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  1. @Evil_Toast_RSA You are right, for some reason i thought it was the Vindicator.
  2. I pull up a seat and follow this one, as i have the GWH kit in the stash to do at some point. So and at the ready.
  3. This does look amazing, i would be concerned about the landing gear, all that weight on resin struts, that's not going to end well. So i will be following to see how you will deal with that.
  4. Yeah Langleys are moving Location according to staff. So stock is a bit limited at the moment but it was nice none the less. The next nearest store was a model railway shop called Great Eastern Railway Models.
  5. No doing Hannants on way home but in Norwich as the women want to go shopping there
  6. I am staying in Great Yarmouth and so far only found one place that sells models that is mostly a toy shop. I am off to Norwich tomorrow can anyone point to a proper model shop that’s a actually has lots of different Aircraft model kits?
  7. I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the best 1/48 Saab Viggen kit is? I have always wanted one but never really got around to buying one and now with a few options out there i am unsure which way to go. What is the easiest for build that?
  8. What about Eduard colour PE? Or Neomega does a cheap pit that has amazing detail just unsure if it fit Revell or not. Neomega pit Eduard LooK GR.1 Then with the Eduard bit you can use the Kit World 3D for side panels.
  9. There has been some really great info in this post. I wasn't expecting this kind of response when i posted this question but it's been fantastic thank you everyone.
  10. Wow thanks for the info i will have to remember about the blue and black thread @Thomas Bell
  11. I'm guessing Aim-9G would still be needed for 1972 as well?
  12. Thanks, Wasn't the Aim-9G a USN only missile? Or is Wikipedia wrong about that?
  13. I have the Victor and missed out on the Valant, i totally forgot that the Vulcan was coming out as a new tool. Looks like it need a lot of work due to errors i might have to pass i think.
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