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  1. New products from l'Arsenal 2.0 : French Naval Aviation (1:700, 1:400, 1:350) More to follow next month...
  2. Aircraft are direct printing at 1:700, 1:400, 1:350, 1:200
  3. Whether you believe in Santa or not, L'Arsenal offers you the opportunity to dress your wish list for 2023 ! As you may have noticed, new products are now regularly released in 3D printing and we still have a lot of them in our bag. During our holidays, from December 16th to January 3rd, we invite you to fill in this questionnaire: https://forms.gle/udS8Tk46quyLKUGg7 (this poll is in English) and to thank you for your participation, you'll get a discount as a gift! This discount will apply from December 16th to January 10th and will amount to : - 5€ for any purchase under 100€. - 15€ for any purchase over 100€. Click on the link above to participate in the list of our future releases! Happy holidays, L'Arsenal team
  4. Don't worry. We started with USN because of the number of USN carrier kits available on the market. French Marine Nationale will follow and next Royal Navy. Right now a Merlin helicopter is in the queue. Seaking will come first through the USN Version and I'm confident the British one can be easily declined to produce it very soon.
  5. Starting a new range of highly detailled USN aircraft in 3D printing at scales 1:700, 1:400 and 1:350 suitable for your carriers. Each reference includes five aircraft of the same type with various configuration: parking, taking off, landing and different payloads. First batch with F-14A and F-14D : Many more aircraft types with the same presentation will be issued in the coming months
  6. Dear customers, After two years of absence due to the pandemic, L'Arsenal will attend again this year the Scale Model World in Telford (UK) on November 12th and 13th. We'll remain closed until November 20th, and we'll be back with many new models presented at the show. During this period, benefit from free shipping on any order. Happy shopping, Mélaine
  7. Another batch of new 3D products aimed at Postwar French Marine Nationale: As before available at scales : 700, 400, 350, 200, 144 and 100 Range finder DRBC 32E: Triple 550mm TT Postwar turret with casing: Single 550mm TT with derrick: Sounding device: Jerrycan US: Next salvo very soon!
  8. More new 3D accessories for French Marine Nationale ships (post war). Scales available : 1:700, 1:400, 1:350, 1:200, 1:144, 1:100 57mm fire director DRBC-32A 100mm fire director DRBC-32C 100mm fire director 305mm ASW mortar http://www.larsenal.com/?PGFLngID=1
  9. New printed products, available at 1:700, 1:400, 1:350, 1:200, 1:144, 1:100 scale Jeep (uncovered): Jeep (covered) : Jeep with MG : Dassault Rafale F2 and F3 : Dassault Super Étendard Marine : More to follow... http://www.larsenal.com/?PGFLngID=1
  10. Hello Folks! Another bunch of new 3D printed weapons and fittings for ships of the French Marine Nationale. These products are available in the following scales : 1:700, 1:400, 1:350, 1:200, 1:144, 1:100 57mm twin turret: 100mm mod53 single turret: 100mm mod68 single turret: 127mm single turret: Bombard life raft: Crotale missile mount with shelter: MALAFON antisub missile-torpedo with mount: Exocet MM38 twin ramp, early and export version: http://www.larsenal.com/
  11. L'Arsenal 2.0 is back on Britmodeller, in the midst of a major evolution started last January. We will progressively replace nearly all our existing products with new ones in direct 3D printing and PE. Here are our kits from the "Spacio" range : space launchers and space probe. All of them have been uprated, assembly simplified, with more surface details and less PE. Volume 1 : early rockets from LRBA : Veronique and Vesta Volume 2 : early solid fueled rockets from SEREB : Aigle, Agate, Topaze Volume 3 : the "Precious Stones" : Rubis, Émeraude, Saphir, Diamant Volume 4 : Diamant follow-ons : Diamant 2, Diamant 10T, Super Diamant, Hyper Diamant, Advanced Diamant, Diamant BC, Black Diamant, L433 Volume 5 : Medium powder powered launchers projects from SEREB : Régent, Diogène 2, Turquoise Volume 6 : Medium liquid powered launchers projects from LRBA : Carmen, Vulcain Volume 7 : Heavy liquid powered launchers projects from LRBA : Bacchus, Super Vulcain B Our earlier kit of NASA light launcher SCOUT family has been upgraded the same way Our 1:24 NASA lunar probe Ranger 8 has been uprated with easier assembly, more surface details All these kits are now available from l'Arsenal 2.0 : http://www.larsenal.com/1-144-c102x2500029 Next productions in this series will include the British National Space programme (Black Knight, Blue Streak, Black Arrow) and the early European programme (Europa 1 and 2). Next will come the Ariane family. Stay tuned for next anouncements of aircraft accessories and ship kits and accessories.
  12. Thanks! I take this opportunity for a new statement: Last Winter I completely revised the original kit to be no longer cast in resin with PE and metal rods but now full 3D printed with higher resolution (10µm), more details, easier assembly and replacing the costly brass rods with better printed parts. The two solar cell patterns, which were etched on a brass piece glued to the resin panel are now fully integrated in a solid, full 3D printed part: this solve at last the differential dilatation encountered on the initial PE+resin assemblies, giving them a banana shape after some months, depending on the local weather. This kit is now available again at the same price from l'Arsenal 2.0 For those who bought the original resin version you may want to obtain new printed solid panels to replace the faulty original ones (resin + PE). Just take a picture of your resin parts and send it to l'Arsenal (larsenal2.0@gmail.com) and ask for a free replacement.
  13. Dear customers, I would like to inform you that the processing of your orders will be slowed down, if not put on hold until April 18th. For a second time, Covid has hit us again and has really not spared me. I have been ill since last Monday, I tried to work to prepare your orders, but I have to face the facts, I have no more energy and I am not making any progress. I have been suffering from an autoimmune disease since a few years (but it's not so serious, don't worry). Although this doesn't prevent me from working more than 12 hours a day, it mixes very badly with Covid, unfortunately. Following the advice of my doctors and my family, I have to say STOP and therefore to close L'Arsenal for a few days. (Even though, as I know myself, I'll go for a little while as soon as I feel better so as not to be too late). To help you wait, I'm offering you free shipping until April 18th. I thank you for understanding and apologize again for the delay. I wish you a good day. Mélaine, owner of l'Arsenal 2.0
  14. PRODUCT RECALL Dear customers, Due to a temporary change of employees (due to the Covid crisis), we had some manufacturing problems on the 1:350 Tamiya Enterprise hangar detail kit. Unfortunately, I did not take the time to do a quality check before shipping this product and some of it went out with poor quality parts. Please check your kits and if you have a problem, please send me the list of part numbers to my email address: larsenal2.0@gmail.com In addition, I took the opportunity to improve the parts which will have a better behaviour during the transport, so this kit will not encounter any problem anymore. I apologize for this inconvenience. But know that, as usual, we are there in case of problem. With my thanks, Mélaine, owner of l'Arsenal 2.0
  15. L'Arsenal 2.0 is proud to announce the first three of a future large range of 3D printed accessories. Opening the show: Royal Navy - 1:350 scale HACS Mk1 rangefinder (high version), set of four. http://www.larsenal.com/directeur-de-tir-hacs-mk-i-high-1-350-x4-c2x35080074 Same at 1:700 scale: http://www.larsenal.com/directeur-de-tir-hacs-mk-i-high-1-700-x4-c2x35080033 Kriegsmarine - 1:700 scale 3m HA ranger finder, set of four http://www.larsenal.com/conduites-de-tir-1-700-x4-c2x35079943 More to come...
  16. Hello, L'Arsenal 2.0 is back after this long intermission. Delayed orders should be corrected soon: our big orders for photo etching has just cleared the French customs. In the meantime: French Marine Nationale ship fitting sets at 1:100 scale. This is a larger version of our Clemenceau set (1:400) which will fit every French naval ship of the Postwar era. http://www.larsenal.com/accastillage-generique-marine-nationale-1-100-c2x34934515 Aircraft ground accessories: continuing our range of French Air Force starting units. Groupe de démarrage SOCEA SEAA1 1/48 http://www.larsenal.com/groupe-de-demarrage-socea-seaa1-1-48-c2x35023055 Groupe de démarrage SOCEA 3608 TM 1/32 http://www.larsenal.com/tracteur-de-piste-mea-cf-6-1-48-c2x35023111 Groupe de démarrage MEA CF6 1/32 http://www.larsenal.com/tracteur-de-piste-mea-cf-6-1-48-c2x34939279 Aircraft weapons: AASM 250 Mk82 1/72 set of four The latest generation Air-to-Ground Munition, the AASM is currently in service with the Rafale, Mirage 2000 and upgraded Mirage F-1 in the French Air Force. http://www.larsenal.com/aasm-250-mk82-1-72-x4-c2x34934477 Decals: A major overhaul of the decal offer is underway. These products now appear in a separate section in the shop to make them easier to find: http://www.larsenal.com/decalques-c102x4102521 Eventually, almost all the references will be available in the following scales: 700th, 400th, 350th, 200th and 144th If you order one, first check the corresponding visual in the shop to make sure of the exact composition of the plate, which varies according to the scale for layout reasons: a 144th plate contains fewer elements than the same one at 700th! Example: the "Naval Aeronautical Marking" plate becomes: From 1:700 scale: To 1:144 scale: Gold Medal Models has kindly allowed l'Arsenal 2.0 to take back a few references that are no longer being made but are still in demand for rework and local production. Thanks to Loren Perry ! The first board (USN aircraft markings) is currently being redesigned and will also be available in several scales. Photo etching: This area has greatly suffered from the pandemic, with the temporary or permanent closure of several suppliers and the resulting congestion by the "survivors" literally taken over by the manufacturers. Ongoing deliveries should make up for the delivery delays and ensure a safety stock. Again, the PE boards have been grouped in a specific section in the shop for easier searching: http://www.larsenal.com/photodecoupe-c102x4102523 A growing number of small PE accessories, often difficult to assemble, will be replaced by the end of the year by new 3D references (1:700, 1:400, 1:350). In the same way, small kit elements (1:700 to 1:32) will be progressively replaced by their "3D" version: our "pool" of designers is already at work! Finally a handful of new "marine", "aircraft accessories" and "space" products will be available in a few weeks... Surprise! Happy modeling, Mélaine
  17. Dear customers, After a long silence for which I sincerely apologize, it's time now to reveal the planned future for l'ARSENAL 2.0. As I really don't like to announce things that are still to come or due in time, I confess I didn't involve you in L'ARSENAL projects. But things are now happening! So let's make a point. First of all, a lot of new arrivals will be released in the next few weeks. Some are available today, like accessories and many decals. Gold Medal Model also kindly granted us permission to take over some of their decal products which had been retired (Thanks, Loren). Then a few conversion kits and sets will also be in the spotlight, spread over several months. Let's also talk about our main stock trouble, involving photo etched parts, especially since the pandemic. I've been working hard on this with old suppliers and new ones to fix this issue. I think we're now succeeding. This week we'll receive large deliveries from our now 3 suppliers. These deliveries will fill about 85 % of our PE stock. We've now multiplied our stock by 4, so in case of new international issues, we can continue to secure your orders for a while. For the remaining 15% our suppliers have announced a 2 months deadline so all references should be stored and this trouble finally solved (at least for a very large part). At last, after lengthy researches and many tests, I can now announce that L'ARSENAL 2.0 now owns a very high quality 3D printer. New 3D direct printing accessories will soon be available a progressively replacing many resin+PE accessories from our catalog. Our masters for resin casting will come from the same machine with a great improvement regarding surface details. The heart of L'ARSENAL 2.0 will remain resin casting, but it's also important to keep up with technological changes in order to move forward with our time. So our kits, both existent and future will now include direct printing for small and delicate parts. I want to thank you, dear customers, for your kindness and understanding throughout these shaken times. Be assured we have done everything to ensure that you are as satisfied as possible. I wish you a good day and happy modeling. Mélaine, owner of l'ARSENAL 2.0 New products announcement will follow soon, stay tuned.
  18. Dear customers, L'Arsenal is closed until 4 January 2021. The whole team is on vacations and will return for a new year that we hope will be more "normal". During this period, shipping will be free (without tracking or insurance) and you will find on the home page of the site or on our Facebook page some special offers. We wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and above all good health. Mélaine
  19. Hello folks, Thanks to all for your very kind words. I second Werdna: no need to lay decals, painting and weathering My next project in this field will be Jasmine's Horten 229 "naked" in 1:72... more challenging I expect. _Bruno
  20. Hellos, This hot Summer has been the occasion to assemble a... naked aircraft. Here is my build of a 1:72 scale Messerchmitt Bf-109 E-4 from Jasmine Models of China. This is a full photo etched and resin kit which only displays the frame and structure. No covering, no decals, no weathering. Two years ago I did a 1:48 scale Hellcat from this brand: And 22 years ago I'd made a 1:72 Eduard Fokker D-VIII the same style: So I wanted to try another 1:72 build. The kit includes a single large stainless photoetch sheet with about 60 parts and some metalized resin accessories. The assembly instruction sheet is very small, cramped and difficult to read, but can be downloaded with high resolution from the maker's website. So let's start: First the cockpit. This is a real pleasure to assemble. Folds come naturally as they're very well designed. No bending tool required, just fingers and twizzers. Assembly is easy with plenty of microscopic pins which go into microscopic holes. I use CA glue: The resin seat is glued. I had to anneal the stainless belts so they come easy to shape in the seat. To anneal, just heat the part red hot with a lighter and let cool slowly. Cockpit finished: Main girder: The two wings: Fitting secondary girders, wheel wells and wing coolers: Not forgetting the instrument panel: The engine (main part in resin): Assembling the aft fuselage and tail: Let's not forget the case collector under fuselage guns: Glueing the wing guns: Undercarriage: At last, Emil stands on its legs: Fitting the resin propeller: And the canopy: Finished! Emil will get a light coat of Alclad2 to mask glueing points before final photo show. Thanks for watching! _Bruno
  21. New from l'ARSENAL 2.0: Project 1851 Soviet/ Russian nuclear submarine "Almaz" (NATO: X-RAY) Available at both 1:350 and 1:700 scale Resin and PE Project 1851 «ALMAZ» (АЛМАЗ ), NATO: X-RAY is a «first rank deep dive nuclear station». Studied during the early 1980s by Malakhit design bureau, three boats were built in Leningrad. They can operate high depth divers and ship a diving chamber. About 40m long with a displacement of 550t (surface)/ 1,000t (submerged) they have a thick titanium pressure hull and a 10MW nuclear propulsion plant. The boat standard diving depth is believed to be 1,000m. Three boats entered service between 1986 and 1995: AS-23, AS-21, AS-35. They belong to the 29th submarine brigade of the North Fleet based in Olenya Guba, near Poliarny in the Kola inlet. The Almaz can be operated as «parasite» sub under a specially modified large boat. To this purpose, former Delta III SLBM sub K-129 Orenburg (former Project 667BDR «Kalmar») was modified in 1994. The Delta III is available from Polar Bear (1:350) and OKB Grigorov (1:700). Sub adapter has to be scratched: 1:350 available here: http://www.larsenal.com/project-1851-almaz-1-350-c2x32305099 1:700 available here: http://www.larsenal.com/project-1851-almaz-1-700-c2x32305129 _Bruno
  22. Dear customers, L'Arsenal 2.0 is closed until September 6th. The whole team is on vacation and will be back in great shape to present you with new items. We'd like to thank you particularly for your understanding and patience during the last six months which have not been easy in terms of availability. Everything is starting to get back in order ... To thank you, we offer a 10% discount on all orders until September 6th Use the code: VACANCES when ordering Mélaine http://www.larsenal.com/
  23. Hello After a looooong pause due to big changes in l'Arsenal + the CoVid crisis some new products, at last: 1:32 Accessories for Mirage 2000 : Ladder for Mirage 200 (resin and PE): http://www.larsenal.com/echelle-mirage-2000-1-32-x1-c2x32304473 GBU 49 Mk82 Fr bomb, set of two in resin: http://www.larsenal.com/bombe-gbu-49-mk82-fr-1-32-x2-c2x32302682 MICA EM+LM 2266S missile, set of two in resin: http://www.larsenal.com/mica-em-lm-2266s-1-32-x1-c2x32302813 Rafaut LB F2 in resin: http://www.larsenal.com/rafaut-lb-f2-1-32-x1-c2x32302915 LM 2255 Missile rail left and right in resin: http://www.larsenal.com/rail-missile-lm-2255-ddm-droit-et-gauche-1-32-c2x32303103 ADP163 Damocles pylon in resin: http://www.larsenal.com/adp-163-pylone-damocles-1-32-x1-c2x32304365 L'Arsenal Spacio now opens a new 1:144 scale range which will include all France space rockets and satellite launchers from the national programme (1948-1975) before its cancellation to shift to the Ariane programme. This collection will include seven volumes, each with a number of vehicles. It will cover built and used vehicles as well as the numerous projected which didn't enter service. Resin, PE and decals. Volume I : Sounding rockets from LRBA (Veronique et Vesta) http://www.larsenal.com/programme-spatial-francais-vol1-1-144-les-engins-du-lrba-c2x32203307 Volume II : test missiles from SEREB (Aigle, Agate et Topaze) http://www.larsenal.com/programme-spatial-francais-vol1-1-144-les-engins-de-la-sereb-c2x32204656 Volume III : the "Precious Stones" (Rubis, Emeraude, Diamant) http://www.larsenal.com/programme-spatial-francais-vol3-1-144-les-pierres-precieuses-c2x32204665 Volume IV : "Super Diamant", projected Diamant follow-ons http://www.larsenal.com/programme-spatial-francais-vol4-1-144-les-super-diamant-c2x32204679 Volume V (to be issued this Fall) : SEREB medium launcher projects Volume VI (to be issued this Fall) : LRBA medium launcher projects Volume VII (to be issued next Winter) : LRBA heavy launchers More to come very soon Please note the change of postal address: 3 Rue Arcère, 17 000 La Rochelle, France same email _Bruno
  24. Yes I'm ordering direct from their website. Due to the Covid crisis their shipment took 48h from Moscow to Roissy Airport in Paris... and then waited four weeks before departing to my home; Seems the packet lengthly toured the duty free shops here... Two weeks ago I ordered their Sputnik 2, Sputnik 3 and Vostok with full interior. https://redironshop.com/en/?id=filter&wpf=1&instock=1&pa_brand=red-iron-models-en&pa_scale=1-35-en&v=11aedd0e4327 _Bruno
  25. Hello! This is my design and build of the family of Scout small launchers used by NASA from 1961 to 1994. Forty years ago I wrote a small article for the Journal of the British Interplanetary Society: this was a two page series of profiles for the Scout different versions. I'd kept in mind the idea of doing models of them. During the following Century, with the advent of 3D printing I re-started my project. First I did the 3D design for all versions: With the complete listing of parts: Some details: Then came the 3D printing: Fairings: Fins: Main bodies: To get a perfect alignment when glueing I designed a special craddle: Assembly: After a coat of primer (Mr Hobby), masquing (Parafilm), painting (Tamiya) and varnishing (Alclad2) my little family is ready to receive the numerous custom made decals: Starting from general decoration: I designed a decal sheet: ... to be continued _Bruno
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