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  1. New P-51 from Revell looks gorgeous, can't wait for updats !
  2. Hi all, I would say that's quiet "old" model, i built it about year ago. Added Aries Exhaust and Pe belts for seat. I hope you'll enjoy as much as I ]
  3. This sort of things happens when you apply acrylic coat on enemal paint.
  4. Looks great, unfortunately paint looks quiet thick, but it’s not a huge problem. It’s difficult scheme, but you painted it very well ! Cheers !
  5. Looks great ! Anyway I need to inform you that I had few issue with canopy fitting in HB model.
  6. Hello, beautiful MiG Maybe this photo will help you with detaling the wheelbay.
  7. They look much better in real than on photo
  8. Hello, just few weeks ago i finished Su-27 from Academy. I used HDL Decals, Eduard Pe set, Correct Nose from QB and Pavla K-36M Zvezda, also i added a wires on landing gears and wheelbays. Just like always my Su-27 has got few mistakes (i broken canopy, the color and paint scheme are incorrect. Another mistake is incorrect Nose paint scheme (it should be straight, and i made paint it curve). I hope you will enjoy.
  9. ExDraken, you're right. MiG-29 computer can only "see" the two types of missile (2xR-27+2xR-73+2xR-60, computer will only recognize two types, not all).
  10. After modernization all Polish MiG-29 have got IFF (or mostly all, i'm not sure about 67'). The full modernization set for Polish MiG-29 made Arma Hobby (for 1/48 scale). Of course the RSBN antenna (PE 2 part) is only in MiG-29 from 22BLT (ex German MiG-29). HTH http://www.armahobby.com/1-48-mig-29-polish-af-upgrade-set.html <- here is full description about extras for Polish MiG-29 after modernization.
  11. Remember that the engine covers are the worst parts (more sanding than nose and exhaust).
  12. Hello, i glued few things in Su-27, and removed some wash. (Now i see that the front gear needs to be fixed :P)
  13. Model is after decals, wash and pigments. The exhaust are after weathering. Now i have got two questions. Is weathering looks good ? And what you think about exhaust ? Sorry for quality of pics, but Su-27 is such big (30cmx43cm). Exhaust aren't glued. Cheers !
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