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  1. I've read some requests by well known modellers on FB, asking for detailed views and cross section drawings of G91. So maybe yes, they currently have only an external 3d rendition of the aircraft and the project is only in a preliminary concept phase. I've guessed it right when Kinetic posted the riddle: I thought that it would be nice with the incoming restoration to flight condition of a real G91R, project led by Italian Air Force to celebrate her 100th birthday. And I hoped that some of the original blueprints had emerged from FIAT Aviazione drawers and arrived to kinetic model desk to
  2. Kinetic removed the post from their FB page... To modify it adding the 3d render!!!
  3. Very interesting video, many thanks. We've figured out what decal options are included in the first release eventually: VF-51; VF-111; VF-161!
  4. Hi, Mr.Gustav Jung FB profile suggests that he is currently working for WolfPack Design. "Wolfpack-Design is a hobby company in Republic of Korea. Our main items are kits and resin update set. And distributor for Kinetic model in Korea too."
  5. Good one indeed, but I'm not sure they mirrored the pic. In the detail image I can see the end part of refuelling probe case. It is correctly depicted on the starboard aft fuselage. I think that we are watching at some very early 3d modelling stage renders. I suppose all Tornado variants (I hope!) are being considered and the renders are a mix of them. It's a pity the delay in showing up with those renders, they totally missed Nurnberg Toy fair. Lack of informations and those poorly rendered images will fan the flames on debate for the accuracy of the model...
  6. Stunning diorama, Great execution and a very interesting idea for representing italian Harriers. Why did you choose that radome? This should not be correct for an Italian Harrier Plus version. Andrea
  7. Hi guys, try to take a look here:
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