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  1. Just wow!! Absolutely beautiful, I thought it was sprayed until I saw the brush comments, I missed that so reread the original post and appreciated it even more!! I wish I could paint like that! Also you did the new scheme 'bend' really well at the front, was it fiddly putting that blue stripe on? Like many, I've had the KLM experience, was lucky enough to get the Cityhopper Skyteam Ejet from AMS to BRS. Took off like a bleedin rocket, and landing on 09 at Bristol he was determined to turn off at the middle exit so threw out the anchors, I'm surprised
  2. Hello all, I have finally finished my Skyline Models 737-300 that I started some point during the first lockdown, I think, been at it on and off but finally put it all together! With the help of Skodadriver's post (I think it was!! I can't find it!) showing a WIP guide, I put the wings and stabilizers on before painting them so I could fill in the horrible gaps, it's the first time I've ever done that as I usually paint the wings and then stick them on once the body had been sprayed. This is my second Jet 2 737, but the first one that is not a scrap version
  3. Hello all, Not sure this goes in the For Sale section, as it's an Ebay listing, and it's not mine just one I found and ends tomorrow (31st October) Just thought I'd post it as a heads up for those really needing one. I got one a couple of weeks ago as a buy it now for £25, be prepared to pay around that mark as an average, if you really need one it's not a bad price IMHO. I needed a second one as I have 2 decal sheets, I'd be tempted to bid on this one as well, but I don't want to be hoarding these! Just a heads up anyway for those interested: https://www.eb
  4. Thank you very much for your responses! I completely forgot to say thanks, only until I was just on Ebay that reminded me I was looking at Ebay for Tamiya car ideas, and saw a Nissan 350Z. There's one of these dumped over the road at work, not completely wrecked up, but certainly worn. I'd be tempted to give it a go, the bid price for one started at about a fiver, I maxed it to £17 but went for £23 including P&P. Not knowing if it was rare, I looked for a buy it now option, and looks like I can pick it up for £19 with free postage! I usually filter au
  5. Hello all, My first post in this area! I'm usually found in the aircraft area, but recently I've started collecting vehicles, as trucks and cars are my interest in general as well. Nothing much, I only have a Revell Mini Cooper S (might build it), Itelari Ford Escort RS1800 and a Renault R5 Alpine Rally which was going cheap at Telford show last year. Not built any yet, still building model airliners but I might make a start with the Alpine as well. Don't know what the RS1800 will be like, but having found one in the WIP section, not looking forward to it at
  6. That is a very good finish, thanks for sharing and adding to the model airliners collection! Superb! I don't envy you doing the blue underside, one thing I never look forward to is painting undersides! As commented by others, I too agree the match to the rear decals is seamless, and matches perfectly. Thanks for sharing! James,
  7. Out of interest, is the Brasil ones a bit iffy in some way? Not seen what they are like, is the colouring a bit wrong or are the gold lines not quite as detailed? Not looking at buying the Brasil ones, just curious having seen the BS Modelle ones that's all!
  8. Thank you Ian, That nose door was a pain to be honest, should have asked or even checked real photos, I checked for pictures of built MD-80s of this kit, some have the bigger door open, some don't. The manual isn't much use apart from telling you to have the bigger door upright and and arrow pointing down to the wheel well...there's no 'post fitting' diagram example which would have helped! I thought about putting them closed, but as they are two separate pieces I knew that putting them in separately would have been a nightmare, having already pictured in my mind that
  9. Thank you guys! I didn't know of the livery until I saw the decals, surprised there isn't a 'operated by Swift Air' logo on the real thing, maybe because it's a team plane. Didn't know of those wing decals! I did it by hand, no masking, just a thin brush for the thin lines with a magnifying glass, a lot of concentration!
  10. Echo that, and Yeovilton! Bloody good finish! Well worn and looks stunning!
  11. Astonishing build, makes the 319 look lovely! Decals look fiddly but are set out perfectly
  12. Hello all, Just finished this latest build. the Minicraft MD-80 kit with Swiftair Real Madrid EC-JQV decals by TwoSix. EC-JQV was painted up in the Real Madrid livery in 2007 to carry the football team and VIP's around until 2009 when they stopped using the plane for political reasons. EC-JQV was scrapped in 2012 but it lives on in 1/144 scale! For a Minicraft build this wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, certainly better than the 737-400 kit, but that's not to say it's a doddle, still needed a fair bit of filler for the fuselage join, but the wings we
  13. Wow!! What a stunning build!! Thanks for sharing, looks beautiful in the Emirates livery, and good decal choice too. I have a Zvezda 777 in the stash, so glad to hear it goes together well James.
  14. Very good build! Absolute superb finish and highly detailed! The decals look stunning and I echo everyone's comments that you wouldn't have thought it was a difficult build. Not looking forward to building my A380 in the stash now I also have the 'cut away' kit that I can see being a nightmare!
  15. They are both brilliant builds there!! Cracking job! Nice to see the E190 build as I have one in my stash to do, so thanks for the heads up on the engines! That CRJ looks stunning, looks like a great build that and didn't even know there was such a kit! Will have to look into that. Thanks for sharing these two brilliant birds, can't find fault with any of those! James.
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