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  1. Thanks, with the challenges of deteriorating eyesight, tendonitis and nerve damage it came out much better than I thought it would
  2. Thanks, the 353rd certainly had one of the more colourful schemes. Except for the ‘stars and bars’ all of the markings including the checkers are home designed and printed decals.
  3. Calling this one done! P47D-28-RE, 44-19798, SX-I, 352nd Fighter Squadron, 353rd Fighter Group. Based at Station 157, Raydon, Suffolk in Summer 1944. Assigned to Lt. Frank H. Bouldin and named “Miss Mary Marie” by him. This is the old 1/72 Hasegawa kit which I made in 1986 and rescued from my parent’s loft. Originally I just planned to use this as a test bed for some home printed decals but once I’d cleaned it up and given it a paint job it looked OK so I persevered with it and this is how it ended up. Brush painted with Revell, Humbrol and Citadel….
  4. Excellent build Andy! I’m a volunteer at the Martlesham Heath Control Tower museum and we have a display cabinet dedicated to ‘Wild Bill’ and Jeep. The background is a very good match for Martlesham too. What red did you use for the 356FG nose markings?
  5. A new, affordable and easy to source 1/72 B-24 series would be nice…
  6. Just out of curiosity, what print settings do you use on your HP Envy?
  7. Fantastic Marauder build; one of the best I've seen. A small correction on the historical caption, the 386th Bomb Group left Boxted in September 1943 and were based at Great Dunmow (also in Essex) until early October 1944. Keep up the great work.
  8. The important thing Eddy is that it is your diorama so do what pleases you, not others. If however you're seeking 100 per cent accuracy then the P-38's left Kingscliffe in July 1944. The 78th Fighter Group were equipped with P-47's at that time so your scenario would be spot on! Look forward to seeing the finished result.
  9. Lovely Lightnings Eddy, but before you take the plunge on the P-47 just thought I'd better let you know that the 20th Fighter Group didn't operate Thunderbolts but replaced their P-38's with Mustangs. Hope this doesn't scupper your plans, the Airfix 1/48 Mustang would make an excellent cabinet filler!
  10. If you're considering a 479FG machine you should check out the Osprey title below which has plenty of excellent photos and a number of colour profiles: https://ospreypublishing.com/479th-fighter-group Hope this helps.
  11. I think Crafty Computer Paper are now trading as Homecrafts: http://www.homecrafts.co.uk/laser-water-slide-decal-paper-clear-a4-pack-of-10?gclid=Cj0KCQiAmITRBRCSARIsAEOZmr5KEn4Yj6W4YxO90UOJZ1hT44pFbJa4m3kD01ENtA9UwPkC5IdXo2oaAm31EALw_wcB
  12. Fantastic NMF finish. The codes on the starboard side should read A-G4 but a great build nonetheless.
  13. Have you tried looking here; a few period colour shots: http://www.controltowers.co.uk/ Enjoy!
  14. Sorry but no, that must be another Suffolk based Ashley! I just knock mine up on Paint.Net or Inkscape, nothing shop quality but they're good enough for my purposes!
  15. In reply to your final question, I have got as far as creating a sheet of 34BG decals but in terms of getting the B17's built that is one of many long term projects! I am also in Suffolk though...
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