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  1. Thank you for the comments guys Skodadriver - I didn't realise it was the old tooling, not bad for what it is in that case! I didn't sand down the rivets, once the decals are on and the lower half painted they aren't noticeable. Engines and wings clipped in quite nicely, it's just a shame the horizontal stabilizer is one piece, rather than two holes in the tail to glue them in to, it would have been a lot easier when you have a livery where it covers the tail from the bottom right through to the top! Graeme - Neither had I, picked these up at the Nationals at Telford, thought it would look rather nice when built! James.
  2. Hello all, Finally finished my next airliner, a Boeing B727-100 using Revell's 1/144 Germania boxing 727 that was released a couple of years ago, with LANICA (Líneas Aéreas de Nicaragua) decals by Classic Airlines. A very good set they are too! The kit was quite nice to build, a step up from what I've started with as all I've really done so far is all over white liners with decals, so having to paint the bottom half aluminium (and make the line straight) so that was a but tricky. The landing wheel doors (I had a thread about this in the 'modern' section on this forum) were a bit fiddly, for some reason they seemed to me to be way too long, I couldn't fit it in without the wheel being in the way so I cut it in half to fit. Usual filling required in some places but otherwise a nice kit! You may notice a bit of decal missing on the livery, I know about that and I'm not worried about that it's just too much faff, if you haven't noticed it that's fine Thanks for looking! James.
  3. Hello all, Been meaning to put this up for some time now, but here is my complete model of an F.53 Lightning. The kit is the 1990's Chematic F.6 1/72 kit, which apparently is the FROG kit. Picked this up for something silly like £3 or something, and decided to base it on the Saudi F.53 53-686 / G-AWON at Norwich Aviation Museum. A basic rough and ready kit, but even at a cheap price I doubt I'll be doing one of these again, fit's aren't that good but I suppose it's what you get for an old kit. It certainly was a test of patience putting it together that in the end I put it aside for a long time and just couldn't face carrying on with it, so got an expert friend to push me back into it and helped me finish it, Being my second military jet I've ever done, I can't help but think I should have done some easier ones first, without the help I think this could have ended up stored for life, sold or thrown away! Here is the completed kit: James.
  4. Ahh gear strut that's the word I was looking for I see so looking at the photo, part 30 and 31 actually go right next to that flap track fairing? Not in the wheel well where the gear strut goes. I was wondering where the outboard flat edge was glued to. Thank you for the help, if I get a moment I'll post a picture to confirm if I have it right. Thank you very much! James.
  5. Hell all, if anyones built the Revell B727-100 I need some help as I'm stuck on the instructions (the new style colour one) Where do the wheel doors, parts 30 and 31, go as it looks like its telling me to put it at the end of the wheel well, it fits in but it covers the two holes where the wheel gear goes, so how does that work? This is on instruction number 13a. Are you otherwise supposed to glue it to the wheel gears but then it doesnt show that at all. I'm just wondering how you are supposed to put part 30 and 31 in and get the wheel gear arms in the two parrallel holes which are covered by the wheel doors... if none of that made any sense at all, I'll try and put some pics on Flickr when I can any help appreciated! James
  6. Soloturk

    Telford 2018

    Didn't see Draw Decal, Lima November decals nor BOA decals. Still managed to find one Boeing 737 MAX-8 (surprised there was only one unless there was more that went) so snapped that up for £20, and just had to get the Eastern Express B757-300 too!
  7. Absolutely amazing! Did not expect this when I opened the thread! Stunning detail and a superb dio James.
  8. Very impressive John! Very good finish, nice bit of weathering on the tail too, decals look very nice! James.
  9. Thank you everyone! Only ever built an F-16 so probably not ideal as a second military jet model but still, got to start somewhere! Never noticed the walk around shots so thank you very much, that walk around of the Norwich is very handy as that's the one I want to do James.
  10. Hello all, I am building the Chematic Lightning F.6 kit, probably not ideal for someone like me who's not knowledgable on the smaller details of a lightning, as the painting guide with the kit is pretty hopeless. If anyone has this kit what colour is part 8 and 10 please? It's the part that attaches to the landing gear. Also what colour would the landing gear door that's attached to the wing, is it silver? If it helps I'm doing the Saudi version Any help is appreciated! James.
  11. Got an old Revell Colour Red 32 that's no good anymore so I went to the local Toy Shop which sells the range of Revell Colours. There was no 32, and they never heard of it, and he googled it and couldn't find it. I tried myself and I couldn't find a result either. I got another purple red instead hoping it will be a close match. Just wondered if anyone knows what happened to the 32? Has it been renumbered to something else or is it discontinued? James.
  12. Didn't pick one up at the Nationals, Hannants were the only ones selling them at around £45, but it's on their store at around £38, but as mentioned it's listed as 'future releases' and not in stock. There were quite a lot left over on the Saturday, would have thought they still had some unless they are just taking that stock around shows at the moment. In no rush at the moment so going to keep an eye on their site over the next week and see if it changes
  13. I am always hard on myself! Maybe I need to step back and not worry too much about it.. Stever219 - don't know about all the fleet but I did look up my one I built F-GMDB, if your interested it's still knocking around as OO-SFN with Brussels Airlines (re-registered to OO-SFN when transferred from Air Inter to Sabena) *EDIT* - just looked it up, there were 4 A330's, three went to Sabena/Brussels Airlines and are still flying, the 4th went to Aer Lingus as EI-ORD but has been scrapped
  14. Thanks Dave!! I can see I have made it way too dark, and wasn't aware of the metalic edge until now, so thank you for that tip too, it is most appreciated and I hope I can do a better job of it next time I couldn't figure out the manual in regards to the landing gears, I should have made the hole bigger as you say as it would have helped but by that point the axle fell off, and the other axles had already broken on the sprue anyway. I can't remember what number it was in the instructions, you may remember, but I noticed there's a part (wheel well?) underneath that suggest's you paint it and then cover it up so you can't see the painted bit anyway It's a cover on the main fuselage by the landing gears so I assume it's a wheel well
  15. Thanks guys! I'm not familiar with Air Inter either to be honest, I do have a habit of buying out of production decals that is a long gone airliner in an unusual livery (I tend not to go for classic stuff like TWA, Pan Am etc). In regards to the rear windows, from what I recall the floor is sloped as well, but I can't remember if it was something to do with the angle of the fuselage or if it was to increase space underneath at the back... SPGhost - Thanks! Have you got some projects yet to finish then? I have learnt a lot, but I have already learnt a few things which sounds like something you learnt, something always goes wrong . I think all my kits are not 100%, I have never used all the parts required as I can't seem to manage fiddly bits!
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