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  1. I've built this kit twice now, and if you'd ever like any help, advice, input I'd be happy to help. I thought its one of Trumpeter's best engineered kits with really good fit overall. When attaching the wings to the fuselage make sure you've got everything prepped because it "clicks" into place and removing it can be hard! Also be sure to paint the main gear wells white before attaching them to the fuselage. Nice work so far, I'd recommend AOA decals if you're so inclined.
  2. Beautiful plane, Marseilles was quite the character, I read a bit about him a ways back. Anyhow, very nicely done!
  3. Enjoy! This is a really great kit from Trumpeter, I just had some fit issues with the cowling but that might have been my mistake and not the kits. It was really a lot of fun to build.
  4. Bloody nice job mate, that's how the Brits would say it, right? Amazing!
  5. Beautiful metallic finish, one of the most realistic I've seen. What kind of metallic paints/technique did you use for it?
  6. Beautiful paint job, I've struggled with a similar issues in weathering. What I sometimes do, is place it on a shelf or something similar where its likely to sit and look at it from a far. Sometimes a little extra weathering might seem to be a bit much but when you stand back it "balances itself out" Either way terrific paint job, your technique keeps it "interesting to the eye" rather than so monotone.
  7. Stunning work with the airbrush, i'm inspired to do another one of these beautiful aircraft
  8. Here's a link to a guy who did a really nice job on a Have Glass F-16 and he even explains in detail how he did it. http://www.zone-five.net/showthread.php?t=10619
  9. I've heard really great things about this kit, I'd like to try it or wait for the 1/48th Mig-25 thats coming out. From what I hear, if there was ever a company to do a 1/32 Su-34 Fullback its AMK!!!
  10. You can't even tell is a model in those natural light photos!!!!! And its an NMF!!!!! Thats strong work there, would you talk a little about how you did the painting/finish?
  11. Any chance you happen to have more photos of "Red 01?" They are few and far between....and it would be a big referential help
  12. Gregax, do you happen to have any more photos of that particular Flanker, "Red 01?"
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