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  1. Morning all, Ian here's a trick an old painter told me that i use, first put a line of 1mm tape down each outside edge, then a second line of 2mm overlaping the first line, then a third line overlaping the second and so on until all white is covered then spray the red coat, ,just make sure all tapes are pressed down tight so as no paint creeps under, hope this helps willie
  2. morning mikey, i use mr muscle oven cleaner in a pie type dish and leave overnight,then wash with warm soapy water and toothbrush then wash in clean water untill clean this works for me, others may have other ideas willie
  3. willie fixit

    Paint removal

    morning all, have not tried tamiya paint remover but i use revell colour mix thinners,(the one with the dark blue lable not the light blue) i brush it on then wipe off,do small areas at a time,i have also found that polyclense brush cleaner also works and can be washed with water,i keep a small bottle of cleaner for cleaning humbrol paint off my brushes and the "dirty" cleaner is a bit milder so takes a bit longer.as i say this works for me if you try it do so carefully hope this makes sense Willie
  4. morning all, here's the reply i recieved from hycote Hi Bill, Many thanks for your recent enquiry, Hycote double acrylic paints are based on air drying acrylic resin with solvent carriers (acetone and xylene) to optimise the spray pattern in the aerosol at around 80 Psi. If you decant the paint and all the propellant has evaporated the viscosity should be quite low, so standard paint pressure in a airbrush should give good results. Obviously the pressure will be a lot less than the pressure in the aerosol, but I do not foresee any other problems. I have included a data sheet for your evaluation Regards Paul Clitheroe Product Development Tel +44 161 627 9247 Fax +44 161 627 0971 i have used in an airbrush using light coats with good results,chris you can buy a starter set from revell that uses a propellent can and give airbrushing a try it doesen' take long to master and its good fun, Willie
  5. Morning all, i've been using HYCOTE DOUBLE ACRYLIC with good results, the RANGE have a good selection of original car colours,spray using light coats,the price is quite cheap as well use a primer first,try test spraying first,also look on HYCOTE's website, good luck Willie
  6. morning all, hi keith,yes and races from cookstown and tandergee,just watched tt senior race WOW Willie
  7. morning all, if you enjoyed this, search itv player for road races,these are road races on country lanes around Ireland,enjoy Willie
  8. morning all, tony,rossi was lucky's team mate on this bike but used no.22 or 20,numbers differed from race to race only certain riders kept their "lucky number",so you can use the decals except name on screen Willie
  9. morning mike, try these for a start https://www.hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk/content/thornycroft-vehicle-registers https://www.hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk/sites/default/files.. http://hmvf.co.uk/topic/7232-raf-mk9-thornycroft-nubian-major-crash-truck/ https://www.bing.com/search?q=thornycroft+mk9+chassis+details& Willie
  10. Morning all, mike typed in your heading to good old google and loads of info came up,also a link to someone on this site named "ferny" on feb 17 2009 who has built the same type,he may have some info, good luck Willie
  11. morning all, after 50 years on construction sites they are just called "360" willie
  12. Morning all, go to ebay,type in "862/5 indy blue paint",it will take you to car touch up paint from paint suppliers,most of these can be thinned and put thrugh an air brush but email the supplier first and ask what thinners to use,i have used these on 1/9 motorbikes with good results, hope this helps willie
  13. morning all, thanks Pete,tried PVA on the inside but it just stayed on the surface then cracked and fell off, i was told to try vinyl cleaner as used for car parts, WILLIE
  14. Morning all, White jedi try this http://www.appreciating-classics.com/car/blue-sierra-cosworth/ WILLIE
  15. Morning all, i'm building 2 PROTAR suzuki kits and refurbing another,these have vinyl tyres, i've had them before and they disolve then go solid and break, does anyone know any way to stop this, the wheels have been primed then painted with humbrol, i was thinking of coating the inside of the tyre with PVA adhesive as we use this in the construction industry for sealing surfaces,i was also told to use tyre paint as on your car,any comments or sugestions welcome, thanks WILLIE
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