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  1. Thank you, спасибо! Happy new year and happy modelling!
  2. Thanks once again, dear all! Sometimes after all night modelling I hear this noise too))
  3. Thank you for comments! As for colours - "grey" - GS (mixed by myself) and "green-grey" AKAN autentic paints.
  4. Malair, thanks for the appraisal. Frankly speaking, civil airliners are not my favorite topic, but Zvezda kits are realy good and sometime unique on the market.
  5. Thank you for comments! It is a plesure.
  6. Hi all! Let me show my resent work - the modern Russian civil aircraft Superjet SSJ-100 in 1/144 by Zvezda. This model has been built out of box with some small datails are from scretch. Decal is from REVARO (the quality is pretty good). Regards, Maxim Volkov (Volfmax)
  7. Once again, thanks everybody for the likes and comments!
  8. Thank you for the comments and likes, guys. I appreciate it a lot!
  9. Hi, gentlemen, "Zvezda" has issued the most impressive model of the MiG-29 Fulcrum C in 1/72. It was powered by Aires resin (nozzles, cockpit) Eduard resin wheels, Part photoetched and Pavla canopy. And of course some details are from scretch. The main challenge is how to build in the Aires resin parts, which have been produced for the old Italery model. So, it is possible and for the Zvezda kit as well. With regards,
  10. Hi, sorry for the late answer. the decal is by Ascencio #T5M-003 Thanks everybody for the warm appreciation of the model.
  11. Dear All! Thank you for the comments! Спасибо!
  12. Hi, everybody. On my simple point of view, "Tupolev" - Tu-154 is the most sexy civil aircraft. I like it most of all. The model produced by "Zvezda" is cool. I just made from scratch some small parts. The decal is by "Ascencio" (it is also perfect). That's it.
  13. Thanks for comments and interest to the model. It's very important to me. Each part of the fuselage was grinded down up to 1,7 mm. It demanded to correct all the interior parts (including Eduard etched parts), cut away the tail and make the canopy from scratch. So, a lot of work, as you can imaging. But now the Invader is close to its familiar view.
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