The only one I could find was:- Commando Royal AFSOC OpOrd for KC-135s from CCK and later Kadena AB, to refuel tactical aircraft during Operation Port Bow, 02/1968+
  7. UKPonchoMan

    Shorts c-23 Sherpa

    From memory, the Aeroclub kit came with markings for a Euro-1 aircraft, with a set of 3 view drawings? Unfortunately I've not yet been able to find my copy of the instructions...! Chris
  8. UKPonchoMan

    A-12 to SR-71 Titanium Quintuplets WIP.

    The "first" part of Danny's build is available on the USAF SIG website - unfortunately, I never got around to the second half of the build...
  9. UKPonchoMan

    Lakenheath F-15C's - Decals in 1/72

    If it's just tailcodes you need, USAFline offer them in 1/72
  10. UKPonchoMan

    Boeing T-43A decals

    I don't think so - I believe all their decals are printed to order...
  11. UKPonchoMan

    USAF 18" Markings in FS36118 - 1:72 USAFline

    All part of the plan The next round will likely be 24" for F-4s et al...
  12. UKPonchoMan

    USAF revetment walls now available in 1/72

    Contact details now added - thanks for pointing this out guys
  13. UKPonchoMan

    F-84G Tamiya vs. Academy

    I've built both (2x Academy and 1x Tamiya as well as one of the Hobby Boss quick-builds). The Tamiya is (as might be expected) the more finely detailed of the two, but the Academy kit is not far behind. If you only want to build one, I would recommend the Tamiya, but if you're planning multiples, the Academy is probably as a good a choice... Academy:- Academy:- Tamiya:-
  14. UKPonchoMan

    Vulcan tail problems

    Guys - perfect timing as my build is progressing and I'm at the same point CurrantBunbury has reached - i.e. wings and fuselage assembled, and now trying to get the rear fuselage and fin attached. I ran into the same problems noted with the upper/lower wings interfering with the rear fuselage so there's been some vigourous sanding... I've also had to level the upper fuselage as the wings were sitting slightly proud. Having said that, for an old kit it doesn't go together too badly - wish the same could be said for the Airfix Buccaneer!!
  15. UKPonchoMan


    Deleted - No traders unless by prior arrangement. No eBay links.