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  1. They are made of vinyl and you get extra masks as well just in case which is good. I not tried them yet but the instructions are easy to follow. Time will tell if they are worth the £10 or not.
  2. Thanks guys, I am planning on getting some started on this over the long weekend, just trying to get my 1/24 Curtainsider trailer to stage of needing paint first.
  3. Well my new parts for the kit has arrived, i am gonna have to dig through my references as the plane i have decided on needs some scratchbuilding which i have NEVER done as it needs: Blue Eric ECM Blade on the Starboard Cannonpack LMTS fit on the nose Untitled by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr Untitled by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr Untitled by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr Untitled by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr
  4. I am building a Airfix 1/72 Harrier GR.3 for the Falklands GB, i have the Eduard set for it and upon closer inspection something seems off to me. The colour seems wrong maybe? IMG_E4118 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr
  5. I'm not entirly happy with the Eduard set, the colour seems off to me? IMG_E4118 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr
  6. Well this is my first GB and i'm hoping that i will get it finished as i am not a very fast builder. But i am hoping that this will help me over come this to be honest. I decided to go with the GR.3 because no one is doing one plus it's one of my favorates. I am unsure on markings yet as i have some coming from Hannants and i was going to use Eduard set but i am tempted to use the Kits world 3D cockpit set to see how they look compaired to QS stuff ( i know smaller scale ) . Anyway on with the box shoots. IMG_4113 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr IMG_4114 by HarrierViperFan, on Flickr
  7. I have a few kits that fit this GB but i am unsure if i sure join in as i'm not the fastest builder and i not done a GB before.
  8. THe QS stuff does look amazing and simple to use. I guess i just have to get over my nerves and just use them.
  9. I will be taking a seat on this one as well. I have a GWH Su-35 to do so i will be taking pointers especially on the Quinta Studios stuff as i have lots of it but been too scared to take the plung with it.
  10. Tamiya? Did'nt know Tamiya did a Super Hornet?
  11. I just looked at the kit as promised. You get 2x R-27 and 4x R-60.
  12. I have that kit i can have a look later on, as i planned to use it for this exact thing. But i was going to sell it as well. But if need be i have the R-73 and R-60 from Eduard i can use
  13. How does the new MENG 1/48 F/A-18F stack to the Revell/Hase and the new release Hobbyboss kits?
  14. Looks amazing I had this kit arrive this morning to go with my American theme Emergency services I have going on right now. I’m trying to find LAFD decals for it but coming up short. Anyway any chance you could share the Hose tip? I would be fascinated to see how you did it and maybe try it myself on my truck if I ever find the damn decals
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