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  1. Finally I've completed my first ship. It's been a while but I've realized now that I had to post new pics here. So here it is. It has a pennant number on the hull and red waterline. Enjoy.
  2. VPBR

    Vihor tank

    Hello. I am planning to build a vihor tank. Since there are no kits for this tank on the market I ll have to modify the T-72M 1/72 Revell kit or some other. The vihor tank was partially based on soviet T-72. The frame is the same, the number of wheels, the gun and some other smaller parts such as headlights and machine gun on the top of the turret. Other parts are different such as the turret, side rubber skirts, mud fenders, upper plate on the hull and other things. The biggest challenge will be the turret modification and I don't know how to pull that out. I have no experience in scratchbuilding so I ll need a lots of advises. One of my plans was to buy a resin modification set for the M-95 degman tank which is based on vihor but I ll have to cut a lot and still wont have that I need. I ll post you the pictures of vihor and then you'll be able to tell me what to do in order to convert the T-72 tank into this one> THANK YOU IN ADVANCE
  3. Yes. It looks a bit pale. Other aspects of the modell are good. You've made a fine choice for aircraft markings.
  4. I saw a real KUB launcher on Belgrade fair a month ago so I can tell that this thing looks like the real one. Good job.
  5. Interesting model and markings. Never saw a captured He-162. Good job.
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