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  1. Perhaps they kept some to satisfy possible orders from Club members. I got an email to say they were in stock and ordered from that.
  2. They can't be all that thin on the ground, I ordered one from the Airfix website Tuesday evening and received it this morning (Friday). Can't see how that can happen if they haven't enough to satisfy the backorders.
  3. Will those ejector pin marks ever be seen? (especially the ones on the wing spars)
  4. Looks good. Odd little teething problem, eg 1/48 Hunter F4, World War 2? !
  5. A few on the production line, when Mk IX's were already being produced, the rest as a result of retro fitting during refurbishment or reconditioning at MU's. Another thread was talking about Seafire III's, but that would require a new fuselage and wings, not difficult the way the sprues have been organised and would include the required exhausts. I don't think Airfix could be criticised for not including such a niche option.
  6. Six per side exhausts on a Mk V? (not sure why the lack of Mk IX style elevators is a problem either)
  7. I'm guessing the ugliest being the TT39 Target Tug? (so ugly if it was a baby the midwife would have slapped the mother!)
  8. NF30 had the "Bull" nose, also known as the Universal nose.
  9. Not necessarily, I think the details on the Spitfire Vc are definitely finer than what appeared on the CAD images released.
  10. Impressive paint job, love the details like the finish on the bombs.
  11. Did my A+B at Halton with 613 (1973), my instructor was Dave Sparks. Still got the tie!
  12. Wow. The Dragon and his Tail is good, but It Ain't So Funny is Epic! How long must it have taken to do that?
  13. Brilliant, never seen that video before. We never got bone domes, they were reserved for pilots only! I remember after my second flight (Linton-on-Ouse), when I took my parachute off there was a bit of a fuss. Turned out they'd given me the training 'chute by mistake, and it probably wouldn't have worked if I'd had to jump! Our group was told before one of the flights that a couple of months before a Chippy was delayed before take-off, then as it was taxying out the engine exploded! Never found out whether this was true or they were just winding us up. I will definitely be getti
  14. Did I miss something here? They had the Wellington on the Youtube video as a re-release, but I don't remember them issuing a Mk II before.
  15. It was there on the regular page last night, I ordered 2!
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