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  1. Hi again, After closing the fuselage, I test fit the canopy and found that it didn't fit in the front. This was due to the incorrect positioning of the front instrument panel: since there were no location tabs, I had glued it in a position that was too inclined to ther front and interfered with the front of the canopy: IMAG6906 After a lot of sanding of the instrument panel's cover and thinning of the canopy's front under the frontal rim, I managed to make the canopy fit in place: IMAG6909 This is how the instrument panel's cover was af
  2. Hi again, The kit's canopy had a sprue stub attached, which I sawed off. The setup used to avoid damaging the transparency of the part was this: IMAG6885 The canopy was washed, left to dry and later given a bath of Alclad Aqua Gloss to increase brilliance and transparency. Next, I painted the cockpit parts, including those still in the PE fret: IMAG6888 After applying a coat of Aqua Gloss, a dark wash was used to weather the cockpit parts: IMAG6889 Here's the cockpit base after application of the wash
  3. Hi again, After priming the parts that will be painted with metallic colours, I needed to mask some of them. Here's the PE fret after the first round of masking: IMAG6871 The rotors have black blades with yellow tips, with metallic shafts. I'll use the black primer for the black blades, so, I masked the parts accordingly: IMAG6872 IMAG6873 IMAG6875 The centres of the rotors and the shafts were painted with Alclad White Aluminium IMAG6876 IMAG6877 Th
  4. Hi again, Sorry for the lack of updates since mid-July. I've been working on this build but I haven't had the time to post updates. Continuing from where I left, I glued the parts through which the cannon and grenade launcher stick out of the gun turret: IMAG6850 I also removed the cannon and grenade launcher from the sprues and glued them to a toothpick, ready for painting: IMAG6851 Next, I glued together the tail rotor blades and shaft. The shaft does not fit tightly on the corresponding hole in the tail fin. So, I glued a
  5. Hi Mrs Stix! I've been working from home since mid-March due to COVID-19. First we were under State of Emergency till the end of April. After that things have been slowly returning to normal, but I will only return to office in September. I like working from home and it suits my day job perfectly but it can be quite exhausting. In the meanwhile I got my C2-level German Language certificate and managed to finish two models: an Ekranoplan A-90 and a B-1 Excalibur I'm now working on a AH-1G Cobra for the Helicopter GB, but progress has been slow and I still hav
  6. Great job! The diorama turned out very good! Cheers Jaime
  7. @CedB, @Davek72, @Greg Law Thank you for your interest! I'm now working on my entry to the Helicopters GB, a Vietnam War Marines AH-1G Cobra. I hope I'll be able to finish it by early August. Then I'll resume work on the Do 17. Cheers Jaime
  8. Excellent progress, Dennis. Looking very good! Cheers Jaime
  9. Hi Pat, Sorry for not providing the link right away. @CedB provided the updated link to the bender I have. It is expensive but I believe it's worth the price. The quality of the tool is very high and it's made of solid machined metal. Cheers Jaime
  10. Thank you very much Pat! I'm using these tools for folding PE: IMAG2578 The PE parts are held by the "fingers" of the PE-holder and the shaving blade-like piece is used to fold the PE parts. Cheers Jaime
  11. Hello, I've resumed working on this build. As I said elsewhere, while the build was stored away on the shelf of doom, I've bought Master's brass gun for Cobras. However this gun is for later versions and won't be used with this kit. Now I have a good excuse to buy Dream Model's AH-1Z Viper I also bought a vacform canopy for this specific kit: IMAG6829 To start with, I cleaned the moulding marks from the main rotor shaft and cut the plastic piece which served as head-up display: IMAG6831 The HUD will be replaced
  12. Count me in! I have Academy's P-38J in ETO markings and I've been slowly adding after market add-ons for a super-detailed build. Cheers Jaime
  13. I'm relieved to know the B-2 is good. I hope they eventually launch a good B-1.
  14. Great effort, Ran. I also found the nose area joins to be difficult to take care of. And you did a better job with the tail exhaust seam than I. Cheers Jaime
  15. @Ran thank you for your interest. I hope you can find something useful in my build to help you with yours Cheers Jaime
  16. Thank you very much! The real "Caspian Sea Monster" was much bigger. The "Orlyonok" was a "baby" Ekranoplan. This video gives some interesting info about these machines: Cheers Jaime
  17. Thank you very much, Karl! That's extremely kind! Cheers Jaime
  18. Thank you very much, Giorgio! That's very kind! Cheers Jaime
  19. Thank you very much! It was an attempt at using the black base technique. Thank you very much! Very kind!
  20. @jhutchi, @junglierating, @Vinnie, @Johnson, @Ron Pearcy, @Wulfman Thank you all for your kind comments! Much appreciated! @AV O thanks for the link. I already knew this build Cheers Jaime
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