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  1. Thanks Maurice Cheers Jeff Bit more progress over the last week; Mainmast signal halyards from fine Uschi line; Foremast Halyards; And the rest of the foremast rigging in standard Uschi; Boats and lockers fitted, along with the quad vickers; And secondary armament; And finally the big guns!!!; I decided to leave the storm wires on all the turrets even though they were probably removed in real life as I didn't want to risk damaging the finish. She looks quite mean; I've been trying to figure out a way to reproduce the helm indicators on the mainmast halyards, 2 cones on the starboard and a ball on the port side. In the decided to try 3D printing - we'll see how they work out (the fairleads are for HMS Ark Royal when I get round to her - Crisp has found some missing from the kit!!) Rigging next and then sea base and crew. Cheers Nick
  2. Cheers Beefy, since starting the hobby again it's the closest I've come to giving up on a kit. If I hadn't bough all the AM bits I probably would of done. Thanks all for the kind comments and likes. Cheers Nick
  3. Thanks Kev No posts for a while so a culmination of a coupe of weeks work; Lifeboats rigged, I tried foil but couldn't cut it thin enough without it tearing. The straps are 0.5mm ish paper strips; Forecastle and quarter deck rails fitted with diluted PVA glue; Yards at the stern from 0.3mm brass rod Final assembly can finally begin, funnel stays are Standard Uschi line; Big join at the front at the conning tower to fill; Main mast fitted, the little hoop for holding the hook worked out ok; Overall; Signal lanyards next, and then all the other deck level bits and bobs can go on. Cheers Nick
  4. Hi Crisp, this WIP's great, so much information and the history behind. I hope you don;t mind but I plan to use it as reference when I build my Ark. Re the fairlead - I've got a spare 1/350 battle-cruiser one from Hood - send me a PM if you want me to post it to you for casting. Cheers Nick
  5. Thanks, been wondering for ages what they are . I went with the 3D Kagero drawing which shows em fitted in 1941. I'll have to see If I can remove them from B and X without too much damage. BTW - your Hood is awesome Cheers Nick
  6. Yep, I'm not whether it actually got hot or it was just the solvent flashing off as it cured, lesson well and truly learned! Bit of progress over the last couple of week; Turrets finished bar a matt varnish - not sure what the wires over the top were for - any ideas? Main mast and derrick pre-rigged as far as possible before fixing; Breakwaters, cable reels and vents fitted; Cheers Nick
  7. Hi Kev, thanks for the comment I used Squadron White filler en-masse to ruin the bow, and the same stuff in thin layers to fix it - you live and learn!! Cheers Nick
  8. Cheers Kev I know what you mean, but that's half the fun!! Cheers Terry
  9. I konw, some of the film and pics of her underway are amazing, the quarterdeck's virtually wash in high heavy seas. Wonder if she was designed to be like that or if it was a consequence of extra weight (armour presumably) being added over her lifetime? Cheers Nick
  10. This is great info, thanks for sharing. I'll be referring to this extensively (copying ) when I build mine!! Cheers Nick
  11. Evening all, Spotting a few issues with the build that need correcting and then last little detailed bits; Doors on the aft funnels are modeled open - but can't be when in situ with skyligts; So, one open, one closed; And I noticed the the waterline's all wrong, way to low (had the same problem on Trumpy HMS Repulse a few years ago but didn't notice until too late). It looks the water line plate supplied is effectively at the top of the hull below the boot top, I painted it black to represent the boot top which makes her sit too high in the water.Makes you wonder why Trumpetter supplier a water line plate that's underwater, but hey ho, my fault should have realised earlier. Masked up to show the difference - it's quite a lot really; And sprayed; Better I think especially as she was renowned for having a flooded quarter deck. The issue now is that she sits too high on the pre-made base, so jigsaw out and a spare piece of board glue beneath; Packed up by a few mm and she looks ok I think; Added the 'drain pipes' on the side from 0.3mm wire - I know, should have done these about 3 months ago ; And the yards missing from the kit from 0.5mm rod and some tamiya tape; Railings and splinter shield supports on the aft deck; Davits and life rings; Last bits made up for painting - the little loop on right is half a chain link on a plasticard base for holding down the main derrick hook when stowed; And the boxes on the right of this one are engine room vets for the aft end of the boat deck from plastic strip with pom-pom ammo belts for the vent mesh - not perfect but better than the moulded squares on the kit; Decks have had a wash of thinned Tamiya acrylic to tone em down; A coat of Klear on everything prior to a pin wash next and she can go together - finally!! Thanks for looking. Cheers Nick
  12. Hi Kris Wow - that looks great! Great etch work, did that come with the kit? Cheers Nick
  13. Bit of progress over the last month or so, in between holidaying in the sunshine Main mast is painted and assembled; Modified the foremast starfish to add the 2 semi circular platforms at the aft end from spare quad vickers bases cut in half; And added the access platform on the starboard side; Spotting top with the moulded windows completely sanded away and replaced with etch, the aft bulkhead needed rebuilding in plasticard; Railings and radar; And doors on the aft end, dry fit on the platform after building up the starfish; Yards assembled from Flyhawk etch and brass rod, the kit bits are too chncky and bendy; Foretop painted up and yard assembled with supports from 0.5mm plastic rod; Front view - the coloured lenses on the bow and port and starboard lights are little decal squares; Made up a couple of lights for the bridge sides as well out of spare etch and rod; She's nearly ready for putting together - honest guv!! Cheers Nick
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