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  1. Absolutely great model!!!! Excellent result and accuracy of the real plane!! The more I look at the finished model, the more I like it!! Regards, Nontas
  2. NontasB

    9 Hobbyboss 1/72 F-14 Tomcats

    Great progress Tony! I really like your painting technique using the mascol for fadings! Also great choice of subjects in the Tomcat family. As a huge Tomcat fan that I am (I plan to build all 30 USN F-14 squadron planes in the future) , I like to see on models more rare squadron schemes than the usual ones. Sluggers is one of them...you don't see any models of VF-103 before they became Jolly Rogers... Keep it up! (My love is a VF-202 F-14A Block 140...) Regards, Nontas
  3. Absolutely great!! Excellent model!! Regards, Nontas
  4. Excellent work Tony!! Very very nice Tomcat and realistic painting at the exhausts!! Regards, Nontas
  5. NontasB

    T-2 Buckeye

    Excellent!! Very impressive work!! Regards, Nontas
  6. Awesome!!! Great weathering, just like the real ones!! Regards, Nontas
  7. Wow!! Really really nice Starfighter!! You turned a very simple Italeri kit to a masterpiece!! Regards, Nontas
  8. The Tomcat that I am currently dealing with, is Academy's F-14A. Simple build, not many additions. I'm planning to build it as a VF-51 Screaming Eagles 1981 deployment aboard USS Kitty Hawk. Yes, indeed Giorgio......but I do have other builds in that AMARC-shelf that are even closer to finish and still they're waiting their fate...
  9. Very very nice this one too Tony!! Regards, Nontas
  10. Sven and James thank you very much!! Sven the image on your mind is a good idea for a diorama. A plane awaiting a new fate. If I won't make it to finish it by this summer, maybe I should start thinking of this idea. Anyway, I'm pretty close. A cool down period is very usual for me and my builds. I've got around 22 planes (at least those are the ones I remember) in 1/72 and 2 in 1/48 that they are half way there and for some reason they were abandoned to my glorious AMARC-shelf. I have hopes for all of them that one day I will finish them...but that day is far far away for now. The RF by now is in examination if it fits in the AMARC-shelf or not. We will see... Regards, Nontas
  11. Hi Giorgio!! Haha, yes decals are my favorites too!!! The specific decal it's easy replaceable, but my nerves aren't!! So I put it aside for a while to calm my nerves down. I hope there will be progress in the near future. Regards, Nontas
  12. Thanks Sven for you nice words. There is a progress in this build but I haven't post anything yet. I've come back and forth in this build for a couple of times. The model now is full painted, I have applied most of the decals but after a mistake in the application of one decal (the decal cracked into a thousant pieces - Hasegawa decals) I put it in the closet once again. Then, after seeing a few photographs of Tomcats, I started a new 1/72nd F-14A from the early 80s, so that is my main model-build for now. I hope during the summer holidays the RF will be finished. Just two quick photos that I have uploaded in my facebook page, AirModels72 . Regards, Nontas
  13. NontasB

    1/48 Kinetic Mirage 2000B

    Very very beautiful and nice weathered Mirage!! Regards, Nontas
  14. Martian and Perdu thank you very much! Regards, Nontas
  15. Thank you all for your nice words!! I aprreciate it! The Choctaw from Hobby Boss is really nice, similar with the Italeri one and very fun to build. The decals are very tricky, they are very soft and you need to be careful when you apply them. But overal is a nice kit. I plan to build one or two more in the future!! Regards, Nontas