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  1. Great work Rob, good looking shop beautifully recreated. Cheers Nick
  2. Yep, WEP spreaders with 700 denier Caenis line. Hi Michael, what do you use for ‘clear’?
  3. She’s coming together lovely Beefy, looking forward to following the rest. The WEM spreaders are great cheers Nick
  4. 1/350 works for me too, not too small that I can’t see it and I’ve got sausage fingers! Good luck if you do decide to give one a go! Thanks David
  5. Thanks Graham - not sure how'd they come out in 1/700, threading them in 1/350 was quite tricky! Cheers Joseph. There are some great pics (quite scary actually) of the quarterdeck awash in heavy seas. She got about 2000tons heavier than designed during construction and ended up with 2ft less freeboard than intended (from AOTS). Thanks for the comment. Hours wise I have no clue I'm afraid. She took about 18 month to finish (I work away a lot so limited bench time). She's 75cm long and 89 on the base. Cheers Nick
  6. Great build, the weathering is superb - is there a WIP? Would it be an emergency conning position if the bridge was out of action? I think this is the modern equivalent on a Type 23 Cheers Nick
  7. I used a selection of bits that came together ok; Cheers Nick
  8. Thanks both, glad you like her. Cheers Nick
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