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  1. Hi all Does anyone know of an online tool where you can enter your destination colour and it'll tell you which colours to mix to obtain the destination? I've found many that allow you to mix colours together into a single colour, but not the other way round. Thanks in advance, darkcyde
  2. Obviously, it needs to be done with care and thought....if you go in blasting it you're gonna warp it.....i did try polishing compounds, etc, etc......i tried everything i had to hand. I just masked out a bit i did on saturday, and it STILL left the bloody marks! Hit it with the heat and it all flattened out lovely. Had I known Tamiya paints were like this, I wouldn't have gone with them I don't think.....they were the only paint available in my local shop when first buying so I went with them, plus he sells them cheaper than I can get anywhere else at £1.60 a pot, and now I've got nearly the entire range so don't really want to swop out now. Unfortunately, I'm not a very patient person.....I know, I know, not the best hobby to have being impatient! ;-)
  3. Hi all - I'm new to the forum, have modeled a lot as a kid and recently decided to get back into it. I have been doing some cheap starter kits to get me going again, but have some kits waiting, such as a Polar Lights Enterprise NX-01 1/350, and a Battlestar Galactica kit from Moebius.....I'm into electronics too, so will be incorporating some lighting too into these kits. Anyway, I have been experiencing some problems with masking tape.....on my test kits I've been mostly using Tamiya flat paint without any problem, but a friend asked me to make them a Samba camper van, and I wanted to do gloss blue on the bottom of the shell, and titanium silver on the top, with a white separating line. Well, this is where my nightmare began....when I removed the masking tape from the gloss blue (with gloss clear over it) after applying the white stripe, the blue area had what looked like tape residue....i tried everything to remove it, slowly stepping up with the strength of the solutions through fear of destroying my near perfect paintwork......nothing worked, and when I ended up with diluted thinnners it of course removed my paint.....surface....destroyed!! I then realised when looking closely with a magnifier, it wasn't actually residue but the tape had left imprints in the paint surface.....I hadn't left it long enough before applying the tape and the surface was still soft.....argghhhh!! So it was actually a bit like orange peel! I ended up buying a new kit (having accidentally broken a few bits in temper), but whilst waiting for the new kit to arrive I tried something......i hit the surface with a hot hairdryer! Hot enough to not be able to hold my fingers in the blast, but not quite hot enough to warp the plastic.....the paint surface kind of leveled itself out again and completely smoothed out!! I'm not sure if this is something that is a known tip or not, but in all my googles about the problem it wasn't suggested at all.....I'm guessing this could probably work for an orange peeled surface too.....just don't warp that plastic!! Anyway, I hope this helps someone else in the same dilemma! I'm going to use the spare model pieces to make a distressed junker van, so it won't go to waste! I will post my pics in the relevant sections when I'm done! Happy modelling people!!
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