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  1. I’m following with great interest. I have the Great Wall Hobby kit so I’m interested in the differences. The GWH kit seems difficient in armament loads, plenty on the wings, but not much in the bomb bays.
  2. I can remember seeing one of these at an air show in New Hampshire about 30 years ago. Like a sports car…you had to climb down into it!
  3. Wonderful build! I did this a few years back and I couldn’t believe the effort Revell put into it, seeing as it was a ‘46 concept A/C. The big, one piece wings were great and the cockpit detail was wonderful as you’ve shown. I would do another except I don’t have the room (and my wife would ask “ why do you have two of these?).
  4. Speaking of clean or dirty, how do you keep your workspace and spray booth so clean? just jealous.
  5. It looks really nice. I built two, from the Eduard dual combo. Fun builds. Biggest issue was deciding on the paint scheme!
  6. Since I didn’t see it mentioned yet…have you checked out the YouTube channel for Lou Dalmaso and his build? Also, there is another channel for Ken Spriggs and his build. They are both worth checking out.
  7. Now just waiting for this in 1/72! We got the Discovery in 1/144!
  8. I agree, not inly interesting subject it is one of Revells best efforts. I built one a few years ago and if I can find a photo I’ll share it.
  9. Also, if your kit is old as mine watch for the decals! I had 2 or 3 break on me. Nothing terrible, but I needed to piece the puzzle back together…
  10. 1. The biggest thing was in order to get the fuselage squeezed to get between the wings, the cockpit floor has to be sanded quite a bit to narrow it to make it fit. 2, the seats are only a large simple plastic representation. I remade them from .020 sheet. 3. check the location of the instrument panels when installing the stick. I first ended up with the stick behind the IP! That wouldn’t work. 4. when mounting the stabilizers, there is no positive locating aid. There is an oval etched on the rear of the fuselage, but that would place the stabilizers too far forward. I also sanded an angle to make the stabs sit more horizontal. All in all, not bad build. It looks good when finished.
  11. No problems with photos here. Wonderful job what kit and scale? (in case I missed it)
  12. This is the old 1/72 MPM kit I've had in my stash for a long time. I had to scratch build some new seats and modify the cockpit slightly to get the IP and floor to fit. The rigging is 6 mil ceramic "wonder wire" I've never been able to use.
  13. There have been several builds on YouTube lately, both lighted. look for Ken Spriggs or Lou Dalmaso!
  14. I’ve got this kit in stash. I’m thinking of modifying it to the Canadian EF-101. Add a few extra lumps and bumps and should be good to go. Gloss black with red markings.
  15. Not being familiar with this aircraft…we’re the landing gear really that long? Looks kind of spindly.
  16. At least two builds up on YouTube. The best so far is Lou Dalmaso on his “Aztec dummy” channel.
  17. My son and I flew in a Navion about 20 years ago. It was a demo flight at a local airport open house. pretty cool.
  18. If this the same kit I have in the stash (really old Hasegawa kit), you truly made a silk purse from a sows ear!
  19. I used CREO for many years before I retired. I am now learning FreeCAD and Fusion 360. FreeCad is closest to CREO. I don’t find Fusion very intuitive, but never used ACad products before.
  20. The Vallejo RAF paint set (BOB, I think) has both the PRU blue and Pink.
  21. It looks good. I started this several years ago and it ended up in my “shelf of doom”. I just could not get it together to my satisfaction. maybe this will inspire me to take another crack at it.
  22. Great work! that diorama base would make a “how to” article on it’s own!
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