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  1. This is amazing work and info. This is one plane i admire but i have never actually built or owned. The size puts me off a little but she can't be that much bigger than a Victor right?
  2. I’m new to car kits I dabbled a few times unsuccessfully but I’m trying again, All 1/24 Fujimi Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer IX Aoshima Mitsubishi Evolution Lancer X Final Edition Revell McLaren 570s Tamiya Ferrari FXX Tamiya Ford GT Fujimi Lamborghini Veneno Italeri Ford Transit Police I had been looking for the Lamborghini for a long time and found it on Kingkit for £49.99 I am glad I finally got it I am just unsure if it’s worth that price tag to be honest.
  3. I have dabbled with Car kits before but i am newbie with them but i have a few in the stash, but i have been looking for the Lamborghini Veneno for awhile and i found it on KingKit not sure its worth it's £49.99 price tag but i am happy i have the kit. And i saw they had the Tamiya Ford GT as well so i grabbed that at the same time. IMG_2262 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr IMG_2261 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr
  4. That's some fantastic work. For not wanting a museum piece you are well on the way to having one. You have me wanting me to drag out my Tamiya D kit.
  5. I have been wondering now since the GWH release of the F-15 kits in 1/48. Is the Revell kit still the best kit for the F-15E in 1/48? Or has the GWH knock it off it’s throne? I know there F-15C has knock the Hase F-15C off the throne. I know the Academy new boxing is there same boxing with the same shape issues same with Italeri.
  6. Nice looking F-16 you have there. As for the Block 32. it all depends on how much money you wish to spend and how much detail you like? Straight OOB you have the best option: Tamiya F-16C Block 25/32 boxing in 1/48 Hasegawa F-16C Block 32 you will have to hunt for this one or buy the CJ and just buy the AM small mouth intake and correct Afterburner nozzle. in 1/48 Or if you love a challenge Kinetic kits some of the kits have issues but some have been fixed there is fit issues as well but you can pick them up cheap. personally i only buy there IDF F-16 kits as Hase on
  7. @exdraken It will be done in Russian colours based in Germany: 2nd Sqn, 20th Guards Fighter Bomber Regiment, 16th Air Army, Russian Air Force, Gross-Dolln AB Germany Spring 1992
  8. Thought i better show my work so far as i forgot to up till now. The nose cone is slightly off as there is no guides or any way to show that its aligned right which sucks. IMG_1943 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr IMG_1944 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr IMG_1945 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr IMG_1946 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr IMG_1947 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr
  9. Had a few new kits and accessories. Hobbyboss 1/48 Su-30MKK Flanker G Hobbyboss 1/48 Su-27 Flanker B Kitty Hawk 1/48 Su-35 Flanker E GWH 1/48 MIG 29 9-13 Koreans Peoples Army Airforce Limited Edition Eduard 1/48 Mirage IIICJ Shachak Accessories Begemot 1/48 Su-27 Family Part 1 Quickboost 1/48 Nose Correction for KH Su-35 Various brands of paint masks in 1/48
  10. Does anyone know if this kit needs weight in the nose? The instructions don't say if it does or not. Anyone know?
  11. This is my first model in a long time. I am hoping that it will take me out of a rut and as i always liked the look of the Su-17/22. I like to say a big thanks you to harvy5 for helping me out on a lot of questions. I have a few bits and pieces for it: Master Pitot Hi Decals Eduard R-60 Missiles Eduard R-3S Eduard Seat Belts Canopy Masks It won't be a fast build. IMG_1889 by Simon, on Flickr
  12. I been wanting to start my 1/48 Hobby Boss Su-17M4 with lots of goodies I treated myself too. I have been doing some searching online to try and figure out what colour the cockpit should be. Instructions says Grey but the prepainted pe set is a dark turquoise. And pics I have found don’t help as they seem to be black and white. It’s like photos of Russian military stuff from the 70’s-80’s seemed to be B&W like nobody owned a colour camera. Anyway back on topic. So can anyone help me out with which colour I need for the cockpit? Also I got some 1/48 Eduard R-60 would they be ok fo
  13. Got 3 new kits: Revell 1/32 P-51D 03944 Eduard 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat Weekend Edition Eduard 1/48 F6F-5 Hellcat Weekend Edition
  14. For my Birthday today: Revell 1/48 AD-5 (A-1E) Tamiya 1/32 F-4E Phantom Early Production from other half Tamiya 1/32 F-16CJ Block 50 from Mum , Dad and Sisters i put pictures up tomorrow when I get home
  15. I got a AFV 1/35 Churchill Mk.III from my sister for xmas. I have never built a AFV kit is there anything I should watch out for?
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