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  1. Thank you Gene and jean for your nice words!! Next step in the build will be the pseudo-intakes and painting...I hope it will be nice at the end. Regards, Nontas
  2. Thank you all for your nice words!! Regards, Nontas
  3. Black Mamba and Billn53 thank you for your nice words!! Bill, I prefer to build the worst kits of my stash first for experience and later in my life to enjoy the greatest ones. Regards, Nontas
  4. Thank you all for your nice words. Mike thank you also for moving the thread to WIP. Regards, Nontas
  5. Dear administrators, By mistake I posted the QF-4E build under the Ready for Inspection section instead of In progress builds. Sorry for that... If you please tranfer it to the correct section, I would be grateful. Thanks, Nontas
  6. Hello to all, Another one in progress build, another one Phantom and a vintage build. The kit was started in September of 2020. The inspiration was the last unmanned mission of the QF-4E version in 2016 https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/5065/the-phantastic-qf-4-phantom-full-scale-target-drone-takes-its-phinal-unmanned-phlight 000 by Nontas B, on Flickr 001 by Nontas B, on Flickr 002 by Nontas B, on Flickr 003 by Nontas B, on Flickr 004 by Nontas B, on Flickr 005 by Nontas B, on Flickr
  7. Hello to all, Another one in progress build (in total there are 12...), this time is the F-4S Phantom in 1/72. I chose to start with the kit of Italeri instead of the one from Hasegawa because I wanted to experiment with this old kit and to scribe it, detail it etc etc. For the hasegawa double kits that I also have, there are in my stash a few aftermarket details (cockpits, exhausts etc), so, It will be far easier build when I"ll start with those ones. The inspiration photo is the following . https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Navy/McDonnell-Douglas-F
  8. Hello to all, This model was started in September of 2019 after a 2 year hiatus of modelling. It was started as a good way to return to full scale modelling. My thought was to build a panther different that the usual blue ones. Hasegawa had out of the box the decals for the Advanced Training Unit 206 (ATY-206), so I started it immediately. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:F9F_Panthers_of_ATU-206_at_NAS_Pensacola_1956.jpg G000E by Nontas B, on Flickr G001E by Nontas B, on Flickr G002E by Nontas B, on Fl
  9. Thanks for the answer Giorgio. Indeed, black is the most common I guess to both Panthers and Cougars (specially to Cougars). Black is my intention to do , but I want to be sure. The real airplane that I'm building was transferred to Argentinian Navy and now is on display. What color would the plate be when it was at service? The plate seems heavy weathered in the following photo. USN BuNo 125116 - Argentinian Serial No 3-A-106 https://www.airfighters.com/photo/9464/L/Argentina-Navy/Grumman-F9F-2-Panther/0421/
  10. Hello again One more question, since I haven't found the answer yet. The area behind the ejection seat headrest what color would it be in gull grey-white ERA? I have seen photos with interior green or black in dark sea blue ERA and grey (?) or black in grey-white ERA. If the cockpit was painted in the later dark gull grey with black consoles and instruments, the plate behind the headrest should be grey or black? I have read also that everything above the canopy line would be black (including the plate?)
  11. Thanks again for the answer. So I guess I will go for a dark gull gray cockpit and only the consoles panels in black. Nontas
  12. Thanks for the answer. I am a huge fan of tailhooktopics.blogspot. It is one of the best sites ever for all enthusiasts of US Navy planes (like me). I have seen the specific photo. For a midnight blue bird before 1954-55 the colors are correct. For the later ERA of gull gray over white the colors were the same? I believe they changed to dark gull gray and black. I'll ask also at the blogspot if anyone knows.
  13. Following my previous question about F9F-2 colors and as I have read the below topic and the http://tailhooktopics.blogspot.com, I have a cockpit color question. In gull gray/white era (1956-1957) the cockpit in F9F-2 Panthers was dark gull gray and black. The instruments were definitely black. The cockpit side walls over the instruments were black? The cockpit side walls under the instruments were black? (left and right of the ejection seat) The back of the cockpit was black or grey? The floor of the cockpit was black most of it and grey up front? Th
  14. Thank you all for your answers and for the information provided. So, white it is for the wingfold. When the build is at a good stage, I will post photos. Thanks again, Nontas
  15. Thanks again for the information Giorgio. Your help is much appreciated. My will is to paint the wingfold white. It is much easier during the painting process of the model and looks more familiar and correct with the rest of grey/white jets of the later era. But as you said things don't always work this way and maybe the wingfold remained in the previous colors in some birds.
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