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  1. Pocketbond

    Pocketbond news | 6.1.15

    Glad someone's on their toes. Thanks Ant!
  2. Pocketbond

    Pocketbond news | 6.1.15

    New releases available now! 1/35 US Presidential Helicopter and US Navy Rescue Helicopter from Gallery Models! 1/350 USS John F Kennedy from Merit International! 1/72 R-R Armoured Car from Roden 1/35 Scud Crew figures + missile warheads from Trumpeter! 1/16 PzBeobWg Ausf J from Trumpeter! 1/35 GAZ-66 with ZU-23-2 AA Gun from Trumpeter! 1/35 T-62 Mod 1975 with 4 new figures from Trumpeter! 1/48 Su-11 Fishpot from Trumpeter! 1/700 HMS Dreadnought 1918 from Trumpeter! Ask at your model shop for all these and more!
  3. The new World War One Mk I tanks from Takom are now available. New Takom Mk I Male Tank with steering tail, sponson crane and a flat trailer. Kit comprises 17 sprues, 12 of them are totally new. Workable tracks included. Order item ref TAK02031 from your model shop now. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4737 New Takom Mk I Female Tank with steering tail and anti-grenade screen. Many new parts. Workable tracks included. Contact your model shop and order item no TAK02033. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4738
  4. Like it says here :-) http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/NewReleases.aspx?id=0&page=1&ipp=25
  5. Pocketbond

    Trumpeter news | 24.11.15

    Get right up to date with the latest hot new releases from Trumpeter. Available from good model shops now. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/NewReleases.aspx?id=0&page=1&ipp=25
  6. Come and see us at Telford on 7th & 8th November to see all the latest new releases, PLUS, we will have an exclusive preview of a very exciting new kit!
  7. Pocketbond

    Trumpeter news | 4.11.15

    New Trumpeter kits available now. See them on our stand at IPMS Scale Modelworld on 7th & 8th November 2015 at the Telford International Centre.
  8. Takom's new 1/35th scale Russian T-14 Armata tank and WWI Mk V tanks are now available, as are 1/48th scale Fokker Dr I from Merit and Britannia from Roden with Monarch markings. Plus many other new items besides!
  9. Pocketbond

    Takom news #1 | 4.11.15

    In all the excitement about the new Takom Chieftian tank releases last month we didn't post our article here! So for the record, here it is!
  10. Pocketbond

    AFV Club news | 6.10.15

    B├╝ssing NAG Crane Truck (AF35279) from AFV Club is now available. Also, a new tooling by AFV Club, is a P-40B/C in 1/144 scale (AR144S01), with markings for American Volunteer Group China 1942, 3rd Sqn "Hells Angels", pilot Charles H. Older. Comes neatly packaged the old way, in a bag on a card. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/NewReleases.aspx?id=0&page=1&ipp=25
  11. Pocketbond

    Merit Harrier now available

    Available now! http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4656
  12. Not enough tag space for all of these :-) Eight new TRUMPETER releases! Three new MERIT INTERNATIONAL releases! We mentioned the Russian Smerch in an earlier post. In shops now, but only a few from this first batch left. 1/72nd scale MiG-29A Fulcrum (Izdeliye 9.12) is a new tool, topped up with rockets from Su-27 kit TM01645. 1/48nd scale JL-9 Plateau Eagle is a new tool, with additional ordnance and pylons from the J-10 (TM02841) and fuel tanks fro the J-7 (TM02858). 1/350th scale USS KITTY HAWK CV-63 is a new tool. The single-piece hull and single-peck flight deck have to be seen, measuring in at a little over 93.5cm. That's just over a yard in old money :-) Turning to the Trumpeter variants, the 1/35th scale Iraq T-62 Mod 1962 includes a new turret, and also comes with a KMT-6 mine plough/plow, while the mighty 2S7 SPG features a new wheel set. From Merit International, we have the extraordinary 1/18th scale Harrier prebuilt display model (see next post), plus for maritime fans, 1/350th scale USS Enterprise CV-6 which comes with the necessary parts to differentiate it from CV-5 USS Yorktown released in early 2015, and the 1/72nd scale OSA-II Russian fast missile boat. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/NewReleases.aspx?id=0&page=1&ipp=25
  13. It's here... and it's BIG. To order, contact your model shop. http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4720
  14. Russian 9K58 "Smerch-M" on 9A52-2 Launch Vehicle. Kit No TM01020 (1/35 scale). http://www.pocketbond.co.uk/Product.aspx?ID=4720
  15. Pocketbond

    Academy news | 5.9.15

    Hello Andrew, Yes, the Doolittle Raider is code 12302 and will be available around the middle of October. We think Academy has made a nice job of the box art on this one... These are the markings that will be included... PB