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  1. You cannot build an A-10C from this kit. There are very badly done aerials for the GPS dome and Comms, the aerials and other bits on the lower fuselage are incorrect for the C, as is the ECM/ESM fit. Hasegawa's later releases have captured the changes more correctly and produced better replacement aerials. This is basically the Italeri A model with two new parts, being the undersized GPS dome and a very undersized Sat Comm top aerial for the standard upright rather than sloped Sat Comm aerial. HTH Phil Canberra, the Nation's Capital Australia
  2. According to my sources at RedRoo, the 72nd scale versions of these are licenced to DKdecals, but they haven't looked like publishing them yet. If you contact RedRoo, they may have some more upto date info. HTH Phil
  3. 1/48 or 1/72 scale? Available here in 48th. https://www.redroomodels.com/product/red-roo-77-sqn-meteor-nose-art-korea-pt-1-1-48-scale/
  4. Great job and looked great in real life last week.
  5. Nice model and base. How did the CTA decals perform?
  6. Top job. I have a couple of these kits and was just going the do the Bengals' and Viking's aircraft. but now I might have to sacrfice another one for this scheme.
  7. Tremendous build. The only small picky point is that the RH gearbox cowl at the front is a lower more tapered lump. See Aerial shot of A10-602 here http://www.adf-serials.com.au/3a10.htm. I had 10 years of removing and replacing that cowl doing servicings on these aircraft. Cheers Phil
  8. Gents, Thanks for all the replies. I think I now have enough info to graft a couple in 72nd scale for my build. Murph, the aircraft I am modelling does have them fitted. Cheers Phil Canberra - The Nation's Capital Australia
  9. Gents, there is a lady in Victoria, Australia that has a hanger with a stack of the real ones in it in their original Rhodesian colours. If you contact her at Tyabb Airport in Victoria, I'm sure she would help. I may have some photos from my visit there years ago that may have a few photos of one of them on display. I'll look tomorrow. Phil
  10. Greetings Fellow Modellers, I'm looking for drawings or leads to such drawings of the underwing pylons for the T-33 ECM cannisters that the USAF used. I have searched all my links and print references, but have had no luck. All help is appreciated. Thanks Phil Canberra - The Nation's Capital Australia
  11. Fujimi also produced two boxings of their F-16A with extra parts for the ADF. one boxing had the Texas ANG 111FIS Balls One markings and the other had Puerto Rico ANG markings. I have one of each in my stash. HTH Phil Canberra - The Nation's Capital Australia
  12. If your negotiation fails contact me by PM and I should be able to help. Cheers Phil Hastie Canberra, "The Nation's Capital" Australia
  13. Everyone, thanks for the great info and photos. I may just have to go with twin fuel tanks or just put a couple of 250/500lb bombs on the weapon pylons. Cheers Phil Canberra Australia
  14. Hi People, I'm after info on the Weapons the Kiwi Corsairs used in the SWPA. Did they use US bombs or underwing rockets or both? I take any bombs would have been carried on the under fuselage pylons? Thanks for your time with this query. Phil Hastie Canberra "The Nation's Capital" Australia
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