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  1. Greek P.24Fs and Gs were delivered unpainted. In 1940 they were painted in a three colour scheme something like Dark Earth, Light Earth, Dark Green with Sky Blue undersides. See IBG's new release. http://www.ibgmodels.com/72524-2/
  2. The photograph has not been colourised. It is one of a series of colour photographs taken at the end of September 1942. The aircraft was photographed in b&w and all show the cover was dark in colour. Photographs show a great many Spitfires had dark coloured covers at this time. The mirror.
  3. It is darker than the fuselage.
  4. Any idea what the Bi Ba Bo character is? I have been trying to find out for years. Someone told me he was the Polish 'Homer Simpson' but the Bi Ba Bo cabarets seem to have been a Russian Empire thing, not just Łódź. The name can still be found in Russia and the Baltic states, - picture houses, ten pin bowling alleys, night clubs. There was a company in Moscow that sold Bi Ba Bo glove puppets for children but the website is not there now. The Bi Ba Bo character was a white bear but I have seen photographs of Bi Ba Bo casts which have a woman in a white dress and and red cloak. I need a histori
  5. Media not available online - IWM https://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060043053
  6. 1- P7001 (P.O. Masson, 10/09/41) went down near Lestre. That's in the records/books. What was new to me is the fact that 3 photos were found (I haven't seen them) about 25 years ago about P7001. It appears that PO Masson managed to control the aircraft and crash landed at the edge of the surf. The aircraft didn't explode nor caught fire. It broke in segments (no further details about that, unfortunately). It also appears that PO Masson died setting the aircraft on the beach - or expired shortly thereafter. In any event, P7001 rested at the edge of the sea and was under water at high tide
  7. Fokker Aircraft DVII No. 76141/18, a late production machine, was manufactured at the Fokker factory. The fighter was delivered from Berlin to Poznan by a German pilot on September 17, 1919. First thing the same day its purchase was completed. The aircraft was equipped with a 160 hp Mercedes DIII engine (No. fabr.36723), and its armament was a pair of LMG 08/15 machine guns. Shortly after arriving in Poznan the aircraft was ssigned to the Pilot School at Ławica, where it became the personal machine of instructor Adam Haber-Włyński - one of the best Polish pilots. The aircraft of an
  8. There are in fact in several photographs, taken by Charles Brown on 4th May 1942 northwest of Dunmow, Essex, flown by S/Ldr R.M.Miln, that are so similar you have to look carefully to distinguish them. The difference between your photograph and the controversial one is that it has been taken at a higher altitude. The Spitfire had the presentation name West Borneo 1 and there is a (black & white) photograph of it taken at the factory, that shows the it was finished in the standard TLS A scheme. If the colour photographs show it in the TLS then the Spitfire must have been repainted reversing
  9. http://www.polishsquadronsremembered.com/317/a26.jpg ML293 JH-P
  10. See the first splash it made, about 1 min 5 sec.
  11. https://www.polishairforce.pl/dyw318zdj.html 8th photo, end of 2nd line.
  12. 318 (Polish) Squadron were formed at Detling on 20th March 1943 for the specific purpose of providing photo-reconnaissance for Polish 2nd Corps in the Middle East. In mid-April the squadron took delivery of 14 well worn Hurricane Mk1s (six were actually Sea Hurricanes taken from CAM ships) and one Canadian Mk X. Despite having been overhauled by MUs, each Hurricane had typically 400 hours flying time, it took on average two days of work to get the aircraft airworthy. One was so bad that a crash inspector classed it Cat B and so it was dismantled and sent away on a trailer without it being flow
  13. Zumbach saw his Hurricane pass in front of him with the starboard wing on fire, being chased by a Bf 109. Zumbach shot the 109 down and then was in turn attacked by another 109. Andruszków's Hurricane crashed at Holywych Farm, Cowden. Andruszków had been shot through the chest and had a head wound from a cannon shell. On 30th September N2661 became the new 'J' .
  14. Nice picture but I’m afraid you have the wrong date, and, depending upon how you see it, the wrong machine or wrong man. The date is the 11th September, 303 Squadron did not take part in any operations on the 12th. According to the flight’s aircraft movement documents held at the Polish Institute and Sikorski Museum in London, Cebrzyński was flying V6667/RF-K and Brzezowski V6665/RF-J. V6667 does appear in the records after 11th and the letter K was not used on any other Hurricanes after that day. V6665 continued to be used on operations until the end of September. 15th, 17th Septe
  15. Freightdog 48009 https://www.hannants.co.uk/product/FSD48009
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