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  1. Hello, I am discovering your work and I am absolutely admiring it. Superb achievement and a know-how that you share with a lot of pedagogy. Thank you sir. marc
  2. Hello, Splendid, it is a work of model-maker, historian, worthy of a museum. Exciting. Marc
  3. A big thank you for your complimentary reviews. I can assure you that this is very encouraging. Friendships. Marc
  4. Hello, I must admit that I do not build almost new models. I stayed at the models that made me dream child .... Airfix is very important to me. This is the mark of the first model Gruman Gosling offered by my father 55 years ago. The second was also Airfix, a destroyer H.M.S COSSAK. And since.... Your appreciations are very encouraging and I am working on the idea of Kev concerning the realization of a small Diorama H.M.S BOUNTY Revell 1/110 arriving in Tahiti. I found plans and drawings for the Polynesian canoes according to the plans of Admiral PARIS. Good evening to all. Friendships. Marc
  5. Sorry, I thought I did it. Hello my friends, Thanks to Paul821 who guided me very well in the subtle art of photo editing, I can offer you my latest navigation model. This is the Saint-Louis of one of my favorite AIRFIX companies. It is an excellent model, very fine and beautifully engraved. A pure moment of happiness. This is the first time that I reproduce the sea so importantly. I used all known techniques: foam, toilet paper and white glue, acrylic support, synthetic cotton for aquarium filter. the ship is painted with Humbrol paints and then with oil paints. I am now working on "how to make credible sails on a scale". Have a nice day. friendships Marc
  6. Thank you for your feedback, it is very encouraging. On the other hand, Kev, I do not know if I will be at the height of a W.I.P. I am very very slow ..... On the other hand, I know that it is (because I benefited greatly from it) very enriching. The exchange is always very fruitful for everyone. I promise you to think about it for my next ship ... (The Flora, or the Golden Hind of Sir Francis Drake or the Mayflower .... or another..I am in the pleasant moment where we seek the next "boarding"). Friendships. Mark.
  7. A big thank you PAUL821. Thanks to you I can publish my photos in a simple way (Saint Louis Airfix in the maritime file). I fully followed your advice and subscribed to FLICKR. It's awesome. Thanks again and good day. Friendships. Marc
  8. Bonjour mes amis, Merci à Paul821 qui m'a très bien guidé dans l'art subtil de l'édition de photos, je peux vous proposer mon dernier modèle de navigation. C’est le Saint-Louis d’une de mes sociétés AIRFIX préférées. C'est un excellent modèle, très fin et superbement gravé. Un pur moment de bonheur. C'est la première fois que je reproduis la mer de manière si importante. J'ai utilisé toutes les techniques connues: mousse, papier toilette et colle blanche, support acrylique, coton synthétique pour filtre d'aquarium. le navire est peint avec des peintures Humbrol puis avec des peintures à l'huile. Je travaille maintenant sur "comment fabriquer des voiles crédibles à une échelle". Passez une bonne journée. Amitiés Marc
  9. Hello my friends, I'm clueless, I do not have to put pictures online for some time. I read that I am not the only one. If I understand what Google tells me, serving.com is no longer validated as an image bank? what should I take? Friendships. Marc
  10. Hello, It is absolutely breathtaking, beautiful and at the same time a source of inspiration (although I doubt more than strongly to be able to imitate this one day). A beautiful lesson to know how to do. Thank you, Monsieur. Marc
  11. Hello, Superb achievement. I just love it. Marc
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