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  1. Great work Manfred! You have a good dentist there. Perhaps Shapeways should provide this service on their prints?
  2. Another challenge for your Challenger. This looks like a very time-consuming task with Evergreen strips. It seems to me the depth of the undulation is very small. Could you put on one layer of flour-paint, remove narrow rings of the paint from the ‘valleys’ and then give another flour coating?
  3. I agree with Rich that the New Ware looks the best shape accordingto this SSME picture. How does the diameter measure up? The diameter and distance apart from each other will be a huge factor in looking right! I’m not sure about size, but the Real Space looks the odd one out and I’m hoping that the New Ware is accurate as I also have that kit!
  4. Received my WSF intertank today. Looks like it will be just fine with very little prep. I’m very happy with it. Many thanks to you, Manfred, and to Michael for your joint hard work in making this very neatly detailed part available on Shapeways.
  5. Thanks for the reviews of the different materials. I think the trouble you had with FUD is definitely suggesting that is too much effort - and I do not have such an accommodating dentist! Consequently, I have ordered a WSF version from Shapeways and saved some money into the bargain. I imagine a light brushing with my fibreglass brush will smooth the surface without taking off the details, and hopefully priming and painting will help. Now I suppose I just need an Airfix version of the shuttle stack to use it with...
  6. That’s quite a remarkable story, but perhaps not a manageable solution to the question for every Shapeways customer. Great to see you got the good result.
  7. Amazing level of detail and thoroughness. Awesome work.
  8. The n-gauge model rail folks swear by soaking in oven cleaner, but this seems a cleaner and much more sophisticated approach. Hope you get that intertank sorted with Shapeways...
  9. Meticulous and perfectionist as ever... Michael Key will need to be patient and also perfectionist in this amazing collaboration. I await the good result with Paypal at the ready!
  10. Diplomacy is one more skill you can demonstrate in this endeavour! Hopefully Michael Key will make the final version available to all via Shapeways... and we can thank you both. Again, it is due to your meticulous research.
  11. This is looking great. I have just ordered a pair from Shapeways to put with my shuttle kit for a ‘rainy day’.
  12. Haha. That's funny. At least you have experience to help you in this task. My PhD in Biochemistry is not so relevant to my model hobby
  13. Impressive research again Manfred... like a detective to search out the Columbia mission!
  14. Merry Christmas Manfred, and also to my regular fellow spectator RichO. I hope you both have a wonderful Holiday Season and get plenty of time for eating, drinking and model-making! Mark.