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  1. 1/43 ...nice and space-saving but ... how do you do with your eyes? am not a teenager anymore .... 1/8 ... huge , fantastic highly detailed (look at POCHER) but today very expensive. then .. either you do not wear glasses , or you must have a big wallet , choose
  2. anyway, quality first !
  3. There should be, for instance: http://www.eduard.com/store/Eduard/Photo-etched-parts/Photo-etched-set/Ships/1-400/RMS-Titanic-1-400.html
  4. both airplanes very nice designed, the MC205Veltro a development of the 202 but much more powerful because of the Daimler Benz engine produced under license by italian factory FIAT and resulting in a 'new' aircraft. Anyway a nice cell, good maneuverability, good firepower, all in all an excellent fighter
  5. Indeed, very difficult to find them, at least at reasonable price. am not so sure to want them, i do believe you could get mad for mounting them on kit
  6. come on ... i meant this: TAMIYA 350 78007 USS Enterprise CVN-65, Nuclear Aircraft Carrier maybe there are also photoetched parts for the spacecraft, who knows ))
  7. thanks a lot, i knew about it, i am curious about price and whether the parts are easily foundable and affordable
  8. Hi, guys, I own a wonderful tamiya 1/350 USS enterprise kit, does anybody know whether there are some good photo etched parts for thsi huge model and how much do they cost? I would not like to spend a lot of money , considering the already challenging kit ... thks ! G.
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