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  1. If this were an episode of The Crystal Maze, I'd be looking at getting locked in the room right now. Either that or escaping without the prize. It takes a loooong time to paint these dreadlocks. Prepping them was a nightmare, but once primed and gloss black, I've had to paint each individual bead in a shade of gold, brass and silver - and then touching up the black where I've run over the lines. 43 dreads with an average of 2 beads per strand. So here it is at 23.41, just shy of 20 mins before the Group Build deadline tolls, and I still have 9 strands of predhair to attach. They're all pain
  2. It's Sunday - the last day of this Group Build. I'll be honest - I'm not going to finish this Predator today. I could, but I'd rush and ruin. What I do intend to get done later is finish the dreadlocks. Last night I had another late one - got the armour washed, and got some more dreads attached. So, fingers crossed I get some time today - Family day out to the park first - and then I'll get the last glue, paint and photos done for this build.
  3. Had a really late night getting the legs and armour done. 2am finish. And I only took this photo… …which doesn't show the legs or armour. Well, maybe the arm armour. It's a combination of copper/brass/gold - mostly GW paints, like Tin Bitz and Brass Scorpion, and will be weathered to match the shoulder. Legs have been spotted, and matte sealed to remove the purple sheen. And that's all for now. Let's see how much I can get done before this GB closes on Sunday.
  4. Cheers Kallisti, That's the plan - and no wet palette for that job, either. Still. there'll be a *lot* of breath-holding. I may pass out. Chainmail looks great on her, btw - clearly proving a lot of protection. =p
  5. Managed to get some more dreads attached last night - 23 to go - almost halfway there! and I've dull-coated the skin, so no more purple sheen. I've also done some work on the shoulder weapon - gunmetals and chrome highlights, with a black barrel. I was worried I'd fitted it upside-down, but it's meant to swivel round when it deploys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP2IFFQQFpU It looks less like a quiver of arrows now. I also made some progress on the tusks, and started work on the necklace - good practice for the netting (I want to cry when I think about the netting), and some metal-wo
  6. I performed a little test, to check how varnishes behave when applied to the Sharpie spots. I want to lose the purpley reflection, but don't want the ink to bleed or smudge. I had a spare hand in the Predator box, so I quickly primed and painted similar brown shades on the plastic, and then finished off by drawing spots with the pen. After drying, I applied Vallejo Gloss, Satin and Matte in strips across the spots. As you can see, each of the varnishes behaved well, except over plain primer, where it feathered past its original edge. This won't be a problem on the main model. Onwards...
  7. Thanks Hunter - believe it or not, it's actually just a base of white/offwhite layered with 2-3 red ink washes, allowing to pool in the gizzard-y bits. I'll re-gloss the shiny areas (they're still wet in the photo).
  8. Weekend update - with a week to go until the end of this group build, I'm not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Plodding on regardless, I've made some alterations, and got some more paint on. As I planned last week, I added some Green Stuff to the sword - to reshape the blade, hide the reinforcing wire, and to replace the leather binding. It'll take a day or so to fully cure, so I'll worry about painting it then. I've filled the gap in the leg holster and painted the legs - darker than the body, with slightly paler patches. Spots will follow, and then the fishnets. The skull
  9. Love this. Ripley and Jonesey look great, the corridor feels gritty and authentic, and the Peeping Tom Alien is a fantastic touch. Can't wait for final photos.
  10. Spoil sport! about 15 mins. Years ago, when I was a part of the old thehive.net forum, some of the members would repaint their Hot Toys AvP predator figures. They found that a Sharpie was much more efficient than a brush and paint - no runs or accidental splodges, but with a risk of a purple glossy sheen. My only concern is how it will react with clear coat sealants. I'll test on spare parts first! Next bit now - I've been a bit worried about how the Alien head has been moving. After cutting the sword and attaching the ends around the head, the assembly would wobble. I've added some wire
  11. Always jumping the gun, me. I'm not 100% happy with the skin-tone (not light enough around the centre, I think), but I just have to try out the fancy technique I read about a few years ago to get the skin mottling. Who can guess the method, and how long it took?
  12. I was asked last week to build a blaster prop for a friend. He's off to Secret Cinema's showing of Empire Strikes Back this weekend, and has been told he has to dress as a 'mercenary' - basically a Han Solo-type. He's got enough clothing to pull of the general look, but doesn't want to spend silly money on a prop on Etsy or eBay. "Pete, can you finish it in 10 days?" he asked me. Challenge accepted. A DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol. Not screen accurate, but more 'look and feel'. First job - I told him to order a toy Mauser from eBay. £4.99 and quick delivery It arrived last weekend, so I only g
  13. This looks great! I was never a fan of the clear flying displays, but it works well for this formation.
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