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  1. There's a guide in British Aviation colours of WW2, RAF museum guide that says squadron codes for AA-Co-Op aircraft should be 'dull red' and serials 'night'. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.seawings.co.uk/images/colour%20charts/British%20Aviation%20Colours%20of%20WWII.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwjG0dLLpsjsAhX0pHEKHZNkAHkQFjAAegQIAhAB&usg=AOvVaw1MnoVi6mDajf6tPYeGtqV0
  2. Chris there's this page https://john-caulton-spitfire-pilot.com/post-war/ he flew Spifires and became POW , and flew with 287 post war after returning to the UK. It shows Tempests , but no codes are visible. You could try contacting the family via the contact page for other photos. Diver ect mentions to loss of JN759. I have rechecked the photo and it is indeed a Typhoon, thanks Graham. The photo is tiny and as the text subject was about a Tempest it must have stuck in my mind. It's my age
  3. No worries. The only reason I queried the info was that I had seen a publication stating that it was JN759 in that particular accident. It was accompanied by a photo of a Tempest on its nose with (off the top of my head) 7 or so white/black stripes that I gather were recognition for the AA Co-op duties.
  4. Using Diver,Diver,Diver - Brian Cull Flt Lt A.R.Moore claimed a V-1 destroyed on 13/7/44 in JN812. JN769 was used to claim 9kills and one shared. 17th June Flt Sgt Rose shared with Flt Sgt R.W.Cole 19th June 2 x V-1 with A.RMoore and one with Flg Off K.E.Kosh 22nd June V-1 kill by Flg Off R.H.Clapperton 27th June one V-1 kill each for Flt Sgt Everson and Flg Off R.H.Clapperton 28th June 2 x V-1 kills by Plt Off K.G.Slade-Betts 29th June V-1 kill again by Plt Off Slade-Betts. It's interesting that Flt Lt Moore used both aircraft.
  5. https://wiki.warthunder.com/Halifax_B_Mk_IIIa#History
  6. Of course I meant the T series that were supplied to the RAAF, without looking at the individual histories, some went to 30 squadron but some might have gone to the other Beau squadron that was working up at the time.
  7. I would say just the T serials
  8. Beaufighter by Chas Bowyer has all of the serials supplied to the RAAF and their A19 numbers they became.
  9. Gomtuu

    Pre War Hurricanes

    No not you Smithy. This forum has a wealth of knowledge to with I am truely grateful, but, if you have an opposing view it can become tiresome when you see one side either browbeaten and spoken down to, or it becomes an arguement when someone sticks to there guns. Just my 2 cents. Back to the Hurricanes, its what im here for.
  10. Gomtuu

    Pre War Hurricanes

    I rarely contribute to this forum because of this. Someone needs to crank his neck in. Hes always doing it.
  11. Sorry , I called it the spar and its caused confusion. It is the center section (Hexagonal)tube that the fuselage tube connecting bracket sits on as shown it the pictures below
  12. http:// Not quite the same aircraft, just 1 serial number out. Representative?
  13. From Owen Thetford's "British Naval Aircraft since 1912" Hellcat I's were allocated the serial numbers FN320-FN449 ans JV100-JV221. Hellcat II's were allocated serials JV222-JV324, JW700-JW784, JW857-JW899, JX670-JX999, JZ775-JZ827, JZ890-JZ999, KD103-KD160 and KE118-KE265.
  14. Does anyone know what the diameter of the center section main spar tube is? Or have a drawing?
  15. No worries, I would be interested to see them......
  16. https://goo.gl/images/QcsLsb There's an oblique pic on this page
  17. Gomtuu

    Hawker typhoon Ib

    It's interesting that in the anti-shipping role the 25lb head rocket would curve upwards when striking the sea due to the difference in the densities of air and water. Thus crews where taught to aim just in front of a ship or U-boat to almost guarantee a "wet strike".
  18. Thank you to everyone who answered. I now have the Hawker Hurricane book by Mason and its everything I was looking for. Thanks
  19. Another view of loading torps
  20. The 4+ book mentions the vertical torpedo installation
  21. Did some more digging and found another reference. I would say the vertical stack of torpedoes in the other book was a rushed mod in situ with no aerofoils because I have found another reference to torpedoes jumping out of the water and even skipping over ships when they didn't enter at the correct angle. The outer bay mod came after as the official mod with the beam carrier and torpedo airfoils and the cutout in the bomb bay to accommodate the airfoils.
  22. Sorry I should have said. I have most of the 'at war' series which are very good for the photographs of aircraft in question. I am looking for books with a more development history and engineering aspect, with maybe internal structure drawings. I was just looking at the Short Stirling by Pino Lombardi which might be the type of thing I am after. I already have my eye on the Avro Manchester book by Kirkby , I will buy that. There is also a book on the Wellington called 'wimpy' by Steve Bond that looks good.
  23. Added Hampden to the list. I know there's the War paint series covers this but again there nothing comprehensive.
  24. I am looking at spending my Christmas money (already lol ) and I wondered what books that people considered a definitive tome , or if I bought one what would it be? Avro Lancaster Avro Manchester Hawker Hurricane Bristol Beaufort Vickers Wellington Short Stirling HP Halifax HP Hampden Bristol Beaufighter Bristol Beaufort
  25. Sigh Syd if you need anything else let me know. over and out .
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