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  1. The study of the MiG-31 model drew attention to the availability of modifications of B / BM 2 engines of different types. I released one type and decided to make 2 types of the most common. Another interesting thing is cars, on which there are 2 types at the same time, in connection with this there will be 2 more sets of 2 types and mixed
  2. My first model was made close to the scale, and these seams were absolutely not visible. Because of this, I had to make them redundant. But the phrase "absolutely not true" is not very beautiful. There everything is true, but as there are places there are more seams, do not like to do better, but do not write. I do everything for myself, but the fact that I sell this cost-saving. These nozzles are much better than those in the model, and consider another ode. The main thing is that all the photos are taken by macro shooting. in reality, these seams look much more truthful. Who will conside
  3. Dear ICMF and where absolutely inaccurate ???? I have personally resampled the nozzles in the photo for more than 1.5 years, and I vouch what is pictured in the model, and those places where the seams are larger than the scale, then forgive or they will be visible or not. In the photo, which you put everything exactly the same as in the model of nozzles. Please specify where inaccuracy !!!!!!
  4. exdraken it is possible at me, well like soon will appear ebay and on hobbyeasy should like, while only at me. katran.model@gmail.com
  5. I welcome. Me a companion has asked to adapt my set exhaust nozzels F-14A for Hasegawa kits, and I have satisfied its request. To results it is happy. Interesting your opinion.
  6. As looks on model залить картинку на форум фотохостинг бесплатный хостинг изображений куда залить картинку фото хостинг фотохостинг бесплатный image share
  7. 4. All has collected фотохостинг png 5. SM03 SUPER IRON has covered the collected engine залить картинку 6. Then XTREMe METAL AK434 BURNT METAL has covered that part of the engine which is with top so to say, further A.MIG-8209 Burnt iron has covered a nozzle and in the end nozzle petals has painted A.MIG-8208 Jet Exhaust хостинг изображений gif хостинг картинок бесплатный хостинг картинок бесплатный 7. Using pigment Dark Steel has covered a plate on the top part of the engine хостинг картинок без регистрации
  8. Now I will show painting of engines. In painting used the following paint:Gunze Sangyo №316 WHITE FS 17875; SM03 SUPER IRON; XTREMe METAL AK434 BURNT METAL; Alcad oт Mig A.MIG-8208 Jet Exhaust and A.MIG-8209 Burnt iron, here that left: 1. At first №316 WHITE FS 17875 has painted the forcing chamber: бесплатный хостинг картинок 2. SM03 SUPER IRON has painted the engine, then A.MIG-8208 Jet Exhaust and XTREMe METAL AK434 BURNT METAL has made soot imitation хостинг картинок bmp хостинг изображений хостинг картинок бесплатный 3. A.MIG-8208 Jet Exhaust h
  9. And now I want to show that at me left on the engine залить картинку Assembly order image uploader фотохостинг бесплатный хостинг фотографий фотохостинг png image share фотохостинг бесплатный хостинг картинок фотохостинг png хостинг картинок bmp хостинг изображений png
  10. Has collected everything, and used a set from DREMMODEL хостинг изображений gif куда залить картинку фотохостинг бесплатно залить картинку на форум бесплатный хостинг картинок Separately I want to tell that has noticed unpleasant news - a niche of chassis AIRES less on length than it is necessary, it was necessary to saw it.
  11. Has started to collect a cabin, here that left Has painted a cockpit if it is fair on a copy cockpit AIRES superficial and accuracy of my painting too only that it was allocated куда залить картинку фотохостинг png загрузить картинку на сайт
  12. All greetings. I have been very occupied on work, but model have not thrown. Here I will show that at me remain for today. 1. I have received in addition to establish DREMMODEL ДМ-2001-1 - the set was very useful. [/ URL] хостинг картинок без регистрации [/ URL] [/ URL] куда залить картинку [/ URL] 2. Has completely finished the engine, it was necessary to be engaged in commerce to return expenses. куда залить картинку
  13. Still to steam of photos хостинг картинок для форумов хостинг картинок бесплатный хостинг картинок хостинг изображений png image share фотохостинг png
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