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Nick Charnock

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  1. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Hi Kris, loving the Panzer III mate! The warriors nearly ready for paint, I'll post some pics at the weekend. Cheers Nick
  2. Nick Charnock

    IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Thanks John, I'll try that om the Warrior I've got on the go. Cheers Nick
  3. Nick Charnock

    IDF M1 Super Sherman (HVSS).

    Hi John - great build and a lovely result on the RFI. Can I ask what you used for the wooden tools handles? I always end up with something that looks too 'brown' and varnished, Your's are spot on! Cheers Nick
  4. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Cheers Viper Hi Ant, The Scimitar figures are the Accurate Armour 'Modern UK AFV Crew - desert/Gulf 'set FS01, for the warrior I've got the Accurate ArmourModern British Warrior Crew (Inf’helmets) set FS05. Cheers Beefy, I'm thinking of just a simple desert landscape but we'll see. Cheers Nick
  5. Thought I’d have a go at an AFV as a change from ships. Academy 1/35 Warrior 2003 to go alongside an AFV Club Scimitar I built a few years ago. The Warrior will have Eduard PE along with Resin, PE and figures from Accurate Armour and a replacement Rarden barrel from Armour Scale as well as Fruil tracks The Scimitar will have replacement tracks from Fruil as the kit tracks were always a bit tight. Eventually they'll go on a simple desert base together for display. The builds nearly finished so the below are catch up pics. Various PE and resin The Scimitar Axles fitted, adjusted for vehicle ride height as mentioned in several blogs, and moulded on detail being removed Hull pretty finished from various angles Track test fitted - instructions say 90 links per side but 85 give about the right tension I think Turret coming together And the 2 side by side Cheers Nick
  6. Brilliant, that's really cool!
  7. Nick Charnock

    Pz.kpwf.III ausf.N DAK - Dragon 1/35

    Hi Kris, looking good mate, Can't wait to see it with some colour applied. Cheers Nick
  8. Nick Charnock

    1/700th Flyhawk HMS Naiad 1940 (Limited Edition)

    What a cracker, beautifully finished!
  9. Nick Charnock

    1/350 Tamiya Bismark

    Nice job sir
  10. Thanks Colin, glad you like it, I'm also a big fan of Dreadnought. Cheers Meatbox Thank you Orion Cheers Spiton
  11. Nick Charnock

    USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71

    Great job Beefy
  12. Nick Charnock

    HMHS Titanic at Sea

    Very nice Clive, looks great. Cheers Nick
  13. Cheers Ratch, appreciate it Great links and info Fights - thank you. I was going to ask if you knew where the battle cruisers would've been docked and the QE class carriers. I'm sure there's a mention somewhere of the bottom of one of the docks being widened to accommodate the bilge keels of (I think) the Nelsons so they must of been width constrained at some point. I also found a pick of the battle cruiser Queen Mary in 14 dock in 1915, so I answered my own question I must admit, I feel a bit stupid thinking that that caissons would 'slide' out of the way under the adjacent dock side!! Thanks for the explanation I spent ages looking at the limited pics I had trying to work it out, makes perfect sense now you've explained it. Cheers Nick
  14. Thanks Fights, glad the scale looks about right, and thanks for posting the pics of the dock and the Type 45 - very nice!! I built the caisson based on a similar pic with HMS Westminster so new version on that as well I think - hope the old ones weren't too different There's what looks like an undercut or angled section in the vertical plane at the far end where it meets the blockwork of the dockwork, do you know why it's designed like that? I assume the caisson slides out of the way under the roadway to the top of your pic - is that right? Your comment about the width of the docks and the ships beams is really interesting, I hadn't heard of that. Would the 14 and 15 dock have even been long enough for a WW1 Battle Cruiser? I know Repulse and Renown (and then Hood) where very long but I don't about the pre war Battle Cruiser designs that suffered at Jutland? Cheers Nick
  15. Thanks Rob, really kind of you! Thank you for the comments, and for the PM, much appreciated. Pics of Dauntless would be great for comparison. I based the drawing and then the dry dock model itself on a Google Maps pic of a type 45 in dock 15, used the length of the type 45 to scale everything else. It's interesting that a modern destroyer (although I read somewhere that type 45s could be considered cruiser size) is not far off the size of a dreadnought battleship! Cheers Nick