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  1. My son and I flew in a Navion about 20 years ago. It was a demo flight at a local airport open house. pretty cool.
  2. If this the same kit I have in the stash (really old Hasegawa kit), you truly made a silk purse from a sows ear!
  3. I used CREO for many years before I retired. I am now learning FreeCAD and Fusion 360. FreeCad is closest to CREO. I don’t find Fusion very intuitive, but never used ACad products before.
  4. The Vallejo RAF paint set (BOB, I think) has both the PRU blue and Pink.
  5. It looks good. I started this several years ago and it ended up in my “shelf of doom”. I just could not get it together to my satisfaction. maybe this will inspire me to take another crack at it.
  6. Great work! that diorama base would make a “how to” article on it’s own!
  7. When I acquired my kit, I also acquired several sets of decals. Most are for Canadian aircraft. Decisions, decisions,…
  8. Th Möbius 1/48 Aries is on preorder now. https://www.culttvmanshop.com/2001-Aries-1B--148-scale-from-Moebius-Models--21499--PREORDER-RESERVATION-Early-bird-price_p_5046.html
  9. You’re welcome. I need a new work space. I’d love to have the new clipper, the 1/350 Discovery and the new 1/48 Aires 1B moon shuttle. I do have the moon bus to build and that will be it for 2001 kits. I can hope for a 1/72 Aires 1B!?
  10. I believe it is a new kit. At 1/72 scale, it should be quite large compared to the existing one, about 29” overall. But it does come with cockpit and cabin details…NO Pan Am decals. It’s up for preorder now, @$160 from https://www.culttvmanshop.com/2001-Space-Clipper--large-kit-172-scale--from-Moebius-Models--15999--PREORDER-RESERVATION-_p_6868.html I’ve done the existing one (1/160th ish) but I don’t have room for the new one! Here is mine The Pan Am decals are second sourced.
  11. Looks great! I have not had any issues with AK extreme metal paints curing (just finishing the Roden B-36B). I have had issues with tamiya tape on the dark aluminum and AK primer. I find that I have to mask (detack the tape by applying it to the inside of my wrist a couple of times first). Then paint immediately. The only real problem I’ve had with AK is the filler/primer. That stuff never seemed to cure. I stayed tacky for weeks. I ended up wiping it off with solvent and using mr surfacer.
  12. It’s popular, because the kit part isn’t even close to fitting. It’s so narrow…QC missed this one!
  13. Star fighter decals offer resin sets for the cockpit and engine.
  14. They are after market. I got them from Culttvman website. Manufactured by JTgraphics. The kit decals were difficult at best. They were thick and difficult to get to conform to curves, etc.
  15. Two more off of the shelf. Last of last years. Moebious Orion 3 Space clipper Acedemy 1/144 B-1B
  16. precisely…the writing was the key. That was true on many programs from back then (for those in the US…”Northern Exposure!). then fill it out with many seasoned actors and you’ve got greatness.
  17. I finally got some wings on. Seam needs some minor work. I’ve got to start thinking of where I’m going to display it.
  18. The Fujimis are sweet kits. I wish I had picked up a few more before they really become “rare”. Hasegawas offerings aren’t bad either. I haven’t seen the new airfix offerings yet. There is something about the “scooter “ that just looks fun.
  19. I’ve got the Itelari boxing of the Platz kit. Hopefully it has the same good build luck!
  20. I built this about two years ago. Sweet little kit. As others have said, a nice change with no need for after market stuff!
  21. Many years ago when I started out working for Raytheon, somebody sent me an audio clip explaining "missle Guidance systems". If I could find a way to post it, I would. Basically, "the missle knows where it is because it knows where it isnt........."
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