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  1. It is a complicated test, in fact. You are right that the texture and absorbency of the paper will have a significant effect. Your thorough testing has given good results. I am used to the advice that for sprayability, the paint should be the consistecy of milk, which I find unhelpful... whole milk, 2%, skimmed? Some milk is like water! I think I have tended to use paint that is too thick and clogs or slows down quickly. I like the advice here, and I will try it next time.
  2. Great work on finishing the bus Manfred. I have the same kit in my stash. I hope I can do half as good a job as you and Thomas did. The new intertank looks great. I look forward to seeing the legacy of Thomas’ launchpad and how you will integrate into your model. It’s a wonderful idea to preserve the work of a friend.
  3. I would be very interested to hear how you came by a piece of SOFI from that historic mission! I have various bits from random shuttle missions, something from each shuttle, and a piece of foil from the Apollo 11 capsule. But no interesting tales - I just got them mail order.
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