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  1. What about Eduard colour PE? Or Neomega does a cheap pit that has amazing detail just unsure if it fit Revell or not. Neomega pit Eduard LooK GR.1 Then with the Eduard bit you can use the Kit World 3D for side panels.
  2. There has been some really great info in this post. I wasn't expecting this kind of response when i posted this question but it's been fantastic thank you everyone.
  3. Wow thanks for the info i will have to remember about the blue and black thread @Thomas Bell
  4. I'm guessing Aim-9G would still be needed for 1972 as well?
  5. Thanks, Wasn't the Aim-9G a USN only missile? Or is Wikipedia wrong about that?
  6. I have the Victor and missed out on the Valant, i totally forgot that the Vulcan was coming out as a new tool. Looks like it need a lot of work due to errors i might have to pass i think.
  7. I am in the middle of building a Fgr.2 while i wait for parts for my Op Bolo build, Now i was looking for missiles for my FGR.2 it's going to be a 1974 Coningsby what Sidewinder Mark was they? I thought they might be Aim-9B's but im not so sure now.
  8. @Johnson 1/72 i think you are better of modding a Mk.7 as unlike in 1/48 no one will really notice too much tbh. As it's mainly the top part of the seat that different from i can see. And as rule of thumb your model.
  9. So that big step in price for a few added bombs and missiles..
  10. As far as i can see it's about the same subject so knock yourself out, besides that's what's this forum is all about.
  11. Hase does a Beast mod version where you have the weapon bays open and weapons on the wings thats not included in the standard version. But it's a lot more expensive over the standard kit though.
  12. Well got all my parts from Jeffrey at Hypersonics arrived really quickly considering everything. I am really impressed and customer service is fantastic. As parts are here once i get some free time i be able to kick start this project.
  13. Why would the F-4E need gun pods when it has a Internal Gun fitted? Unlike the F-4B/C/D/J/N that would need Gun gods the F-4E got fitted with one in the Nose area.
  14. I may have missed it @CedB but does the Revell kit come with both types of rear tail turrets (Cheyenne) etc. As for your work on them you have done amazing i hope my upcoming project is to this standard and i be happy, but then i have been stuck in a blasted rut.
  15. Thanks Jonathan, that has helped a lot, i will give it a go as i want to sharpen my scratch building skills, but as a back up i have some seats on order from Jeffrey at Hypersonic anyway.
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