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  1. He is talking about royal mail charging import cost pre japan trade deal, i have ordered from plaza hobby 8 times over the last couple of years and always had 100% satisfaction .
  2. The newtool spitfire and messerscmitt are £17 in japan with £5 postage and no import fees due to the Eu trade deal with japan, same price as the substandard airfix spitfire XIV - https://www.plazajapan.com/4950344611195/
  3. Looks like a bumper year for 72nd mig 17's , i saw this smer kit the other day on ebay, no idea whats in the box https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Smer-1-72-Model-Kit-0920-Mikoyan-MiG-17PF-CSSR-USSR-Egypt-Germany-/233242063137?hash=item364e4f7121
  4. i can never quite understand hasegawa's release policy, they tool some much wanted kits and never re-issue them which makes it attractive for other companies to release their own rival tooling which hurts hasegawas marketability, they didn't release the beaufighter for over a decade so airfix did one and now the starfighter has been covered by another company , i cant understand why they dont do a general re-release of their f-111's, they must not want the money .
  5. Well i never though i'd see this kitted
  6. http://www.collectormodel.com/?fbclid=IwAR1Axfm__D36YrRIjAcBwii03FvB5tucMMm_Hr-IwgTi8ITyAqfROBD875A#sthash.yF7WjxMR.dpbs new 1/72nd kit compared to old mpc/fundimensions 1/96 kit
  7. http://www.collectormodel.com/?fbclid=IwAR30x-LMmNGNmrf5YgfQX5-SyItv6ztG13EJSuxX1x9QHIt_nV32uoXsY98#sthash.yF7WjxMR.dpbs
  8. The Bloch's are most welcome, french aircraft are criminally under represented in scale form .
  9. It's the old catch 22 situation, sales fall so you raise prices to maintain cash flow from the smaller market but the price rise deters more potential buyers, so more price rises are needed so price spirals out of control, i used to buy every airfix release before their price rises but now i rarely buy airfix because i can get much higher end kits for the same price, i really do think some of these companies are really slowly suffocating themselves by introducing unrealistic price rises but not increasing quality or continuing to release low quality items at the new inflated price .
  10. If printscale made a nice decal sheet it would be a first, i have used 3 of their sheets none have worked, first one broke up on contact with water and the other two were so thick i cut them up and used the decal to represent armoured panels on a fw-190 .
  11. Tamiya do rebox italeri kits for the Japanese market on a regular basis so the companies do have an existing relationship, it would re interesting to see if tamiya would allow kits from a obsolete mold to be marketed in europe under the Italeri brand
  12. http://www.themodellingnews.com/2019/01/50-years-and-whats-coming-this-year-in.html#more
  13. Those prices just killed a lot of Ebay sales, £11.99 with a brand new usable decal sheet and spares part support rather than £25-£30 with a promise of "looks complete but no returns" .
  14. New tool buccanear kits are like buses, none for ages then two come at once .
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