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  1. Soloturk

    Lightning F.6 landing gear

    Thank you everyone! Only ever built an F-16 so probably not ideal as a second military jet model but still, got to start somewhere! Never noticed the walk around shots so thank you very much, that walk around of the Norwich is very handy as that's the one I want to do James.
  2. Soloturk

    Lightning F.6 landing gear

    Hello all, I am building the Chematic Lightning F.6 kit, probably not ideal for someone like me who's not knowledgable on the smaller details of a lightning, as the painting guide with the kit is pretty hopeless. If anyone has this kit what colour is part 8 and 10 please? It's the part that attaches to the landing gear. Also what colour would the landing gear door that's attached to the wing, is it silver? If it helps I'm doing the Saudi version Any help is appreciated! James.
  3. Soloturk

    Revell Colour Red 32

    Got an old Revell Colour Red 32 that's no good anymore so I went to the local Toy Shop which sells the range of Revell Colours. There was no 32, and they never heard of it, and he googled it and couldn't find it. I tried myself and I couldn't find a result either. I got another purple red instead hoping it will be a close match. Just wondered if anyone knows what happened to the 32? Has it been renumbered to something else or is it discontinued? James.
  4. Soloturk

    Kinetic 1/48 T-Harrier...any good?

    Didn't pick one up at the Nationals, Hannants were the only ones selling them at around £45, but it's on their store at around £38, but as mentioned it's listed as 'future releases' and not in stock. There were quite a lot left over on the Saturday, would have thought they still had some unless they are just taking that stock around shows at the moment. In no rush at the moment so going to keep an eye on their site over the next week and see if it changes
  5. I am always hard on myself! Maybe I need to step back and not worry too much about it.. Stever219 - don't know about all the fleet but I did look up my one I built F-GMDB, if your interested it's still knocking around as OO-SFN with Brussels Airlines (re-registered to OO-SFN when transferred from Air Inter to Sabena) *EDIT* - just looked it up, there were 4 A330's, three went to Sabena/Brussels Airlines and are still flying, the 4th went to Aer Lingus as EI-ORD but has been scrapped
  6. Thanks Dave!! I can see I have made it way too dark, and wasn't aware of the metalic edge until now, so thank you for that tip too, it is most appreciated and I hope I can do a better job of it next time I couldn't figure out the manual in regards to the landing gears, I should have made the hole bigger as you say as it would have helped but by that point the axle fell off, and the other axles had already broken on the sprue anyway. I can't remember what number it was in the instructions, you may remember, but I noticed there's a part (wheel well?) underneath that suggest's you paint it and then cover it up so you can't see the painted bit anyway It's a cover on the main fuselage by the landing gears so I assume it's a wheel well
  7. Thanks guys! I'm not familiar with Air Inter either to be honest, I do have a habit of buying out of production decals that is a long gone airliner in an unusual livery (I tend not to go for classic stuff like TWA, Pan Am etc). In regards to the rear windows, from what I recall the floor is sloped as well, but I can't remember if it was something to do with the angle of the fuselage or if it was to increase space underneath at the back... SPGhost - Thanks! Have you got some projects yet to finish then? I have learnt a lot, but I have already learnt a few things which sounds like something you learnt, something always goes wrong . I think all my kits are not 100%, I have never used all the parts required as I can't seem to manage fiddly bits!
  8. Soloturk

    #892 Squadron Royal Navy Fg.1 Phantom

    Very nice looking beast there! I feel for you on the decal side, not quite the same but I had some old decals long gone out of production, which I like collecting because they are rare, but a pig to work with as the one I had was so thin it was ridicoulous, touch it and it breaks! Nice build though I like it James.
  9. Hello all, Can't remember when I started this, a few months ago but I've finally finished it! A couple of times I nearly threw it away!! It's the Revell A330 with the old Airbus house markings boxing. I'm not sure what the Aer Lingus etc boxing ones are like, but this one was really ropy so I hope the later ones are improved! That or it may be the fact it was a bad apple from the start and throughout, both problems with the kit and problems I done, it was badly jinxed! 1. I put the nose gear the wrong way round, didn't notice until near the end when I put the wheels on, so it's not in the right place but too late to fix it! 2. The landing wheel detailing bit's were useless, and the axles snapped so had to glue the wheels to the gears! 3. The front nose gear snapped in half, had to glue that back together which wasn't easy! 4. I totally stuffed up painting the engine cowlings white, it's come out rather lumpy 5. I didn't realise the rear light blue decal goes through the horizontal stabilizers, I only noticed after I already glued them in!! So had to cut the decal to fit around the stabilizers with some help! 6. The wing fit left a noticeable gap, filled it with krystal clear so I could paint over it, then I couldn't remember what paint I used for the wing, so I left it, I can't be bothered to fix it 7. The extra decals I used for the stenciling wasn't easy, some of the numbers in the instructions didn't match the decal sheet, or some numbers were missing leaving you to work it out! 8. A fair amount of filling was required, even I managed to stuff some of it up! 9. Small decal bit's ended up in the water monster, so didn't bother with those in the end 10. I used a dark grey on the top of the wing, as I say can't remember what colour, but I'm not sure it's right to be honest?? BUT here it is, finished, and to me look's like an A330. I used Liveries Unlimited 'Air Inter' decal sheet, along with the Thai Airway's sheet from Revell's other A330 kit for the stenciling. Thanks for looking! C&C is welcome, but yes I do know it's not accurate James.
  10. Soloturk

    Revell Routemaster any tips?

    Thanks Alan! I picked this up at the Yeovilton show when it was on for £20, seemed to recall thinking it was a bargain because it came with etched brass, a small LT red paint pot and I think an extra seat decal as extras. Its in the attic at the moment so haven't checked but I seem to recall the bloke telling me he did ask Revell for an extra decal to be sent, might have been more than one but I'll see when I get it down. Thanks for the plasticard tip too, I shall try to remember to do that rayprit - thanks for that link! Looks amazing with lights! I'd love to try something like that, will have a look around for LEDs
  11. Wow!! That looks amazing! Funny I don't recall seeing an Helvetic F100 but I'm sure I've seen HB-JVC so I either have seen one or it's been registered on something else since Very nice finish, was the rest of the kit a reasonable build? Nearly got one at an aviation fair second hand, but he wanted £20 so I didn't buy it! I hope this does get re-issued!
  12. Hello all, Anyone who has built the 1/24 Revell Routemaster is there any tips to building it it? I feel like taking this on but I have never built any vehicle kits. I've mostly built a handful of airline models and often I've had tips on ignoring sections in the instructions and doing things differently to make it 10 times easier. Can the this be built following the instructions in order? Is it best to paint the panels before gluing it together? Or is it best to paint it once it's all put together? I'd quite like to do this one Any help appreciated!
  13. Soloturk

    My current model build is my enimy!

    Glad it's not just me then!! I get a bit OCD with models, if I have the slightest kink painting a straight line I get quite annoyed about it and think it will be picked up by anyone looking at it. Credit to my modelling friend though who tell's me not to worry about it. For the past couple of year's I've never perfected painting tyres round, always getting bit's in the trims, but then I go to show's and see other people having the same problem, I don't feel bad about it then! I shall take advise and just get on with it no matter what happens, you are right it's supposed to be fun, I think I'm taking it too serious. Having noted my error's I thought 'well I can't display that now can I' but hell, I'll take it to the next model show next year Thank's for the kit avoidance advice's! I try and avoid any Minicraft civil airliners unless I'm smashing them up for a diorama, but I've heard their classic airlines and military stuff isn't too bad though?
  14. Soloturk

    My current model build is my enimy!

    I haven't built a lot, some of you know I started this a couple of years ago and had one kit that was a bit iffy but my current one is jinxed! Must be my 13th build or something! Not sure if it's just me or if it's a common occurance in the modelling world? My current kit is Revells A330 Airbus house markings boxing, using DACO's Thai Airways decals sheet for the detailing. What's wrong with it: 1. I put the nose gear wheel well back to front, so the nose gear is at the front rather than the back. 2. The two fuselage fits was hopeless, needed a lot of filler and one half seemed bent (is that what warping is?) 3. A piece that goes between the wheel and the gear arm in the middle, the wheel wouldn't go in the hole so threw it away. 4. The wheels for the main gear has an axle piece as described above to go through the hole, these broke off easily so ended up glueing the wheels to the gears with krystal clear. 5. Nosewheel gear snapped in half, krystal clear job again 6. Wing fits are hopeless, big gap left between wing and fuselage. 7. Landing gear on one of the wings isn't straight had to knock that to straighten it up a bit 8. I lost count the amount of times I painted the wing and had to repaint bits, as I kept accidentally painting over the already painted bits. 9. I used a dark grey on the top wing, which, now thinking about it, it's wrong. 10. Small decal pieces has ended up in the water monster, along with a couple of ariels ending up in the carpet monster. 11. Painted engine cowlings white, they look rubbish, a few paint lumps. I'm still finishing it off, I will get it done despite a couple of times I nearly threw it in the bin. So many problems with it, I know some of those are my errors, but it's like a jinx with so many kit and human errors!! Anyone else had problem after problem with a lot of kit or human error faults? Did you finish them? James.
  15. Soloturk

    A330 Wingtip paint help

    Graeme H - Yes thats what I mean, the tip itself is white like the Swiss example but I was wondering about the bit that joins on to the wing on the kit, which I was wondering if it is part of the wing itself. I shall paint that grey then. Thank you all for the help just the answers I was looking for, thank you! James.