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  1. i wonder how many of us who own a few of the older kit will rob these intake covers to cover the intakes on the old tool
  2. bombcat parts too, looks like virtually any f-14A can be built from this !!!
  3. Great news, the 72nd kits were fantastic and featured many options never before kitted .
  4. All tv/movie related items are relatively expensive as they have to cover the cost of the licensing fee in the cost of the kit, look at the price of star trek kits for instance .
  5. projected version with a Nakajima Homare radial engine, none were built
  6. I think Italeri should consider going into just strictly aftermarket decal sheets , i'd buy the decal sheet to use on the kinetic kit, i just don't want the useless italeri plastic .
  7. Where did you buy the Butyl Cellosolve from?, it is the same as Vallejo thinner as i have been using it for a couple of years but need a new supply, it is also known as solvaset and 10% mix makes the best decal solvent money can buy .
  8. It's a strange occurrence with the Cheyenne moulds just turning up, i too have been told from the age of being a nipper that the molds had gone into a bog when the train transporting tooling to monogram after the aurora buyout derailed/crashed, my father owned a aurora Cheyenne and he would periodically take it out of his collection and retell me the story, mind you how many years were we all led to believe the revell 1/48th Wessex tooling was lost and kits were changing hand for £75-£90 on a well known auction site, lets cross our fingers and hope the airfix sam-2 turns up again one day .
  9. He is talking about royal mail charging import cost pre japan trade deal, i have ordered from plaza hobby 8 times over the last couple of years and always had 100% satisfaction .
  10. The newtool spitfire and messerscmitt are £17 in japan with £5 postage and no import fees due to the Eu trade deal with japan, same price as the substandard airfix spitfire XIV - https://www.plazajapan.com/4950344611195/
  11. Looks like a bumper year for 72nd mig 17's , i saw this smer kit the other day on ebay, no idea whats in the box https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Smer-1-72-Model-Kit-0920-Mikoyan-MiG-17PF-CSSR-USSR-Egypt-Germany-/233242063137?hash=item364e4f7121
  12. i can never quite understand hasegawa's release policy, they tool some much wanted kits and never re-issue them which makes it attractive for other companies to release their own rival tooling which hurts hasegawas marketability, they didn't release the beaufighter for over a decade so airfix did one and now the starfighter has been covered by another company , i cant understand why they dont do a general re-release of their f-111's, they must not want the money .
  13. Well i never though i'd see this kitted
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