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  1. Fujimi also produced two boxings of their F-16A with extra parts for the ADF. one boxing had the Texas ANG 111FIS Balls One markings and the other had Puerto Rico ANG markings. I have one of each in my stash. HTH Phil Canberra - The Nation's Capital Australia
  2. If your negotiation fails contact me by PM and I should be able to help. Cheers Phil Hastie Canberra, "The Nation's Capital" Australia
  3. Everyone, thanks for the great info and photos. I may just have to go with twin fuel tanks or just put a couple of 250/500lb bombs on the weapon pylons. Cheers Phil Canberra Australia
  4. Hi People, I'm after info on the Weapons the Kiwi Corsairs used in the SWPA. Did they use US bombs or underwing rockets or both? I take any bombs would have been carried on the under fuselage pylons? Thanks for your time with this query. Phil Hastie Canberra "The Nation's Capital" Australia
  5. Larry, Give me a day or two and I'll send yoou some more info on the RAAF Lancers by email. Cheers Old Friend Phil Hastie
  6. Gents, Thanks for all your suggestions and photos. I think that I'm going to go with stripped, bare metal wings. and fuselage. I'll keep looking at the photos in the mean time and see if I can come up with a more informed desicion. Cheers Phil PS: 72modeller, Mike I photographed it at Oshkosh last year. 8-)
  7. Giorgio, The WY ANG aircraft with the black and yellow checks on the tail in the Caracal post War P-51D pt 2. http://caracalmodels.com/cd48113.html Cheers Phil
  8. Nice build and paint job, really picked it with the foliage green and darker grey over paints for the changes in markings. Cheers Phil
  9. Very nice job ngdriver. I am slowly putting together one of these kits and back dating it to an A model with original Oregon ANG markings. I have been fighting the intakes and the cockpit to fuselage join. It looks like you have mastered both of them on yours. Cheers Phil
  10. Bas, how did the Fujimi kit go together? I have one in the cupboard awaiting a slot in the production line. I'm going to try and fit the Wolfpack Resin folding wings for the Hasegawa kit to it. Cheers Phil Hastie Canberra Australia
  11. Does anyone know if postwar Air National Guard P/F-51D Mustangs had their wings filled and painted or were they the later baremetal scheme? I am about to start a WY ANG Mustang for a club competition and the instructions just give baremetal for the colour scheme and this can be taken as either scheme depending on the manufacturer of the decals. None of the photos I've found are clear enough to disconcern between the two variations. Thanks Phil Hastie Canberra Australia
  12. Nice job. One small point to remember as the bosses aircraft this would have been kept pretty clean by the ground crew.
  13. Very well done. Stunning paint job, but then being Aussie, I could be biassed.
  14. The backing plate included the scallops in it and was not removable without removing the propellor. the spinner would be removed to be painted RED in line with Desert Air Force orders. The backing plate would have remained in the Sky it was originally painted in, the scallops actually go around the prop blades and the blades would have needed masking to repaint and therefore would have been left in their original colour, especially in an operational area. HTH Phil Canberra, Australia.
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