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  1. Trumpeter does not seem to look at competitors kits, not even to validate or 2nd opinion their own work, they could have checked their own B.P defiant against the airfix but instead trumpeter released a complete botched job, Very strange of them .
  2. gavingav

    Airfix Classics Launched

    If you buy new from airfix you get a brand new product with guarantees and customer support, on ebay you get "appears complete " and a kit with an old rubbish out of register decal sheet and very little comeback if the seller states sold as seen .
  3. gavingav

    Airfix Classics Launched

    It's never a case of moulds paying for themselves so the kit should be a much lower price, any production run even from an older mould needs mould maintenance which cost money, staff must be paid to produce the kits, running the injection moulding machines cost money and there are the packaging and decal sheet redesign costs that all must be recouped from a limited run of production kits, nothing is ever free .
  4. I have just bookmarked the website, Thank you .
  5. gavingav

    Tamiya price rise?

    "minimum advertised price program" is just that and does not effect the price of kits anywhere in the world, it just means if you want to sell 1/48th tamiya mosquito's at 99P then you cant advertise that price because it is below tamiya's minimum allowed advertised price but you can sell them at that price in your shop, you just cant advertise the fact, this is done to stop crazy online reductions being advertised but go to any online store who sells tamiya cheap and they will still be cheap they just are not allowed to advertise it anymore . There is so much confusion about this, that tamiya are price fixing and it's illegal, tamiya are not fixing any prices and this practice is quite legal, they just wont let you publicise your discounts if it falls below tamiya's bottom price but you can sell at any price you desire-there is no price fixing going on .
  6. Just as strange as no mainstream kit of the tantive iv, the first star wars ship to appear on screen afterall .
  7. gavingav

    Airfix Classics Launched

    A bout 5 years ago not long after the last re-issue my father sold a original issue bagged in a zip lock bag with tatty instructions and damaged decal sheet for £78 on ebay, he included lots of pictures and a very honest description of the item, who knows may be some modellers are believing the myth of a kits value and not doing any actual research into current pricing
  8. gavingav

    Airfix Classics Launched

    The srn-4 is a strange kit, it cant sell at £19.99 when re- issued but commands amazing high prices on the second hand market, it seems to hover between not enough demand for a full production run but is still a highly desirable kit to those who are interested, the tamiya Chevrolet LRDG is the same, cant sell them new at £20ish but was going for £75-£90 second hand, the model market is a strange place at times .
  9. firstly .............. and ..........
  10. it surprises me that Academy didn't release the 1/72nd f-4j with parts to do a c/d, they must not want the cash .
  11. What's wrong with the easy to build, perfectly accurate and readily available italeri kit
  12. Lets hope post brexit we can score some good international trade deals
  13. Sure Gene, it is the area directly behind the pilots cockpit, should be aluminium on the real aircraft not a glazed area , i have marked the area out on the photo below and included a picture of my build where i corrected, it isnt easy to correct glazing and it was a scary job when i paid collectors price for an out of production kit, one slip or a crack in the canopy whilst sanding and game over . area with extra frames in red my own corrected build non corrected build