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  1. They are after market. I got them from Culttvman website. Manufactured by JTgraphics. The kit decals were difficult at best. They were thick and difficult to get to conform to curves, etc.
  2. Two more off of the shelf. Last of last years. Moebious Orion 3 Space clipper Acedemy 1/144 B-1B
  3. precisely…the writing was the key. That was true on many programs from back then (for those in the US…”Northern Exposure!). then fill it out with many seasoned actors and you’ve got greatness.
  4. I finally got some wings on. Seam needs some minor work. I’ve got to start thinking of where I’m going to display it.
  5. The Fujimis are sweet kits. I wish I had picked up a few more before they really become “rare”. Hasegawas offerings aren’t bad either. I haven’t seen the new airfix offerings yet. There is something about the “scooter “ that just looks fun.
  6. I’ve got the Itelari boxing of the Platz kit. Hopefully it has the same good build luck!
  7. I built this about two years ago. Sweet little kit. As others have said, a nice change with no need for after market stuff!
  8. Many years ago when I started out working for Raytheon, somebody sent me an audio clip explaining "missle Guidance systems". If I could find a way to post it, I would. Basically, "the missle knows where it is because it knows where it isnt........."
  9. A not so small update. masking a teeny, tiny canopy x 2. I don’t know how I’ll do the nose canopy. Maybe bare metal foil? after the main canopy it was time for a drink. once I paint the interior black, there’s won’t be much to see inside. So it would be a waste to try to scratch build an interior, besides where the cockpit would be, the instructions call for 20 grams of weight.
  10. It turns that the fuselage has a lot of thick flash. When I checked further, it turns out the slots for mounting the elivators, had heavy flash that I had to trim away. Most of the openings in this beast have some flash, but it is quite thick as you can see in the last opening on the left side. The one area that I think will be the most labor intensive are the wing intakes. The sides have a “draft” that angles to the center. This will need to be filled. Also, if you align the curved portion to the nacelle, the top of the intake might be short of the top of the wing. This creates a small lip that will need to be filled. sanding anything on this kit will remove a lot of detail, since the engraved panels are so fine.
  11. I hadn’t realized it, but last night I looked at my display case and found I’ve completed 8 for the year.
  12. Thanks. At this point I’m looking at my “collection” and seeing what I can build quickly, pretty much out of box. I have one or two other projects ongoing, but are taking a lot of time.
  13. Two out of the stash. First is the hasegawa 1/144 Embrear170. My first airliner. second is the Itelari 1/72 H-9B Chickasaw. My second NMF. I used Tamiya AS-12, decanted and airbrushed. Finished with a semigloss topcoat to knock down the gloss.
  14. OK, I’ve started this beastie. It will need a lot of paint. biggest problems so far are: 1. the main gear struts. They comprise two parts and must be installed before putting the wing together. 2. the elevators mounting tabs are about twice as thick as the slot is wide. Need to do some serious grinding, since the tab is centered on the slot. It might be possible to widen the slot, but I have to keep the elevator centered. I do like the way that Roden has done the wing join at the fuselage. At the inboard end of the wing, they have actually molded half of the fuselage. It’s hard to see under the tape, but the fit is pretty nice.
  15. I’ve begun to try to build this last night. It’s big. the wing has to be some of the heaviest plastic I’ve ever seen. The biggest complaints I have are: 1. the main gear has to be installed when you put the wings together because there are two parts, one being a retraction arm for the main gear leg. It’s mounting slot is inside the wing. Masking will be problematic. 2. the sprue attachment points are huge. Cut as far away as possible from the wing. I’ve already got one divet in the wing trying to remove it from the sprue. 3. the mounting tabs on the elevators are about twice as thick as the slot is wide. Looks like some serious grinding because the tab is centered on the slot so I need to thin the tabs down. It looks like it might be easier to widen the slots. As to the discussion of there being no cockpit…I feel that with the clarity of the canopies and after masking, it will extremely difficult to see anything inside. I’m thinking I’ll paint the inside black and be done with it. I did the academy B-1B recently and it had a rudimentary flight deck. You can’t see much when finished. this is going to be a large model, even in 1/144…and heavy. Roden has made some heavy plastic here and add in 20 grams of weight. It’s going to require a LOT of paint. here is a preliminary look. My spray booth ain’t big enough!
  16. I love that photo. I remember that well. My dad was in the Mass ANG. That was when the 102nd was stationed in East Boston I remember the F-84s they had there. Then they moved to joint Camp Edwards in Otis on Cape Cod. I remember the F-106s flying out of Otis. attached is a photoshop someone had done of a model of a Shamrock F-86.
  17. I love that photo. I remember that well. My dad was in the Mass ANG. That was when the 102nd was stationed in East Boston before the move joint Camp Edwards in Otis on Cape Cod. I remember the F-84s they had there. attached is a photoshop someone had done of a Shamrock F-86.
  18. Since I didn’t read they whole thread, it was pointed out earlier that this is selling quite well. I’ve bought the duo edition and there have been several displayed on this board. As they say… “and now for something completely different!”
  19. I just got the moebius moon bus. Was on sale and I’ve been wanting to add this to my stash. Now,…should I pay as much as I did for the kit to get the photo etch set? i built the Orion clipper late last year.
  20. I hope to be starting Rodin 1/144 B-36B once I finish the project I have on my bench. Time for something largish. I need a new display case.
  21. How well does the SBS cockpit fit? Long ago, I picked up the squadron update set and the resin cockpit was too narrow (by quite a bit). To use it, I would have to shim the space between the kit and resin tub. thanks
  22. And I just happen to have that conversion set! One of these days.
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