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  1. Thanks for the kind comments. Cheers Joel, the techniques are almost all stuff I've picked up here or on other forum's. I barely stretch the Uschi line; it only has to be just tight enough to not sag so that it looks tight if that makes sense Bit more progress; Bow waves installed - if that's the right word? Cotton wool encased in clear acrylic gel (thanks Jamie @ Sovereign Hobbies for the advice). They'll be blended into the sea with white at the next stage; Clear Acrylic Gel applied to the sea; Rigged the boat boom which I keep forgetting to do; Admirals flag fitted; Cheers Nick
  2. Thanks Chewie I was very nervous I was in two minds really, I like to keep the hull loose from the base whilst detailing and I've seen clingfilm used early and then the hull removed. This wouldn't work with Hood because the torpedo bulge would form an undercut with the sea. Clingfilm at the end seemed like the lesser of two evils given my habit of throwing acrylic paste everywhere but it didn't really work out. Upcoming ships are all full hull so I think I'll go for the foam board method - although I can get my head round how you get an accurate waterline cutout? I really like the Uschi line - 'Standard' for most lines, 'Fine' for signal halyards. Rarely use the 'Extra Fine' as it goes translucent under tension. The lines that I don't want to stretch i.e. stay as straight as possible with other bits of rigging pulling on them, are doubled up 700 denier Caenis line. Cheers Nick
  3. Thanks all for the kind comments. Hi Crisp, extra thick tin foil, tried tissue paper but it didn't work out. I'm following Ark, looks brilliant, just not finding much time to post. Cheers Nick
  4. Been a while (working away) but some pics below of slow progress over the last few months; 3D printed helm indicators turned out ok; The Aerial screen and trunk from the bottom of the main mast are missing so made these from a spare from Dreadnought and some 1mm rod with masking tape along with piles of timber, oars and resin crates, and coil of rope to busy things up a bit; Mainmast rigged (admirals flag to be fitted). At the base of the mast are the aerial cage and aerial trunk; Rigging between the masts done, mix of standard uschi line and caenis line; Bits and bobs added; Hull fitted to the base and wrapped in clingfilm to protect from the acrylic paste I'll use for the sea (won't try that again - more trouble than it was worth as it tended to leave a gap between the 'sea' and the ship, which had to be filled after the clingfilm was removed, thereby defeating the object); Sea painted in acrylics, ready for gloss medium and white oil pint for foam; Cheers Nick
  5. Thanks Maurice Cheers Jeff Bit more progress over the last week; Mainmast signal halyards from fine Uschi line; Foremast Halyards; And the rest of the foremast rigging in standard Uschi; Boats and lockers fitted, along with the quad vickers; And secondary armament; And finally the big guns!!!; I decided to leave the storm wires on all the turrets even though they were probably removed in real life as I didn't want to risk damaging the finish. She looks quite mean; I've been trying to figure out a way to reproduce the helm indicators on the mainmast halyards, 2 cones on the starboard and a ball on the port side. In the end I decided to try 3D printing - we'll see how they work out (the fairleads are for HMS Ark Royal when I get round to her - Crisp has found some missing from the kit!!) Rigging next and then sea base and crew. Cheers Nick
  6. Cheers Beefy, since starting the hobby again it's the closest I've come to giving up on a kit. If I hadn't bough all the AM bits I probably would of done. Thanks all for the kind comments and likes. Cheers Nick
  7. Thanks Kev No posts for a while so a culmination of a coupe of weeks work; Lifeboats rigged, I tried foil but couldn't cut it thin enough without it tearing. The straps are 0.5mm ish paper strips; Forecastle and quarter deck rails fitted with diluted PVA glue; Yards at the stern from 0.3mm brass rod Final assembly can finally begin, funnel stays are Standard Uschi line; Big join at the front at the conning tower to fill; Main mast fitted, the little hoop for holding the hook worked out ok; Overall; Signal lanyards next, and then all the other deck level bits and bobs can go on. Cheers Nick
  8. Hi Crisp, this WIP's great, so much information and the history behind. I hope you don;t mind but I plan to use it as reference when I build my Ark. Re the fairlead - I've got a spare 1/350 battle-cruiser one from Hood - send me a PM if you want me to post it to you for casting. Cheers Nick
  9. Thanks, been wondering for ages what they are . I went with the 3D Kagero drawing which shows em fitted in 1941. I'll have to see If I can remove them from B and X without too much damage. BTW - your Hood is awesome Cheers Nick
  10. Yep, I'm not whether it actually got hot or it was just the solvent flashing off as it cured, lesson well and truly learned! Bit of progress over the last couple of week; Turrets finished bar a matt varnish - not sure what the wires over the top were for - any ideas? Main mast and derrick pre-rigged as far as possible before fixing; Breakwaters, cable reels and vents fitted; Cheers Nick
  11. Hi Kev, thanks for the comment I used Squadron White filler en-masse to ruin the bow, and the same stuff in thin layers to fix it - you live and learn!! Cheers Nick
  12. Cheers Kev I know what you mean, but that's half the fun!! Cheers Terry
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