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  1. Negotiations for the purchase of foreign fighter aircraft began in the spring of 1939, first offers received in June. Polish test pilots were sent abroad to evaluate aircraft the aircraft on offer, Spitfire, Hurricane, Morane MS.406, Dewoitine D.520, Bloch MB.151, Breguet 690, Potez 63, Koolhoven FK.58. American offer was rejected on the grounds of the high cost and requirement for 100 octane gasoline that was not available in Poland. Britain agreed to sell 14 Hurricanes and one Spitfire to Poland. These were despatched from Britain at the end of August along with 30 Fairey Battle
  2. Some sources say L2048 was shipped to Poland in July 1939 and there are stories that it was assembled and flown in combat. Unlikely. There is little on the Form 78 according to which it was TOC 24/7/39, 10 MU 25/7/39. To Poland 5/8/39. Under SOC "sold to Poland 8/8/39". The last entry is 9/9/39 24 Squadron (could be 29 Squadron). So it was probably brought back to UK on the outbreak of war without it being unloaded.
  3. The incident in The Big Show that Clostermann says took place on the 21st February 1944 actually took place on the 20th February. Operational records and combat reports do not mention Clostermann having any part in the combat. On the 20th February F/L W.G.Bennetts and F/O 'Ian' Blair made an uneventful scramble in Mk Vs at 10.55. Two hours later they were called for another scramble. This time Bennetts taking off in Mk VII MB763 DU*W and Blair in Mk VII MD114 DU*G. They climbed to 32,000 ft and saw vapour trails. Ground control confirmed it was an enemy aircraft. Blair gave chase b
  4. In time IBG will release kits of all the P.11 versions.
  5. Change from A to C mid-May 1942.
  6. Inconel was not developed in the 1940s for the specific purpose of turbine blades. In the 1940s British metallurgist Dr Leonard Bessemer Pfeil developed a family of Nimonic (50%+ nickel, 20% chromium), alloys for turbine blades used in the first jet engines, at the Wiggin Company. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nimonic In 1929 Wiggin was taken over by the International Nickel Company. Inconel is the name INCO gave to the nickel chromium alloys developed at NICO’s Huntington plant in the late 1920s/early 1930s. https://www.theclio.com/entry/13756
  7. It's a nickel alloy called Inconel. It may or may not have a ferrus content. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inconel
  8. Standard camouflage & markings for a Mustang plus chessboards and squadron badge. All they did was paint red rings on the spinners. Ther are some Photos here, a bit mixed up time wise. http://polishsquadronsremembered.com/316/45/andrews_field.html
  9. Red and white spinners were not applied until the first few days of March 1945. You can have red and white spinners or invation stripes but not both. The example in ICM kit had invasion stripes. In March 1945 316 Squadron had different aircraft.
  10. Markings are for Operation Rutter, the orginal Dieppe raid that was cancelled. Croydon 6th July 1942. Orders for special markings for Operation Rutter were issued on 4th and 7th July and removed after 11th July. After Rutter was cancelled, it was not postponed, it was not intended at the time to run it at a later date, squadrons returned to their home bases. When it was reinstated as Jubilee no orders were issued for special markings. As part of the concentration for Operation Rutter 302 Squadron moved to Croydon where the special markings were applied 6th July. After
  11. There is moving film of this Mustang: About 46 seconds in and again about 57 seconds. Don't blink, you will miss it.
  12. There is a PE set available from Part: https://www.jadarhobby.pl/part-s72086-172-rwd8-siedlce-p-395.html DWL version had different exhausts.
  13. There are stencils for one aircraft.
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