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  1. Hi Kari,

    I think you did pretty well - I have done a lot of research on 6 Squadron and their Hurricanes, the postwar stuff went into a book but have a lot on the wartime era as well. Had a quick scan of my notes and the Tito visit to the airfield was on September 2, 1944 so I would suggest that the August 31 sorties would be the most likely - I have a photo of the airfield that shows the proximity of the hills to the single runway.


    during this time 6 Squadron was still based in Italy with Vis as a detachment so the ORB only records operational details of what was happening there - so it is not surprising that the filming is not mentioned.


    Always happy to talk about the squadron and their Hurricanes,



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  2. Hi,


    I think that the footage was taken at the airfield at Vis (the proximity of the hills in the background is clearly visible when the Hurricanes are taking off). Likely dates would be in August/September 1944 when LD233 ‘C’ and KZ224 ‘F’ we’re flown on a number of sorties from the island - including on 14 September when LD233 was shot down with the loss of the pilot. Sadly there is no reference to the filming in the squadron ORB.


    Hurricane LD233 ‘C’ was unusual in that it carried the aircraft letter under the front of the nose - see the photo in Troy’s original post. This photo is one of a sequence taken by an American photographer of aircraft at Vis during the visit of Tito to the Yugoslav Spitfire squadron based on the Island of Vis - it is not unreasonable that the RAF film crew were present at the same time.


    All of the squadron’s Hurricanes that were flown to Italy were repainted to day fighter colours before leaving Egypt but later aircraft were supplied from maintenance units in Italy and Egypt and show a degree of variation in markings - certainly a few made it into action in desert colours as shown from the sequence of photos taken by RAF photographers at Aragon’s airfield in October 1944.



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  3. Hi Troy,


    I’m beginning to think that you are going through my Hurricane photo folder - I bought this one as well. This was one of a number

    of photos of aircraft belonging to the Mediterranean Allied Tactical Air Forces Comm Flight at Bari in early 1944. Most of these units

    rarely mention serials in their records so a lot of comms aircraft are unknown hence not being listed in the Air Britain serials books.



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