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Nick Charnock

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  1. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Scimitar and Warrior - Iraq 2003

    Thanks for all the kind comments, much appreciated! Thanks Badder and correct - carbon fibre from Accurate Armour, I like 'em Cheers Kris, enjoyed it but back to ships now
  2. Nick Charnock

    Trumpeter 1/700 USS NImitz

    Great job, love it!
  3. 1/35 AFV Club Scimitar (built a few years ago) with an Academy Warrior on a desert base. Accurate Armour figures and Eduard PE on both vehicles. Accurate Armour resin upgrades and some kit on the Warrior and Fruil tracks on both, Sign from Paul Boyle; paul@pbmodelmaking.co.uk WIP here; Hope you like it. Cheers Nick
  4. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Base finally done, surround is picture framing wood with an MDF in fill and the ground is fine sand mixed with household filler and wood glue (thanks Bullbasket for the explanation of your IDF Sherman); Test fit; Base to paint and weather and that's it for here - finished job on RFI. Thanks for all the likes and comments. Cheers Nick
  5. Nick Charnock

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Cheers Kev - great idea on the tug boat diorama too I think you're probably right Kev Cheers Thom
  6. Nick Charnock

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Been tinkering with bits waiting for the solvnt in the bow to go off; Base of the bridge sub assembly; With the Eduard replacement sides; Main deck sides fitted and internal walls walls up into sub assemblies for painting - lots of doors replaced; Quarterdeck screen fitted and sanded back; And the Eduard cover fitted, stair landings and open windows are from the flyhawk set; The thing that looks like a little wheel is supposed to represent a winch, the motor for which was on the inside of the bulkhead. They use to be further aft on the quarterdeck but were moved as the quarterdeck often flooded in heavy seas; Made up a winch from platic rod and spare PE; The kit deck winches are very basic, and the replacement ones on the Eduard set alright for the 2 variable speed winches but not the electric ones which were more widely used. I've tweaked 2 of the PE ones and ordered some electric winches from North star; I'm not sure if the 3 pipes where steam or hydraulic - any ideas? On to the bow repair - the hawspipes actually look alright, still need a bit of cleaning up; And the bow damage is filled and sanded; Hull plating applied in 5 thou plasticard; And sanded to blend it in; Hopefully they'll look ok under a coat of paint! Cheers Nick
  7. Very nice mate
  8. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Hi mate, 50/50 Tamiya XF57 buff and XF59 desert yellow. Cheers Nick
  9. Nick Charnock

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Cheers Jamie, I'll give it a few more days and then have a go, I think you're right, she's fixable We'll have a go Kris, 5 thou plasticard arrived yesterday. Reading the reviews of the after market stuff it looks like no one PE set covers everything although the HMS Hood Association website, which has great advice on things to be corrected does have some reviews on the various PE sets - defo worth a look mate. Cheers Nick
  10. Nick Charnock

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Thanks for all the encouraging comments, letting everything harden as Jamie suggested then we'll see. It's Squadron Products White Putty, got Toluene in it, so maybe that's the cause. I'll try miliput next time
  11. Nick Charnock

    1/350 Trumpeter HMS Hood

    Cheers chaps, glad to have you along, although it may be a short trip; Disaster has struck already!! Came home from a night away with work thinking I'll drill out the hawse pipes, only to find the filler has 'melted' the bow - not sure how or why - anyone seen this before? Really annoyed, I've been looking forward to starting this kit for ages and his happens at the start, oh well. I guess it must be something to do with the solvent in the filler and the fact that I packed so much in to fill the bow. The plastic's gone really soft. So to try and fix it - more filler!! I've ordered some 5 thou plasticard to rebuild the plates when the fillers dried and sanded, have to see if she can be salvaged The bow deck should be ok as it'll be covered by the wooden deck; Fitted the decks to the hull so it feels like somethings been achieved; Cheers Nick
  12. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Cheers Tommy, working on the base at the moment. What are you doing with flying things?? HMS Hood, started a WIP, but it's going wrong already
  13. Time for a new project; The 1/350 HMS Hood with some aftermarket add-ons; Artworx wooden deck; Flyhawk PE and Trumpeter after market set (mainly for the barrels; Eduard PE along with Northstar secondary guns mounts, Vickers MGs, searchlights and bridge equipment and White Ensign replacement turrets; It's going to be a long project and it's a bit hard to know where to start really - so started on the hull; Removed the moulded degausing cable and drilled the scuttles to give a bit more depth - some where filled and replaced using various photos as references along with the hawse pipe hull openings; Scrapped away the moulded chain and drilled the deck hawse pipe openings; Fore deck fitted with the bow full of filler - when it's dry I'll try and drill the hawse pipes to connect hull and deck openings. Never tried it before but if it doesn't work the anchors and gratings will cover it, so worth a go; Thanks for looking. Cheers Nick
  14. Nick Charnock

    Pz.kpwf.III ausf.N DAK - Dragon 1/35

    Fantastic job Kris, absolutely spot on. You should be well chuffed mate. Cheers Nick
  15. Nick Charnock

    1/35 Academy Warrior and AFV Club Scimitar

    Cheers Kris. I thought about the screen but I want it to be more an early war scene, 'advance to contact, with the map out' so the driver needs to be ready to close up (also I want to move on to the next ship ). Thanks Widow - I've got a Chieftain and 432 to do in a while in the black and green - it does look cool!! Have you got any picks of your Warrior?