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  1. Fabulous work on the Routemaster. Well done. A lovely gift. Merry Christmas to you and yours.
  2. Great work on finishing the bus Manfred. I have the same kit in my stash. I hope I can do half as good a job as you and Thomas did. The new intertank looks great. I look forward to seeing the legacy of Thomas’ launchpad and how you will integrate into your model. It’s a wonderful idea to preserve the work of a friend.
  3. My sprocket wheels arrived today. Thanks again Manfred for blazing this trail!
  4. It seems that this 3d modeling world is more of an adventure than it really should be.
  5. I would be very interested to hear how you came by a piece of SOFI from that historic mission! I have various bits from random shuttle missions, something from each shuttle, and a piece of foil from the Apollo 11 capsule. But no interesting tales - I just got them mail order.
  6. Is it your flour-paint technique, but with self-raising flour by mistake?
  7. Correct. I think they will be a helpful start or ‘scratch-aid’ to make something that looks ok. I am not aiming for the level of perfection that you have achieved with yours!
  8. 9 sets of 52 flat shoes in ‘smooth fine detail’ arrived from Shapeways today (along with 6 rainbirds in ‘white natural versatile’, and a 1/148 scale railway brake tender wagon in ‘smoothest fine detail’). The shoes look great! Incidentally the wagon in ‘smoothest’ is amazing, the best print I have seen yet, the curves are smooth and the detail is fantastic.
  9. Yes, sorry... I ran out of time to reply fully. Partly, I am waiting to see how your whole stack fits together with the mix of scales to see what I will choose to do and which corners I may cut, and partly my desire is also quenched by this spectacle you are providing. Since we moved house in 2016 and my launchpad all got packed away, I have begun smaller projects. Knowing that we will move again in a few years, upon retirement, I may be better inclined to build something this big and never have to move it again. I hope to have three shuttles one day - the ISS with Atlantis docked, of STS-132 that I saw launch, that is now still taken apart from the last move; Columbia “in flight” of STS-1 (“What a view, what a view”), and Challenger on the launchpad of STS-6. I now have a sizeable stash with military trucks and tanks in 1/35 with etch parts and metal tank tracks, various planes such as a 1/48 Tornado with various aftermarket detail kits and a still-to-be-painted A340 in 1/144 that is 90% aftermarket resin and 10% original kit! I have a Dodge Challenger SRT car kit in 1/25 with some after market resin parts on order to model the real one that I own. And then there are my O gauge 1/43 train kits - two car-transporter wagons and a three-car multiple unit. I also have some racing cars in 1/25 of the DTM, of which I am a huge fan, including Timo Glock’s ‘Deutsche Post’ BMW; and also Michael Schmacher and his Ferrari 1/20 from his championship win in 2000. Then I have all the 4 versions of the Back to the Future De Lorian in 1/25.... and so on, to list just a few. At the moment it is easier to find time to buy kits and research aftermarket parts than to build them. I currently have four projects on-the-go, and it drives my wife crazy, because she was taught to tidy one toy away before you get another one out, and my den just looks like the mind of a 12-year-old boy exploded! Let’s assume I have many years of retirement to finish half of the projects I have planned, along with two model railways to build! It is a crazy life with an almost infinite choice of subjects to model.
  10. I just ordered a lot of prints for the crawler tracks - before Shapeways change their minds about printing it! Great work Manfred and crackerjazz! It seems that my idea to build the shuttle on the launchpad stalled the day I found this thread... so much to learn, and now so many parts to replace with prints! I am happy that Manfred enjoys us as spectators, because i do not contribute much at all! In the meantime my model trains take up my modelling time. And I already have a cupboard full of shuttle and launch pad parts waiting for me to begin again. I have a feeling there will be many more prints to come before Manfred is finished!