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  1. Thanks Joachim, it is a bit to the brown side indeed but maybe not as much as my photos show. Funny that to my eyes the light blue is that seems a bit too strong. That is a mix of vallejo pale blue and white. Really appreciate the comments. its great to build a model and then be able to discuss and get opinions. Cheers
  2. Thanks a lot Andy! you are very kind. Just had a look Uschi van der Rosten UvdR-3 "Rig that thing" Elastic Rigging and it looks promising. For 1:48 do you think standard is enough? or better fine? Cheers for the comments!
  3. Thanks Jaime, appreciate the kind comment. I have been thinking about the elastic thread. I used 0.2mm black copper wire from modelingtools.co.uk. It is a bit too hard for my untrained hands. Cheers
  4. Hi All, After some time not posting, this is my 3rd build here and the first one i finished after my previous Spit from September last year. (i messed up with a 1:48 Red Arrow in between ) Colors are a mix of Tamiya and Vallejo air. I have to say i love Tamiya paints over Vallejo. Have been using Vallejo since i started with the hobby and made a change for this build and just love it. It was the build i made that i liked most. It was also another lesson on things that you should not do and all that, for example i got the RLM65 very wrong , the antenna wires are not looking great (also it was my first time doing that), silvering in the red lines and i really need to get better at weathering but all things considered im pleased with the result and had fun building it! So, out of the box, this is my first Bf109: One from when i finished paint job:
  5. Beautiful build! thanks for sharing. Outstanding metal finish!
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