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  1. Way back in 2006 during my first tour in Basra, the refuelling point next to our Merlin hangar was regularly visited by a plain gloss blue Huey that was always met by a black Chevy van and some dodgy looking blokes in civvies. Most of our lads assumed it was either CIA or Blackwater operated. None of us RAF boys ever had the balls to get a picture though!
  2. This is lovely. I work for what is now called The Parnall Aircraft Company and it's great to see builds of aircraft from our company's past.
  3. Ha! My pleasure! It's looking great though Andy!
  4. Welcome to BM Dave. If it's the same one, I saw your Ark at the recent model show at the Maritime Museum. Absolutely stunning mate.
  5. Good spot! No I did not! Obviously in a rush to finish!
  6. Gutted. I volunteer at my son’s primary school, running a mechanics club for 10 and 11 year olds. We have been involved in a lot of the STEM projects that the Bloodhound team have been using to outreach to schools and the kids have loved it. We even have our school name printed on the tail fin of the car after winning one of the rocket car challenges they ran. That was one of the main goals of the project, to engage and inspire young engineers of the future. In a way they have achieved this over the last few years but it’s such a shame that the people with proper deep pockets can’t see past investment with no real monetary return.
  7. Thanks Chris. This is my first attempt at uploading photos from Flickr so I will play with the sizes next time around.
  8. Thanks Badder! I was aware of the upper surfaces being all one colour but I wasn't 100% about the colours for the AEC. Either green or in my case, tarmac black for the camo. A proper tin of worms judging by other threads I've read!
  9. A while back I did a little cross kitting to produce a more accurate looking 1/76 Bedford QL bowser - https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235010404-bedford-ql-aircraft-refueller/&tab=comments#comment-2510934 Since then, the remnants of the Airfix QLD/QLT and Refuelling sets have been looking at me asking to be built. I did consider doing more conversions but in the end decided on some nice, relaxing from-the-box builds. So here we have the QLT, 100% straight from the box and the AEC 0854 again pretty much from the box, with the addition of a set of Wee Friends wheels, acetate windows and a raised fire shield behind the cab. Both have been finished in 'Mickey Mouse' style camouflage, the Bedford using the box top scheme and the AEC using my own artistic license as the colours of these things are ambiguous to say the least! Hope you like them.
  10. Sounds like a great plan. My first posting as a baby rigger was on Sea Kings at HMF, St. Mawgan so I'll be following this with interest. As for the TK, have you considered modifying one of Oxford Diecast's versions? The cab shouldn't need any work and the bowser body could be relatively easily scratch built onto a cut down chassis. Oxford also produce a TACR 2 that would be ideal.
  11. Hi all. I have just made a start on the old Frog/Novo DH60 Gypsy Moth in the green/silver colours of Amy Johnson's aircraft. My question is, what is the best match for the green of the fuselage? I have only managed to find mention of 'dark green' but this seems too dark in relation to pictures of the real thing. Any ideas?
  12. As you may have seen in my WIP, I have been building this Model T fire truck for a good friend of mine, to add to his collection of model and real fire engines. It is the relatively rare Gabriel/Hublot diecast and injection moulded kit and I have to say, it's great. A bit toy like in places with visible screw heads from the construction but the detail is brilliant for such an old kit and the fit of parts is superb. Anyway, here's the pictures and I hope you enjoy......
  13. OK, so I'm calling this finished! It was a really enjoyable kit and I wouldn't be afraid to have a go at another if the chance came about. Here's a quick picture of the finished item but more will follow in the RFI thread: http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235022007-gabrielhublot-1914-ford-model-t-chemical-hose-truck/ Thanks for all your kind words and support.
  14. Wow, Dominique I am in awe of your Roadster! That is very interesting that they were raced. I wouldn't fancy doing that with mine though!
  15. Cracking pictures! I have had trouble with researching details and colours as the trucks tended to be built bespoke to the customer. So many differences so I have decided to use a bit of modeller's licence and go slightly more generic. I love that Fire Chief's car though, so cool.
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