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  1. !/48th starfighter, Heller never tooled their own 48th kit, i wonder if it's new tool or somebody else's .
  2. Hypersonic models have been promising a new tools sr-71 since 2015 and they recently released a starter cart for the aircraft, i wonder if revell have taken over that project but anyways it's good news .
  3. And at £18 it's very reasonably priced .
  4. 1/35th leyland retriever !!
  5. Good, i cashed my kit in on ebay for an embarrassingly huge pile of cash and now regret it, be glad to pick up another kit at reasonable rates .
  6. They could be making multiple versions and companies never make the most popular version the first release, they release the lesser versions so you will buy that in your excitement then go back and buy a 2nd kit when the actual version you want comes out a year or two later - how many times have we all been stung with that marketing ploy .
  7. http://www.ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Hersteller_News/Revell_News_2020_I.html
  8. I think it's a bit early to be claiming hasegawa are not releasing any new kits with news letter 1 of 2020 but having said that and looking at the new tools of the last few years it does seem that the importers with their crazy prices in europe have somewhat damaged hasegawa's marketability, short terms profits for them have possibly harmed hasegawa's long term viability or range of product they seem to be tooling.
  9. i wonder how many of us who own a few of the older kit will rob these intake covers to cover the intakes on the old tool
  10. bombcat parts too, looks like virtually any f-14A can be built from this !!!
  11. Great news, the 72nd kits were fantastic and featured many options never before kitted .
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