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  1. Great job mate, enjoyed following the build as well. She looks just the job
  2. Thanks Crisp I tried tissue paper soaked in glue first but it fell apart - the foil looks ok. Good luck with the 1/350 Ark Royal - I've go that in the stash as well, looking forward to starting it, I'll be on the look out for yours. The North star bits are very nice! Cheers Nick
  3. Not much to report this weekend; Boats, boats boats..........................I always say I won't leave em till the end, and then I always leave em till the end! Canvas covers on these ones as she'll be on a sea base, masking tape for the open boats and tin foil for the cabin cruisers (if that's the right term?); Painted up with Tamiya deck tan for the canvas - the open boats look a bit flat but I'm hoping a wash will make them look a bit used; Mast lower section, mixture of flyhawk and Eduard with 0.3mm brass for the struts underneath the starfish and the flag gaff (again, is that the right term?), that's missing from the kit? And the mast upper section. Binned the kit part and replaced with 1mm brass, with the yard at the top, again missing from the kit, from 0.5mm brass; The flyhawk air warning radar on the top of the mast was very fiddly and got a bit 'super glued up' but hopefully it'll be ok. I added some plastic strip to either side of the base of the etch mount to make it look a bit more 3D and give the glue something to hang onto; Cheers Nick
  4. Thanks Julien, I'll do that
  5. Thanks Beefy, slow progress but she's getting there. Cheers Nick
  6. Cheers Rob, I'm really impressed with the Northstar stuff as well, great range of RN detail parts that really add to the kit. Cheers Nick
  7. Thanks all for the replies, I'll have a look at Firing Line. Cheers Nick
  8. Thanks David and good luck with the PE. I can't claim any credit for the PVA tip, got it from a book when I first got back into modelling, but glad it helped. Look forward to seeing your Hood on here. Cheers Nick
  9. Hi I've got a Takom Chieftain Mk11 and FV432 next on the list. I've got vehicle crew figures but would quite like to open up the back of the 432. Does anyone know of any decent late 80's early 90's 1/35 British Infantry figures that are available to help man a diorama? Cheers Nick
  10. Cheers Chris. I've never seen the Hatchette kit, any pics on here? Been getting on with detail bits over the last couple of weeks, most sub assemblies are now complete. Mainly masts and boats to work on and paint and everything will be ready for weathering before final assembly. Northstar searchlights, the 44" ones have an etch base with raised mounting bolts and a cruciform bit across the front - they'll be fitted after painting (see later pics); Northstar bridge equipment, the kit doesn't supply anything for this; Pom-Pom directors - these are ace, the 2 Marks I's (left) are completely missing from the lower bridge wings and the larger Mark II replaces the very simple kit part on the aft superstructure; Open HACS - apparently the canvas covers weren't used often; Pom-Pom Bandstand - the rear support columns are 1mm rod with the splinter shield supports from the Eduard set; Painted with Pom-Pom fitted and ammo boxes from Plastic strip and etch to replace the surface moulded representation; Aft superstructure painted with HACS, Pom-Pom director and searchlights fitted - ready for a wash and drybrushing; Same for the aft funnel base; Forward Quad vickers installed; Signal bridge details Boat deck details are pretty much all installed - the white 'pins' in the middle are to hold the boat deck to the main deck as it tended to bow up a bit when fitted; Anchor chains and the etch hatch covers installed on the bow; And the bridge equipment and Mark I directors installed - the platform at the centre front is 0.5mm plasticard with a bit of spare wooden decking; Cheers Nick
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