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  1. How about an Aerobatic Hunter boxing with options for the Black Arrows, Blue Diamonds and Patrouille Suisse?
  2. john224

    Wingnut Wings

    Superb, and your photography matches your modelling skills
  3. john224

    Airfix 2018

    It has been previously stated that Airfix prefer to use plans and only scan as a last resort, so I would imagine that rules out modern aircraft, Boeing etc.
  4. john224

    Airfix 2018

    B52 ? (That is big!)
  5. john224

    Airfix 2018

    Don't forget the "out of production" Mk 22, another Griffon engined mark. While Airfix might consider the Griffon engined marks done, I wouldn't rule out a Mk XIV, especially as so many modellers seem to cry out for one.
  6. Probably. The top intakes, missing in the kit, are also missing on the box art (there are period photographs which clearly show them present).
  7. Film footage of Red Pelicans on YouTube shows at least one of the T4s had a black instrument panel.
  8. The Red Pelicans flew at least once in formation with the Yellowjacks, so the two will look good together.
  9. According to Flight magazine, 15 June 1961 (p.836) Sobac was a "scheme under which paint manufacturers joined a pool for the supply of aircraft finishes manufactured by standard formulae". It doesn't explain the derivation of the name, but the acronym explanation sounds right.
  10. john224

    Garden Spitfire

    If you use Google Earth to find "The Glebe, Moffat" you can then use Street View and the "Spitfire" is easily seen.
  11. john224

    Hunter crashes at Shoreham

    No they didn't, but they did get rid of fences, which was the root cause of the deaths at Hillsborough. In a similar way they have tried to remove what they regard as the cause without taking away the event altogether,
  12. I picked one up in Halifax yesterday, the shop had several.
  13. john224

    Defiant aerial

    If you look on the photo at high magnification you can just see a fine line on the grass in line with the rear mast, and just in front of the mast is a dot that looks like the insulator you can see in the drawings. I think the wire is there, it's just so fine that you can't easily see it.