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  1. Made OOB, it has few mistakes, but s*** happens I am not completely satisfied, but it will be better in next projects Enjoy.
  2. First layer of paint. It is much darker then you can see in photos because photos was taken in pretty bad light Altough I am building Italeri kit, I have decided to do Academy color scheme...
  3. Some work from today: Tomorrow day for putty
  4. Hello to everyone. I have a few questions and need some help from you First i would like to know can you suggest where could I find some pictures of landing gear interior, cockpit, engine ?? I did try to google but for some thing I get like houndred different things (cockpit) so I don't know which one is most accurate, for some stuff I just can't even find the pictures of real airplane, just pictures of some finished models (landing gear interior) ...
  5. Little video showing build from start to finish I hope you like it
  6. Altough I have BigE on the table i decided to start another model during holidays. This time I moved away from ships and straships and chosed Italeri F-35A Lightning II in 1/72 scale. Here's few pictures of box and it's content Box Two bigger sprues ( A & B )and little one (C) with clear parts. Decals Instructions Model will be out of the box without any aftermarket. I choosed Gunze aqua colors and I am not really a modern aircraft expert (or any aircraft ) so i decided to trust Italeri's color
  7. I didn't update thread, but work did not stop. I am one step to finish this model so here is some pictures i took over time
  8. Does anybody knows where could i find pictures of hangar interior from 82 refit ??
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