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  1. Great job and nice to see a historic Portuguese Air Force aircraft being built! Pat, thanks for calling my attention to this build. I haven't been very active in Britmodeller recently and didn't notice it. By the way, I built this kit as a kid. At the time it was very refined compared to most kits available. I still have the remains somewhere. Cheers Jaime
  2. Hi again, As I said before, due to some inaccuracies of this kit, this project won't be an OOB build. One of the areas which I want to improve is the intakes, for which I decided to scratch-build the intake tubing. For that, I started trying to create a template out of paper, from which a plasticard piece would be made and bent to proper shape. After several tries with paper cuts, I was convince I had managed to create a proper template and cut the corresponding pieces in plastic from a 0.13mm plasticard sheet. This picture shows the paper template on top (the one on th
  3. Thank you very much! As I said elsewhere, I used a combination of "black base" and "marbling" with two lighter tones of green for pre-shade. I've been trying this technique in my latest builds as an alternative to the classic grey primer plus black pre-shading of panel lines. Cheers Jaime
  4. Thank you very much Russ! Some types in some scales seem to get systematically neglected. For instance, I'm still waiting for a modern tooling Alpha Jet in 1/72.
  5. Hi again, a small update with some recent progress. I applied Alclad Black Primer & Microfiller to the cockpit parts: IMAG7125 and to the inner cockpit walls: IMAG7126 Since the side panels are black, I masked them on the cockpit tube before painting the interior colour: IMAG7127 The front and back coamings of the cockpit were also masked: IMAG7128 After painting the interior grey (Gunze H317 Dark Gull Grey), the masking was removed: IMAG7130 I'll dry b
  6. Thank you very much Mike! I used the "black base" + "marbling" technique.
  7. Great output! I especially liked the Intruder Cheers Jaime
  8. Thank you very much Stix! You're very kind! I also wish you a Very Happy New Year! May it be infinitely better than 2020 Cheers Jaime
  9. Dear friends, In 2020 I managed to reach again my maximum of three completed models in a year. Two of those were started in earlier years (yes, I'm a slow builder and have a tendency to complicate with all sorts of added detail). So, here are the pictures and some info on the builds: 1. B-1 "Excalibur" (Academy 1/260) It's a simple and relatively old kit. My aim with this build was just to test the "black base" technique. Accuracy was not an objective. The WIP is here and the RFI is here. IMAG6795 IMAG6798
  10. Thank you very much! I agree with you: this version of the Cobra is very smooth. Nevertheless, I have some latter versions in the stash: the Italeri/Revell Super-cobra and the Dream Models Viper. I'm also waiting for delivery of the Special Hobby "Early Tails" Cobra boxing. Cheers Jaime
  11. Thank you very much! The Brengun PE set is very good regarding the instrument panels.
  12. Hi Stix! Excellent collection of models! Superb work as always! Your brush painting puts us all, airbrushers, to shame Cheers Jaime
  13. Recently finished a Vietnam AH-1G Cobra. Now building Academy's F2H-3.

  14. Hi Giorgio! It's always a pleasure to have you on board! I hope I won't disapoint! Thank you very much for the link: very interesting and useful. I find these 50's jets quite interesting and have a few different types in my stash. Cheers Jaime
  15. @CedB @giemme @Dennis_C @swralph @112 Squadron @corsaircorp @desert falcon @the MDman @Serkan Sen Thank you all very much for your interest and appreciation! I've now added a few pictures of the cockpit during the build, before closing the canopy. These show the level of detail provided by the Brengun PE set, especially on the instrument panels, which look superb. This kit was really difficult. Now I'm waiting for the delivery of Special Hobby's AH-1G "Early Tails" boxing, which I hope will be easier to build. I still have to order the Brengun PE set for it,
  16. Dear All, Having finished an AZ Model AH-1G Cobra in mid-December, which gave me a fight almost every step of the way, I decided to build something simple and out-of-the-box. I opted for Academy's F2H-3, which seemed quite simple and has been recently re-boxed. Here's a picture of the box art, sprues and decals: IMAG7109 The decal sheet in detail. It's printed by Cartograf, should perform flawlessly: IMAG7110 The decals allow one of seven schemes to be built. On the box side we can see six of these: IMAG7111
  17. Dear All, I've recently finished this model, which was started in October 2016 and shelved in December of the same year. I resumed work on it in July 2020 and pressed on till finishing it, though it fought me hard every step of the way. Here are some notable points of the build: The kit has good detail out of the box and the shapes look good but fit is a bit "vague", which caused several difficulties. As usual, I also complicated the build by adding the Brengun PE set, which improves detail considerably and is highly recommended. I tried to use the Pavla
  18. Hi again, Next step of the build was installing the gun turret under the nose. The turret had a rotating cannon and grenade launcher installed. Since there are openings on the underside of the turret, allowing the inside to be visible, I decided to add pieces of painted sprue to simulate the ends of the guns inside the turret. The following picture shows all the parts: IMAG7066 The guns were installed. The painted side of the pieces of sprue was installed facing the openings on the underside of the turret: IMAG7067 IMAG7068
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