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  1. Sorry all 1/48th..... Meteor FR.9 Meteor NF11/12/13 Hampden Beaufort Sea Venom That is all... Happy New Year....
  2. Please Mr & Mrs Airfix, don't forget the Meteor FR9 and NF11,12,13 & 14 all 1/48th. Mick
  3. Question....Did RAF sabre jets carry aim-9 missiles? thank you
  4. ted15

    British Bushmaster

    Heah Sean, No I haven't started yet. I was talking with Kinetic and they are going to release a upgraded Dutch Bushmaster. The extra seat, added armour and RWS system. I'll wait on that to do a British one. The Showcase one would need a lot of work to convert it and I don't have the skill for that. Cheers Mick
  5. ted15

    British Bushmaster

    Brilliant. thank you
  6. ted15

    British Bushmaster

    PS Anyone have pictures off the insides of this beastie????
  7. ted15

    British Bushmaster

    Being that I don't know where the additional armour was fitted and those that do aren't sharing. I think i'll just go with the bullbars and hang junk all over it cheers everyone
  8. ted15

    British Bushmaster

    Thank you Centuar. So I was thinking Duke ied detection and boomerang anti-sniper and the Bronco CROWS II RWS. Any other suggestions?
  9. ted15

    British Bushmaster

    Hello, On a wim I purchased the Showcase Bushmaster. I read somewhere they were used by the SAS. Modified to suit. It was fitted with crows ii rws 50cal, What other mods where made?? cheers Mick
  10. Hello, does anyone know any that were fitted that way?
  11. Hello, Anyone have a list of the 25 or so Flowers that carried 6pdr Hotchkiss on the bridge instead of 20mm. cheers Mick
  12. ted15

    Battle Axe F-84g

    Thanks you. I have both Tamiya and Promodeler, Promodeler is the best of the 2
  13. ted15

    Battle Axe F-84g

    Hi, just wondering how does the Battle Axe 1/48 F-84G Thunderjet standup to the Promodeler or Tamiya kits. cheers Mick
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