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  1. vallejo Model Colour sprays very nicely too when thinned with vallejo thinner, again it used to be a paint that was impossible to spray but it seems to be made to a better standard nowadays, i use the chemical 2-butoxy ethanol to thin as this is what vallejo thinner is, in the uk it is £10 a litre but you need 2.5% butoxy to 97.5 water!! so a litre goes a long way , you can also thin it too 95% water to make a strong decal solvent, flow improver can be home made with glycerine and water , i would recommend a few drops of a flow improver and retarder in the paint to stop tip dry on humbrol and vallejo or any acrylic paints
  2. Yes they are very good paints and i would heartily recommend them, the 18ml jars are the same high quality paint too .
  3. to be honest i think 3d Printing is just kicking the can down the road a little, it is not the magic cure for any model at anytime , what if you want a 1/24th Grumman wildcat then you just can't print one, somebody has to design the files to be printed which is just a similar problem to having one available in kit form, the best advantage in 3D modelling to modellers is that it will allow faster prototyping and quicker cheaper kit development in the short term, printing off your kit of choice is decades away - remember in 1969 after the moon landing we all thought we'd be living on the moon now ....
  4. there seems to be a problem with the leading edge of the wing not being straight
  5. Very nice, looks like a ship from Toho's Bye bye Jupiter
  6. The hobby is in decline is an attitude that originated in the Late eighties/early nineties and those were dark times, very few new tool kits available and re-issues of 30 year old kits is what was available, the landscape is very different now, it seems every time i go online there is an announcement of a new kit or a new model company from the far east or ex communist block, the hobby is thriving now and we have greater choice than ever. i believe revell need to be brave like Airfix was a few years ago and separate their ranges into newer tooled kits and classics, revell have stung us all with a 40 year old kit in a new box .
  7. You have to wonder why hasegawa don't have kits like the F-111, skyraider and the Beaufighter(before the airfix was released) on a more widespread release, they have already tooled them, probably broke even on the toolings with some profit and modellers have been screaming out for re-issues for years, hard to believe that re-issues would not have been profitable when hasegawa have some 40-50 year old kits on permanent release like the 72nd sea harrier and uh-1d , puzzles the mind .
  8. I have built a couple of the 48th Eagles and can heartily recommend them, at around £130 each they are not cheap but 48th resin kits used to sell to close to £1000 so i suppose they are good value for money, alot of sanding on the spine parts to remove the seams needed is the only build concern .
  9. The great thing with Zvezda is who would have predicted a 72nd C-130 from them and it's high quality, so what in 2021?, who the hell knows but whatever it is it will be great and affordable, best model company out there at the moment if you ask me .
  10. there's the fuselage cross section, it is not flat but has a radius to it .
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